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[PC] Plants vs. Zombies - "Loonboon" by ThatHiddenCharacter

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Submission Information:
Series: Other
Game: Plants vs. Zombies
Console: PC
Title: Loonboon
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: ThatHiddenCharacter


Fantastic Ike:
Ooh nice was hoping someone would arrange this

I have some larger suggestions for making this arrangement both a little more varied, and also a building out some chords between m19-28.

EDIT 7/26 Not sure if you had seen my post before this edit THC, but going to go back on suggestion I had to make a pickup measure , can keep measure numbers as they are.  I have been told the 'swung' figure is less readable without the accompanying rests at the beginning

• General rule of thumb is to beam across rests when there is a note rhythm between the rests.  This applies for m1, 3,5,7, and 9. m1 example[close]•Listening to their length I think the notes currently written as 8th notes in the above screenshot and elsewhere sound shorter than full length. You could add staccatos to each of them.
• This arrangement can easily fit on just two pages, try something like this (feel free to space more evenly than my demo version so there's not too much room between the copyright and the last system): Spoiler[close]
• Now, as far as the notes, I think there are a few spots that are a bit empty seeming, specifically ones with melody whole notes or notes longer than a quarter. You could easily incorporate the other instrument lines with the piano. Here's an example of what that could look like at measure 2 and 3: Spoiler[close]
More specifics
• m19 and 23 LH beat 1 there's a C# on bottom as well. the next chord the F# should be on the bottom
• m20 and m24 LH beat 1 you could add the audible Bn on bottom of this chord, and on beat 2.5, there's an F# also on the bottom
• m21, 25, 28 LH beat 1 is G#-E-C#-A# top to bottom beat 2.5 this chord is C#-A#-F##-D# from top to bottom
• You could add a cresc. on m26 and 28, maybe start at mp or p up to mf.
• I know m34-41 works as a repeat section - but thoughts on maybe adding 8 more measures and attempting to incorporate the percussion of the second time through into the LH, rhythmically? This will extend the arrangement by 8 bars and invalidate my earlier system distribution setup but it could give this arrangement a bit more flare


--- Quote from: Kricketune54 on July 26, 2023, 02:34:08 AM ---• General rule of thumb is to beam across rests when there is a note rhythm between the rests.  This applies for m1, 3,5,7, and 9. m1 example[close]
--- End quote ---
Whooper doopers. I do know that, this is an older arrangement and that is a side effect of importing the musicXML from Musescore. I just failed to catch it before submitting, sorry. Luckily, a single click with the simple entry tool and they all automatically fixed.

With that, I have updated the files with the recommended changes, as well as some extra changes I noticed were needed while listening to the song to work on these ones.


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