Now Presenting: The NinSheetMusic Museum!

Started by cacabish, April 14, 2024, 10:11:22 AM

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Come in, check your bag, and take a stroll through the NinSheetMusic Museum!

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the website, we have constructed a fine museum, where one can stroll the halls of the past, pondering on the contributions and milestones that have made NinSheetMusic what it is today.

Here, you will observe backdrops of the website transition as you promenade through the museum, observing how NinSheetMusic has evolved from a fledgling website into the grand community that you see before you this day!
Read all about the various contributions of many key figures, the important milestones, and the numerous high-quality site improvements, whose releases all just so happen to coincide with the 1st of April! (Strange coincidence, eh wot?)
And discover how the number of masterful arrangements in our archives went from naught, as all things must start out, to having swelled to over five grand in number!

As you leave the museum, humbled by the past and filled with awe and inspiration, please enjoy a visit to our complementary gift shop, where you may procure facsimiles of any of our over 5,000 high-quality pieces of sheet music, with no charge to you for your visit today.

Thank you for your visit to our museum today and for your continued patronage of NinSheetMusic. And, in the immortal words our most esteemed avian curator,
Quote"Eeek! A bug...! Ah, I beg your pardon! I just don't like handling these things much!"


This is awesome! What an awesome way to see the history of the site.
Quote from: K-NiGhT on April 11, 2024, 11:54:48 AMwow, 20 years

*crumbles into dust and blows away in the wind*


Wow! Never thought about that the site had such history. Cool!
Quote from: Dudeman on August 16, 2016, 06:11:42 AM
tfw you get schooled in English grammar by a guy whose first language is not English

10/10 tobbeh



Fantastic job by everyone putting this together. The layout and background transitions are top notch!!! Love the added sheet counter touch

Fantastic Ike

Wow this is incredible. Great job putting this together!


This was so cool to look at and see the layouts over the years! Crazy to see how this site and community has persisted through many changes and challenges over the years. :)