Furiianda's arrangement thread (Updated 21st May, 2009)

Started by Furiianda, June 24, 2008, 12:32:11 AM

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Welcome to this site at first.
Your arrangement of Violet City is great, sounds awesome.
Since you're a Pokémon music fan as well, I'd like to coöperate. I've done quite some Pokémon stuff too, check them out here.


They're all in the first post now, Cobra-man! (: And don't worry, I can't play them either... hehe. Guidepost shouldn't be too difficult though (except that one bar) (:

And ah.. yo... mister... Greek... man :D yay umlauts. I'll roll by your thread. Wheeee~

And thanks for the compliments, both of you. ^^
For those who don't know...
(If you arrange video game music, you will love it)


Due to the fact that you like Pokemon, I like you :). Secondly, your arrangements were amazing, especially violet city. It always reminds of playing Pokemon Silver (what a wonderful time). Thanks!
Check out my arrangements! I mean it! Check them out!


Quote from: dahans on May 21, 2009, 11:45:15 AMDue to the fact that you like Pokemon, I like you :)

What a lovely life you must have :P
And it brings the usual nostalgia, well done =)