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Super Touhou Bros. ~ Perfect Mushroom Spore

Started by Dude, October 22, 2010, 06:20:43 PM

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Download Demo here

Before installing, back up your current th07.dat and thbgm.dat files to someplace safe.

To install:
Place both files in your PCB folder, overwriting both .dat files mentioned earlier. In case you haven't installed the english patch, just rename "th07e.dat" to "th07.dat".

STBPMS is a hack of Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom.  

A list of changes in the demo are:
  • Reimu has been converted to Mario.
  • Stage 1 is no longer a winter stage, it's autumn now.
  • Mario Paint versions of songs 1-5.

Planned changes are:

  • Marisa will be Luigi
  • Sakuya will be Peach (I'm still unsure about this one, let me know what you think)
  • Bosses and enemies will NOT be mushrooms. I will fix that in the next version. (Is currently fixed, but still need to figure out the story so I can choose what enemies to use.)
  • Finish remaking all the songs with Mario Paint sounds.
  • Make some sort of story


(Yes, I know Reimu is still there. I'm working on finding Mario pictures.)

Uploaded. Please give me feedback or ideas!


In case you guys don't have PCB, get the program files without the .dat files stated above here




Hey, I didn't have to PM you to come look at this!



Here's Luigi/Marisa's sprite sheet because I'm too lazy to upload a real screenshot:

It's in the game, but I don't like the giant laser and I kinda screwed up the colors royally, should I change the small laser to be more green? What about the others?

halp meee