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TWG XIV: Postgame.

Started by master_gamer38, April 14, 2011, 09:27:13 PM

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Quote from: Mashi on April 21, 2011, 08:47:42 AMwinterkid09, if that was a piece of information you added in without telling the players, you sort of ruined the game to a point.  That is, unless you specifically told the players you were going to add a secret twist that you would reveal later, it's unfair to the other teams (Even if it was small; things like that can completely change the psychology of a player).

I highly suggest you not do that again.  There are very few, if even at all, any exceptions to this.

Granted though, considering this game was so inactive, I suppose it wouldn't have made too great a deal, but even so, don't do it again.

It was going to be an announcement on one of the night to day shifts. Everybody was to know at the exact same time. Either way, the Role list had NOTHING said about Koume and Kotake knowing of their existence. So technically. NOTHING HAPPENED.


The point is though, that you were going to make a change in the game without alerting players before hand (As in, before the game began) that something like it would occur.

But despite all this, the game's over anyways, so I suppose it doesn't matter so long as it's not repeated.


I respect your opinion/decision, but id there anywhere in the rules that /specifically/ says I can't do that?


It's one of those 'set in stone, but never written down' type of rules.  It's something that should be obvious.
But I understand that you just wanted to spice up the game a bit, so it's alright I suppose.  It's just that in some cases, going overboard could ruin a game.  Although a Host can technically do whatever he/she wishes with a game, he/she should stick with the original format decided on.