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Made mah day.

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So I realize I've been a bit of a pessimist lately. We need a super duper positive thread. THIS IS IT. Post things that made your day!

What made ETF's day today? Roz texted me telling me to have a nice day. <3

I was top of my class in a math competition... and my bro got 98 in a piano competition  ;D

The fact that the sky has been blue and the weather reasonable has made me very happy the last few days.

This joke from a website:

Texting Shorthand for Older Folks

We've all seen the texting shortcuts used by kids -- LOL (Laughing Out Loud), CUL8R (See You Later), etc. It's time older folks got in on the action -- yet our daily concerns are different from youngsters'.

With that, expect to start seeing these shortcuts from your older friends:

ATD - At The Doctor's
BFF - Best Friend Fell
BTW - Bring The Wheelchair
BYOT - Bring Your Own Teeth
FWIW - Forgot Where I Was
GGPBL - Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
GHA - Got Heartburn Again
IMHO - Is My Hearing Aid On?
LMDO - Laughing My Dentures Out
OMMR - On My Massage Recliner
OMSG - Oh My! Sorry, Gas
ROFLACGU - Rolling On Floor Laughing And Can't Get Up

TTYL - Talk To You Louder

Bahahahaha, that was cute.

AND YES. SUNSHINE. I went out for a walk with ma frand. :D
It's so nice outside. Goodness. I can't wait until it gets even warmer.
I wanna go to Graaaand Beeeend now.

My day was made because I got miss a day at school where we were doing nothing to stay home and babysit my wittle sister.
There was a lot of treehouse on the television and I got stuff I wanted to get done, done.
Then, I went outside and enjoyed the lovely weather. ^_^
Day, you've been made.


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