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Good luck to Jamaha with all his future endeavors and congrats to Latios as new NSM Overlord!

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Author Topic: The Official Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Project  (Read 15772 times)


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Re: The Official Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Project
« Reply #255 on: October 07, 2018, 06:51:44 AM »


Oreburgh Gate
This looks pretty good so far.  Some comments from me:
  • We should get rid of these alternating 8vas and 15vas.  The best way to do that would be to just put a note at the start to play the right an octave above.  (And then another note of course at bar 34.
  • In bars 51-54 I don't hear the alternating C# D# in the bass.  It just sounds like C#s to me.
  • This is a comment for the whole piece: the spellings look funny in places to me.  For example in bar 14-17 we have Gns that should probably be written as F##s.  I'd have another look at the accidentals (maybe consider doing the piece in flats instead?) but if you're not sure we can probably sort something out.
  • Speaking of bar 14-17, the left hand sounds a little inaccurate to me.  I'm hearing:
    (that's how I chose to do the accidentals here since the chord in bar 14 is just a D# major chord.)
  • In bar 19 and 23 the right hand As sound like A#s to me.

Hope that helps and if you have any questions ask.

Hi there, thanks for reviewing my sheet. I agree with the points that you've made and have made these corrections. I recall receiving some helpful suggestions a while back to correct the accidentals, so it may be that I simply missed updating m 14-17. I'm not very experienced with the theory behind accidentals and whether or not F# minor would be an appropriate key to use, so feel free to adjust my sheet if you feel it needs improvement. :)

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