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Prof. Layton's Theme Midi

Started by Kman96, October 07, 2012, 11:48:29 PM

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ok, I'm not a musical genius, but I do have an ear for odd things.

Does anything about the Professor Layton's Theme Midi seem odd to anyone? I just feel like there's a beat missed like EVERYWHERE or something. This is the song from the original game.

I've looked at the sheet, and from what I can hear, there might be a pick-up perhaps, or idk, but other than that, I just don't think the Midi matches up with the sheet, and it's making a-me go nuts.

If I'm completely wrong, I would understand, I just felt as though I should ask or point it out.
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It's not missing a beat, the left hand is just a beat ahead for that first section. The rest of the ,idi is in time with the midi and the original, and the right hand part is correctly timed. I have no idea how an error like that could've occured, but I think replacing the midi should be a simple fix during the next update.
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I don't hear any problems beat-wise.

There are quite a few issues with the sheet though.
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