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(For what this is about, see this link)

This is the thread for the look and layout of the new site. See the link above for how this works.

In addition to adding new functionality to the site, I'd also like to modernize the look a bit. I haven't started with designing the actual layout yet (as I wasn't exactly happy with the ones I made earlier) so all ideas are welcome.

I quite like the light blue color scheme, so I'm quite likely using it in the upcoming version as well. Or would you rather see some other color scheme? Perhaps even the old red/black we had in the early days of NSM? (does anyone even remember that?)

We also need some kind of actual logo, to use on for example our Facebook page. Currently we're just cropping the site banner. I'd also like to get away from just using the Nintendo logo as the base and would rather prefer something original.

What if we used some classic 16-bit text? Then we could add a little animation for hovering over each button, like so:

That's very bad. But it gives you an idea on what I'm talking about

As I've said in the past, I put the idea out there and got mixed opinions. But if we were to have sheets for instruments besides piano (trumpet, sax, guitar, etc.), ideally I think some tabs at the top somewhere (on the current main page, under the banner) for each instrument. Of course, this whole thing is theoretical and I'm kinda pulling a Meta-Ridley here. I do realize there are much more pressing issues at hand but this is one of those "what if?"s.

--- Quote from: Ragster on May 05, 2013, 03:54:11 PM ---What if we used some classic 16-bit text?

--- End quote ---
I think I'd rather see some kind of cool(er) looking special-font.

--- Quote from: Ragster on May 05, 2013, 03:54:11 PM ---We could add a little animation for hovering over each button, like so:

--- End quote ---
I love that idea. I just don't like Mario from the Mario & Luigi series. Likewise for example, Pikachu couldn't be a sprite from Red/Blue. I'd rather a pose somewhere from the anime or something. Not looking down. (Forget Pikachu, maybe a pok├ęball?)

Those are my thoughts on that.

Wait, do we still need a new site banner?

You know how there's a "More..." on the navigation pane? I've always thought that the Nintendo games and the third party (and games from other consoles) should be separate.

It would look nicer that way.


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