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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

Author Topic: A long time ago.(story forgot to mention to you guys/gals)  (Read 1128 times)


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We were in region. We had 2 bands there the Symphonic and the one I'm currently in the Concert Band We were supposed to go to Hurricane High School in Southern Utah but out Teacher messed up the scheduling of the busses so we had to use our rival schools bus and ride with them. >__> and to make it even MORE ironic the concert band was playing Midway March and there SYMPHONIC band was playing the same one! BUT! that's not what this topic is all about... It's about another song they played. dubed "Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual" and there band well the song was...INCREDIBLE the percussion was magnificent had an exellent mood and fire! I was in awe(as was my friends XD) but it was INCREDIBLE.

This isn't them but this IS the song.


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