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Where in the World Is the NSM Community?

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Why, they're right here, of course!

At a glance (use link above for detailed map):

To be added to the map, just post your general location.

People will be removed from this list and map after they have been inactive on the forums for 2 years. I reserve the right to change this amount of time at any point, with or without warning, based on the size of the list and contemporary additions. But for now, 2 years seems like a solid amount of time. Also be aware that these will happen on "purge dates" which means basically every couple months or so (I prospect) when I feel like going down the entire list and calculating the numbers (which takes a long time; hence every couple months).

You should probably remove people who are not active members of the forum.

General location: Coachella Valley, California

Link's been updated. Visual map will come shortly after.

I smiled seeing this, nice job JDMEK5!


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