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Please post any errors you find with sheets in this thread.

Try to provide some detail as to what exactly is wrong (wrong notes, wrong key, formatting error, etc), along with a link to the arrangement.

Hopefully one of our wonderful community members will notice and and fix it right up!  Or, feel free to try fixing it yourself and submitting it to the "Fixing the Sheets" thread, it could be a great way to get familiar with Finale!

(I likely won't maintain this thread, so if a non-mod user wants to take it up, let me know and I'll sticky your thread in this one's place.  A mod can just edit these posts of course ;))

Placeholder for idk, a list of errors or something

Well I noticed that in "Ending-Super Mario 64" arranged by DoKoCo, it had a few format errors, plus it was missing a tempo marking or whatever you call those things. Um...and I can't really link to the arrangement seeing as I'm on my phone right now so...yea.

I can make a thread and keep it updated, if you decide you don't want to do it.

Also zoroark, you might wanna be a little more specific about "a few format errors", haha. They're probably apparent, but still, it'd be helpful.

You guys want errors? Just scroll down the Kirby section for nearly everything not done by Deku.


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