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Latios212's Arrangements - 2022 Week 4 (Tales of Symphonia)

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Latios212's Arrangements

Hi, welcome to my arrangements page! Here you can find all my video game piano arrangements.

A few notes:
- I upload a new sheet about once a week!
- Green links indicate that the sheet is on site. Blue links indicate sheets that may need some polishing before I submit them to the site, but they're there for your viewing pleasure anyway; do feel free to give feedback! (Some sheets marked in blue may not have PDF or MIDI files generated yet; feel free to ask for them.)
- : A Poké Ball links you to the related video on my YouTube channel (mostly sheet music videos, some piano covers).
- : A Great Ball links you to a related video on someone else's YouTube channel (mostly piano covers).


Pokémon Red Version & Pokémon Blue VersionTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With JDMEK5 and Bespinben. Flute performance by Cooltrainerhallie (YouTube)!Pallet Town Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Brawler4Ever. A personal favorite. Performance by Taioo (YouTube)!Professor Oak[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Poké Flute[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Easiest sheet of mine. Performance by FrankTank_Music (YouTube)!Pokémon Mansion[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Very strange track; see repeated 21/16 section.Fanfares Collection[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Sebastian. Unused Track[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Not really official, but a cool piece nonetheless.

Pokémon Yellow VersionJessie & James Appear[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Trading Card GameMain Menu[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  World Map[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Duel[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite.Pause Menu[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Imakuni?[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Strange...Hall of Honor[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Challenge Cup[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  NEW!   Auto Deck Machine[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon PinballMap Mode[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Gold Version & Pokémon Silver VersionNew Bark Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Echo. A personal favorite.Hurry Along[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Victory! (Wild Pokémon)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Cherrygrove City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  First arrangement completed on my own.Victory! (Trainer Battle)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Route 30[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Bug-Catching Contest Begins![MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Ecruteak City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Echo. Flute performance by Pokéflute!Route 42[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Route 26[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Special thanks to Echo.Rock Tunnel[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Magnet Train[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Trainers' Eyes Meet (Boy 2)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Route 1[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Pokégear Radio: Poké Flute[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Pokégear Radio: Professor Oak’s Pokémon Talk[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Crystal VersionPokémon Communication Center[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Battle Tower Reception Desk[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Ruby Version & Pokémon Sapphire VersionRoute 101[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Oldale Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Petalburg City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Oceanic Museum (Two Pianos)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  First two piano arrangement.Route 110[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Lilycove City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Battle! (Brendan/May)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Mt. Pyre[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Ever Grande City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Trick House[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Battle Tower[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The End[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!

Pokémon ColosseumPyrite Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon FireRed Version & Pokémon LeafGreen VersionMystery Gift[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Emerald VersionBattle Pike[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team & Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue TeamRescue Team Base[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!Sinister Woods[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Southern Island[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon RangerFall City Harbor[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Dusk Factory[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl VersionTwinleaf Town (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!Route 201 (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite. Special thanks to FireArrow. Performance by daj!The Pokémon Lab (Two Pianos)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite. Performance by Jubilife Pianist!Victory! (Gym Leader)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Floaroma Town (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Piano performance by daj, flute performance by Pokéflute!Let's Go Together![MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  NEW!   Eterna City (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  NEW!   Galactic Eterna Building[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Solaceon Town (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!NEW!   Veilstone City (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Victory Road[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Route 201 (Night)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Surf[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite. Performance by daj!Route 206 (Night)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Game Corner[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Sebastian. Mystery Gift[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of DarknessThrough the Sea of Time[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Temporal Spire[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of AlmiaWild Pokémon Battle[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Platinum VersionVilla Music Box: Twinleaf Tune[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's AdventureMeeting Place[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Possibly my best sheet. A personal favorite.Iceberg Zone[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon HeartGold Version & Pokémon SoulSilver VersionNew Bark Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Route 29[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Pokégear Radio: Unown[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Goldenrod City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Marimba performance by Zoronian11!Cianwood City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  One of my favorite songs, ever. Performances by daj and Moisés Nieto!Radio Transmission[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Lavender Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite.Pewter City (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite. Yay bossa nova!Spiky-Eared Pichu Appears![MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Pokémon League[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White VersionA Day of Beginnings[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by FrankTank_Music (YouTube)!Accumula Town (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Route 2[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With JDMEK5. Includes all four seasons!Striaton City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!Battle! (Team Plasma)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Bicycle[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Dragonspiral Tower[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Surf[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Lacunosa Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Village Bridge[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite. Performance by daj!

Pokémon Black Version 2 & Pokémon White Version 2Virbank City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to InfinityV-Wheeeeeel!!![MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Bespinben. Video by Bespinben!

Pokémon X & Pokémon YVaniville Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With daj. Route 1[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!NEW!   Aquacorde Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Battle! (Trainer Battle)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With JDMEK5. Unfinished.Battle! (Champion)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  I'll Go With You[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  KISEKI[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  One of my absolute favorite songs.FIN[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  First arrangement; special thanks to Bespinben! Performance by me.

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha SapphireA Path We All Must Walk[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Soaring Illusions[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With InsigTurtle. Special thanks to Bespinben. A personal favorite. Performance by daj!Let's Go Home[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by FrankTank_Music (YouTube)!Strains of a New Beginning -Theme of OrAs-[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Bespinben. Performances by me and daj!

Pokémon Rumble WorldCave Fight[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon Super Mystery DungeonSerene Village (Two Pianos)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Quiet Night[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A nice easy sight-read. Performance by daj!Expedition Society: Music Box[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Special thanks to Bespinben. Performance by cashwarrior1.Grass Continent: Capim Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj! Also special thanks for arrangement help!

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon MoonHau'oli City (Day)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Hau'oli City (Night)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by DavidRussell323 (YouTube)!Malasada Shop[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Po Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by Crobatchop Purple (Youtube)!The End[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!Cubone's Mother[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Congratulations![MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by me!

For the rest of my arrangements (the non-Pokémon ones), keep scrolling!

I'll check this out after I eat.

Donkey KongTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario Bros.Castle Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsEnding[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Final FantasyMain Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario Bros. 3World 1 (Grass Land)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Music Box[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Underground Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Fortress Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario LandMarine Pop, Sky Pop![MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Ending[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Includes both parts of ending sequence.

EarthBound BeginningsPoltergeist[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of LightOpening Title ~ Demo[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Dr. MarioTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario WorldTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  MAP 7 (Special)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Smash Bros.Dream Land[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by Gabe Lagos!Saffron City[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Final Fantasy IVTheme of Love[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Fire Emblem GaidenMarch to Deliverance[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Also known as "Alm Map 1".

Kirby's Dream LandMiscellaneous Short Themes[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Includes 8 tracks!Float Islands[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario KartDonut Plains[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Rainbow Road[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Airhorns and lasers!

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsChoose Your Pipe[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Overworld Map[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Treetop[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Staff Roll[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Yoshi's CookieTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby's AdventureIntro Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  First you draw a circle...Title Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Butter Building[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Crane Fever[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningMabe Village[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

EarthBoundBecause I Love You[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Donkey Kong CountryDK Island Swing[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Maelstrom. Cranky's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby's Dream Land 2Big Forest[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandYoshi's Island[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Radical DreamersThe Girl Who Stole the Stars[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsLet's Try[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby Super StarGourmet Race (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Gourmet Race[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Battleship Halberd: On Deck[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Have fun trying to play this!Taking Over the Halberd[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Marx's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario 64Slider (Two Pianos)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Sebastian. Performance by Gabe Lagos!Slider (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Sebastian. Piranha Plant's Lullaby[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Final Fantasy VIIBirth of a God[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  One-Winged Angel[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Libera.

Yoshi's StoryYoshi's Story[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Singing Yoshis.Ending Story[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by JulianSwegL0rd (YouTube)!

Chrono CrossReminiscence[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Singing Emotions[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Another Guldove[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Dimensional Breach[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Radical Dreamers[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite. Comes with lyrics!

Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsPop Star[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskClock Town - Third Day (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Clock Town - Third Day[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by JulianSwegL0rd (YouTube)!

Mario Kart: Super CircuitSky Garden[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Static.

PikminAi no Uta[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Th3Gavst3r.

Super Smash Bros. MeleeMother[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Zeila.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerThe Legendary Hero[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Legendary Hero (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Outset Island[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Grandpa's House[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Grandma[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performances by daj and dair68!Windfall Island[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Puppet Ganon (Snake Mode)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Game Demo[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Maelstrom and JDMEK5.

Kirby Air RideSky Sands[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Tales of SymphoniaNEW!   Presea's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!NEW!   Rainbow Road[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Symphonic RainRain Falling in my Heart[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Secret[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Feel the Rain[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Lycéenne[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Fay (Instrumental)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Trovatore[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Even if Tears Run Down Your Cheeks (Piano)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Always Smiling[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby & The Amazing MirrorIntro Stage[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham GamesMenu[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Crystal, The Snow Fairy[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapAdventurer's Spring[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Picori Festival[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

For the rest of my arrangements (from games released in 2005 and later), keep scrolling!

Kirby: Canvas CurseSilver Submarine[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceTo Challenge Ashnard[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Libera and Maelstrom. ...

Mario Kart DSTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Yoshi Falls[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Rainbow Road[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Static.

Cooking MamaTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Mother 3A Letter to You, Honey[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Confusion[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  NEW!   Mind of a Thief[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

New Super Mario Bros.Athletic[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Sebastian. Percussion cover by yoshimansw (YouTube)!Underwater[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Lava Overworld[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Overworld (Vs. Mode)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Rhythm TengokuNight Walk[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Yoshi's Island DSYoshi's Island[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Wildlands[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  A personal favorite.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Orchestra Piece #1[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Meet Ilia[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Ordon Ranch[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by Michael Coughenour!Battle (Second Half)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Departure[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Ilia's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Clarinet performance by Koshido Strat (YouTube)!Postman's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Sanctuary[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Death Mountain[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Save Ilia[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  STAR Game[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Hidden Village[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by JulianSwegL0rd (YouTube)!

Monster Hunter Freedom 2Pokke Village[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Special thanks to Th3Gavst3r! Performance by JulianSwegL0rd (YouTube).

Super Paper MarioPit of 100 Trials[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario GalaxyOverture[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Wii FitNEW!   Wii Channel[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Smash Bros. BrawlFire Emblem Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Possibly my favorite sheet. Thanks to daj for a great performance!Home-Run Contest[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Rhythm HeavenThrilling! Is this Love? (Fan Club)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by dair68!Blue Birds[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Café[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Rhythmove Dungeon[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby Super Star UltraFile Select[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryBeachside Dream[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

New Super Mario Bros. WiiBeach Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario Galaxy 2Rolling Coaster Galaxy (Idle)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  The Lost Luma[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Starshine Beach Galaxy[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Xenoblade ChroniclesNEW!   Alcamoth, Imperial Capital[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Valak Mountain[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby's Epic YarnTitle Screen[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by FrankTank_Music (Youtube)!Quilty Square[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Results[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Flower Fields[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by me!Water Land[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Splash Beach[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Outer Rings[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Bubbly Clouds[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

StreetPass Mii PlazaPuzzle Swap[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Rhythm Heaven FeverWorking Dough[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby Mass AttackLovely Oasis[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Fun Castle[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  NEW!   Fetching Fruit[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Through the Sky[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Notebook Notes[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Dedede Pachinko[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Kirby's Return to Dream LandWii Channel[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Sky Waltz[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Dangerous Dinner[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Continue[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

To the MoonFor River - Piano (Sarah & Tommy's Version) (Duet)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Warning (AKA best track ever)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Once Upon a Memory (Piano)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  15/16 time!Eva's Ringtone[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario 3D LandBeach Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward SwordLink and his Loftwing[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!

Fire Emblem AwakeningMain Theme (Title)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by daj!"No reaction... Was I wrong then?"[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Long Live the QueenTalking (Happy)[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

New Super Mario Bros. 2World Flower[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Bravely DefaultShrine Maiden's Prayer[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Wicked Flight[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  NEW!   Serpent Devouring the Horizon[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Maelstrom. whew

Animal Crossing: New LeafNook's Homes[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  Performance by FrankTank_Music (YouTube)!

New Super Mario Bros. UAthletic[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original]  With Sebastian.

StreetPass Mii Plaza: Flower TownNEW!   Your Garden[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Super Mario 3D WorldWorld 3[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

For the rest of my arrangements (from games released in 2014 and later), keep scrolling!


--- Quote from: Latios212 on January 23, 2015, 07:54:53 PM ---Does anyone want to take a look at my current sheet? :P

--- End quote ---
It's pretty good. A few chords feel off, like they should be in a different octave/changed to an inversion. Just listen for the harmonies a little more carefully.


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