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What music sheets are you playing right now?

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I don't think there is a board about this yet. (I only delved through half of the music boards :P) So tell us your current practices. It can be any instrument, any genre...

I like this topic!

I've been working really hard on Bespinben's "Memories Returned" for the past (whoa) 7 weeks and I'm happy to say I'm almost ready to present it on my YouTube channel! I finally played it near flawlessly while recording, but my camera had just run out of memory as I was playing it >__> It's a really beautiful piece, so I don't mind playing it over and over again :P

Other sheets that are in my current rotation:
- "Dragonspiral Tower" by Bespinben
- "Wigglytuff's Guild" by Dusk
- "Nuvema Town" by JDMEK5

I was about to finish to learn my own transcription of "Nagisa Warm Piano Arange" but im not practicing it anymore cuz im working on a VN right now.

tal tal heights

There was a topic like this somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Oh well.


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