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What music sheets are you playing right now?

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Currently trying to get Revali's Theme down, but I don't have piano fingers.

You could try painting your fingers black and white?

Why, I oughta-

I'm playing a couple of NSM sheets. Namely:

Chrono Cross - Dream of the Shore Near Another World (Arranged by Brawler4Ever; Edited by Bespinben)
Fantastic sheet! Lovely. And Ben's edits are really fantastic on this one. Really fun to play and the notation makes sense.

Skylanders: Giants - Skystones (Arranged by Tobbeh99 (me)). Really fun little piece to play. If you want something easy and fun and a pretty chill tune, then I can recommend this.

Personally, I feel like I put in a ton of work on all my arrangements. But when you play fun arrangements, it really feels worth it and it feels like you're doing something great (for other people), which is fun. :)

I hadn't played sheet music in a while, so recently I started printing sheets for Good Bye Lenin! by Yann Tiersen. I've now played almost all themes (that were included with the sheet music, there's more on the soundtrack that nobody made sheets for, probably because they don't actually include piano), but I also replay others, as I really love the soundtrack. :) Almost all pieces are rather easy to play, too, which is nice, as I don't read sheet music very well, and if it'd be too complicated I would be looking at my hands more than at the sheet.


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