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Welcome to NSM's official Arrangement Project initiative. Past the break you will find it's specific rules and guidelines. Please read!

* Initially, an AP will consist of all the soundtrack from the selected game. In order to close one AP, one of these three requirements shall be met: that 2 months without significant contributions (significant feedback or new arrangements) to the AP have past; that all the soundtrack has been arranged, or that the staff decides to close it for some reason.
* After the AP is closed, the Updaters will discuss every sheet and give feedback accordingly so they can be accepted. Once all sheets are accepted and the update takes place, a new AP shall be started, not before. If anyone is interested in doing an arrangement project themselves, go ahead though, but it will not be treated as official.
* Important: A common template will be offered and it is mandatory to use it in order for the sheet to be accepted. This will cut down any ambiguity between different sheets in terms of layout and stablish common sheet info for every single arrangement. Both Finale 2012 and Finale 2014 templates will be offered, but at least a .mus file is always required in case of using Finale 2014.
* In the template all info will be provided except arranger name and song title. Regarding track names, official soundtrack names will prevail over any other naming. If there's no official tracklist, the most accurate title shall be chosen.
* As most of the arrangements will need fixing after they are done, and in order to reduce the hassle of regenerating PDF's and MIDI's again after each update, please post only a .mus file (musx. optional). PDF's and MIDI's shall be created once the sheet is fully corrected and therefore, accepted.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Templates: [MUS] (MUSX)

Arrangement list:

* "Welcome to Our Village (Not the Mayor)" [Folder] (Bubbles)
* "Resetti" [Folder] (Bubbles)
* "Club LOL" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Museum & Exhibit Room" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Nook's Homes" [Folder] (Latios212)
* "Town Hall" [Folder] (FireArrow)
* "Main Theme" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Loading the Game (Isabelle)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Being Chased by a Bee" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Fortune Shop" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "New Year's Day" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Police Station" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Fireworks" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Igloo" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Toy Day (Christmas)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Main Street by Day" [Folder] (Olimar12345)Hourly Themes

* "1:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "2:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "3:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "4:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "5:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "6:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "7:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "8:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "9:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "10:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "11:00 AM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "12:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "1:00 PM" [Folder] (SlowPokemon)
* "2:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "3:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "4:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "5:00 PM" [Folder] (Olimar12345)
* "7:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "8:00 PM" [Folder] (The Deku Trombonist, mariolegofan)
* "9:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "10:00 PM" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "11:00 PM" [Folder] (Bubbles)K.K. Songs

* "K.K. Jongara" [MUS] (mariolegofan)
* "K.K. Jongara (Aircheck)"
* "Bubblegum K.K." [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Bubblegum K.K. (Aircheck)" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Bubblegum K.K. (Music Box)" [Folder] (mariolegofan)
* "Hypno K.K." [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Hypno K.K. (Aircheck)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Hypno K.K. (Music Box)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Adventure (Aircheck)" [Folder] (AwesomeYears)
* "K.K. Bazaar" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Bazaar (Aircheck)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Bazaar (Music Box)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Disco" [Folder] (TheMarioPianist)
* "K.K. Disco (Aircheck)" [Folder] (TheMarioPianist)
* "K.K. Disco (Music Box)" [Folder] (TheMarioPianist)
* "K.K. Birthday" [Folder] (TheMarioPianist)
* "K.K. Birthday (Aircheck)" [Folder] (TheMarioPianist)
* "K.K. Birthday (Music Box)" [Folder] (TheMarioPianist)
* "K.K. Island (Aircheck)" [Folder] (ThatGamer)
* "K.K. Stroll" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Stroll (Aircheck)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Stroll (Music Box)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Space K.K." [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Space K.K. (Aircheck)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "Space K.K. (Music Box)" [Folder] (Tobbeh99)
* "K.K. Moody"
~ Color legend ~

* Black: Not arranged yet.
* Purple: Arranged, not accepted.
* Green: Accepted!
* Blue: Already on site.

Specific rules:

- All hourly themes shall include its Rainy / Snowy variations. You can find a rehearsal mark in the expressions section under the dynamics menu of Finale.

- In addition, for consistency, please write all hours like this: "X:00 A.M." or "X:00 P.M.". (With the dots between "A.M." or "P.M." and the colon after the hour).

- About Live K.K. songs: To keep the standards of the K.K. songs on site, for the Live versions it will be enough with the plain title, no "(Live)" after it. Aircheck and Music Box keep that though: "K.K. X (Aircheck)" / "K.K. X (Music Box)"

Remember to list all the KK songs that are new to the game (because the Aircheck from older games are the same as the ones in New Leaf)

I'll take 1 PM!
Edit: The New Leaf K.K. Slider songs are...

* Bubblegum K.K.
* Hypno K.K.
* K.K. Adventure
* K.K. Bazaar
* K.K. Birthday
* K.K. Disco
* K.K. Flamenco
* K.K. Groove
* K.K. Island
* K.K. Milonga
* K.K. Moody
* K.K. Oasis
* K.K. Stroll
* K.K. Synth
* Space K.K.+ K.K. Jongara which has already been done (by me!)


Looked around on the internet to find a complete soundtrack list. Found some small and some really big. I don't know if This is the entire soundtrack, and I'm less sure about the names :/. If the soundtrack is that big we probably won't be able to arrange the entire soundtrack. So I have 2 ideas how we can make this project more clear
1) Write a reasonably long list of songs that must be arranged in order of completion of the project, probably the most common and well-known themes, but thereby giving people the option to arrange other less common themes as well as an addition to the project, like their favorite themes.
2) We make a limit at say 50-60 songs, people can arrange whichever song they like, and when that's reached the project is done.

Looking at the album, there are a hell lot of SFX and fanfares, (maybe you can put all the fanfares in one sheet like Bespinben's PMD fanfare collection) a set of 24 hours for normal, rainy and snowy, music for each building etc. Also, no K.K. Songs in there :P

I've already done 1PM mwahahaha. It's in my submissions thread.


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