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There have been a lot of arrangement projects popping up in the Personal Arrangement Board lately, so I though I might post some guidelines/rules before things get too out of hand. Too many projects takes the updater's already little time away from other things, such as the normal Submissions, or regular site maintenance.

For an Arrangement Project (AP) to be considered "Official," it must/will have these qualities:
-The OST will be agreed upon by the community via a poll.
-The topic will exist in the Arrangements & Submissions board.
-At least one updater will be in charge of/responsible for organizing and maintaining the project and topic.
-Official AP's will be guaranteed a special, exclusive update upon completion.

An unofficial project may be created and may exist in the Personal Arrangements board. An Unofficial Arrangement Project (UAP) may become an official project if the following qualities develop within it over time:
-Enough community interest and contribution is present.
-Significant quality throughout the material arranged should be shown.
-A substantial amount of material is arranged/collected.
-There must be no current projects in place at the time of the request.

As of right now, anything arranged for an Unofficial Arrangement Project must be sent through the normal submission process before being uploaded to the site.

These are the current projects recognized as "Official."
[Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Arrangement Project]

We (the updaters and staff) hold the right to change these rules and guidelines at any time.


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