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I've upgraded this thread so that solo piano template files include all of the tempo markings from Th3Gavst3r's thread. I also threw in the following useful expressions:

-con pedale
-senza pedale
-Swing 8s
-Jazz 8s
-Straight 8s
-Swing 16s
-Straight 16s

Additionally, I have created these templates for both types of piano duet: four hands and two pianos.

[Folder of Time Signature Templates No. 2 (Solo Piano)] [Direct Download ALL as .Zip]
[Folder of Time Signature Templates No. 2 (Four Hands)] [Direct Download ALL as .Zip]
[Folder of Time Signature Templates No. 2 (Two Pianos)] [Direct Download ALL as .Zip]

All folders include the following time signature templates:

-Common time (4/4)
-4/4 (with Swing)
-Cut time (2/2)
-Cut time (2/2) (with Swing)

ALSO, if you have already started arranging and need to add a tempo mark to your already-created file, you can load [this library] to your file via the File menu and it will add all 900 of Th3Gavst3r's tempo markings to your file.

Splatoon Inkling:
Thanks so much! I could not figure out how to change it to 4/4 swing before, this really helps! I'm new to arranging, and finale so I hope this turns out good. I'm arranging this


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