Frogger's Pointless Adventures! (KUFF)

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Frogger's Pointless Adventures!

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FOREWORD: I got my Nintendo DS Lite back in August of 2006, and the first game I got for it was Frogger: Helmet Chaos, an entry of the reboot for the frogger series, and having played Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog almost RELIGIOUSLY on my GBA, Frogger was pretty hip to me back then. Excuse me. Frogger STILL IS hip. I began writing this story in 5th grade, in my ELP (Extended Learning Program) class, where we were to do a project where we would write a story and then record our voice while reading it. Unfortunately, I don't have the audio clip for you guys to listen to it (I'm not sure as though we even got to keep it...idk), however this story inspired me to sort of start an entire series based around the Frogger universe I had come to love and adore as a kid.

...This story is here because that idea didn't really pan out. Enjoy!
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BOOK 1: Frogger and the Magic Ring

Once upon a time, a magic ring with dangerous powers was lost and fell into a hole, which would eventually turn into a well.  Since then, no one has ever touched it.  Until one day...
The Fairy Frogmother was wearing her usual pink dress flying around Firefly Swamp when she saw the well where the magic ring was lost.  Then, she flew back to where Frogger and his friends live.
Meanwhile, Frogger Jr. gets home from school and finds the Fairy Frogmother in the living room with everyone.
As he removes his purple backpack, he says,  "What's everyone doing here?"
Frogger bends down on one of his green knees and says, "Remember the stories of the magic ring?"
Frogger Jr. nods.
"We're going to go find it."  Frogger said.
"REALLY?!"  Frogger Jr. said with excitement.
"Yep, we are about ready to go.  All we need is you."  Frogger pointed out.
Frogger was always wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, and a brown vest.
"Remember, I'm not coming with you!"  Said the Fairy Frogmother.
The old Goblin Woods was where the ugly, pinkish goblins used to roam.  No one would dare to cross it when they were around.  When it got cold for the first time, the goblins all left.
The woods weren't that dull.  Actually, they were quite pretty.  There were mountains, lakes, and beautiful flowers.  Everyone knew that.
As Frogger, Lumpy and Frogger Jr. walked through the old Goblin Woods, they got lost by a lake.  However, they didn't know that they got lost by a lake.
As they searched and searched for an exit, no one found an area that might even lead to an exit.
Then Frogger had a thought.  Lake Moon should be around here somewhere...that's it! I'll ask if anyone saw Lake Moon!
So he asked.
Lumpy said,  "I saw a lake behind that huge tree in front of us."
Lumpy was a forest green toad that wore a yellow shirt with red overalls.
"Let's head in that direction!"  Frogger said pointing towards the tree.  So they ran to find the Lake Moon.
When they got there, Frogger Jr. and Lumpy saw the water and got excited.  Then they saw it.  It was a big, ugly, brown pirate ship.  It had just put down it's ramp.
Frogger didn't see anything.  He just kept walkin' and talkin';  "I can't wait until we get there.  Did you know that..."
Frogger didn't see that he was walking up the ramp where a pirate stood waiting for him.
"Did you know that there are pirates that sail these waters? -Oof!!!"  Frogger bumped into the ugly pirate and tumbled down the ramp, "Oof, ack, ooh, ahh, uff!!! I see ugly crocodiles...."  He mumbled as little crocodiles circled his head in confusion.
The pirate was a dark green crocodile with missing scales.  He was wearing a red bandana with black stripes that blew in the wind.
Then the pirate made a grinchy face and said, "Why, you little,"  he said with anger.  "I'll hang you by the neck and push you an' slap you silly!  That ought to teach you not to call crocodiles ugly!"
With that, he ran down the ramp and grabbed them all.  "In fact, I'll do it to all of ye'!"
When they got on the ship, they saw all the pirates and Frogger Jr. realized something.
"Wait a minute!"  Frogger Jr. exclaimed.  "This is Captain Gill's ship!"
"Who's Captain Gill?"  Frogger and Lumpy asked.
"Captain Gill is the most dangerous pirate croc' in the world!"  Frogger Jr. explained.  "He's right over there!"  He pointed west of the pole they were just tied to.
"He-he.  That's right, my boy.  I, am Captain Gill.  I will drown you all, now that Cuff has brought you up here,"  said Captain Gill.
Captain Gill was a deep dark red crocodile with glossy black stripes on his back.  He had a black captain's hat with a white frog skull on it.  He was wearing a purple robe with a see-through back with a black frog skull on it.
"What?  I spent three months on that speech for nothing?!  I hate you Gill!"  Cuff shouted.
"Sigh, oh, well!  Boys, you know what to do!"  Captain Gill said.
Just then, about half of the pirates beside Cuff lifted him up, then threw him out to sea.
"Don't worry (blub blub) Gill, I'll (blub blub) get you next (blub blub) time (blub blub blub)!!!"  Cuff blubbed as he faded away.
"Who's next?"  Captain Gill asked.  "How about you, little froggy?"  He said pointing at Frogger Jr.
"No!!  Leave him alone!!  Take me instead!"  Frogger insisted.
"No thanks!"  The captain replied.  "Boys?!"
Again, the pirates scooped up Frogger jr. and tossed him out to sea.
Frogger jr. didn't say anything.
"NNOOOOOOO!!!!!"  From Frogger and Lumpy could be heard throughout the lake.
Frogger heard on the pirate ship one day that the waters of the lake were crawling with creatures of all kinds.  Frogger thought that there would be no way that Frogger Jr. could have survived.
As the ship sailed across the lake, Captain Gill kept saying things like, "Boys, get rid of him over there.  He's not doing anything."  Once again, they scooped up the pirate and tossed them out.
Many days passed by and finally, they reached the other side of the lake.
Lumpy could swear he saw Frogger Jr.  He thought, No!  Could it be?  It's impossible!  Right? He started nudging Frogger to get him to wake up.
"Wha-What, huh?  What Lumpy?  What's going on?"  Frogger said with sleepiness.
"Look!  Frogger Jr.!"  Lumpy pointed at the little frog on the beach waving his hand enthusiastically.
"Frogger Jr.!"  Frogger exclaimed when he saw him.  "I thought you had drowned!  I was so worried about you!"  Frogger was so excited, he grabbed Lumpy and jumped off the boat.
"I did drown!  But a sea creature saved me!  I call him Crush!"  Frogger Jr. said happily.  "CRUSH!"  He called.
They could see splashes in the water coming towards them.  "Crush!  Come here, boy"  Frogger Jr. called.
A head popped out and looked at them and smiled.  It looked like a blue crocodile in the shape of a dolphin.  It's voice sounded like a shriek next to a fire.
Crush cried out, "KSHROAAHKK!!!"  It meant, I'm glad to see you, Frogger Jr.  Are these your friends you were talking about?
"I asked Crush to take me to the magic ring and he brought me here."  Frogger Jr. said.  "Let's go find it!"
They said goodbye to Crush and headed to find the magic ring.
While  on their journey, they got thirsty numerous times.  Finally, they stopped at a nearby well to get a drink.
Frogger drank and remembered the magic ring legend.  The ring was lost in a hole that became a well in this very forest! ...THE WELL!!!!  It's in the well!!  He thought.
"Lumpy, Frogger Jr., come here."  Frogger said.  " Remember how the magic ring was lost in a hole that was to be a well?"
They nod.
"It could be in that very well over there."  Frogger pointed at the well.  "Lumpy, let's go check it out.  Frogger Jr., you stay here."
"Aww, that stinks!"  Frogger Jr. whined.
"Okay, you can watch."  Frogger said.
Frogger and Lumpy went to the well.  The well was empty now!  No water was there.
"Where did the water go?"  Frogger Jr. asked.
"I don't know, but Lumpy and I are going to find oouutt!!"  Frogger grabbed Lumpy and fell down the hole.  "Ouch!  Ahhck!  There's something stuck in my foot.  Lumpy, lift me up!"
Lumpy lifted Frogger out of the well and onto the ground next to Frogger Jr.  Frogger looked at his foot and gasped.
"Frogger Jr., I found the magic ring!!  I stepped on it!"  Frogger shouted.
 "You what?"  Lumpy overheard as he climbed out of the well.  "You found the magic ring in your foot? Awesome!"
All of a sudden, a growl came out of nowhere.
"Uh-oh...I'm hungry.  We'd better be getting home before I belch!"  Lumpy warned.  "But how are we going to get there fast enough?"  Lumpy  looked at the magic ring.  "Could we use it?"
"I don't know.  I don't know how to use it."  Frogger said as he put the ring on.  "I wish we could go home?"  He asked.
Then, a whirlwind wrapped around them.  They were swept away.
"Whooohooo!!!"  Frogger Jr. shouted.  "This is just like the roller coaster with Crush!"
"What?!"  Frogger said.
The next thing they knew, they were home again.  Frogger still had the magic ring.
"Frogger Jr., what did you say about a roller coaster with Crush?"  Frogger asked.
"I'll tell you, but you won't understand."  Frogger Jr. replied.
"BBUUURRRRRPPPPPP!!!!!!"  Lumpy belched.  "Oops!  Too late!"

To Be Continued...
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BOOK 2: Frogger and the Mystic Egg of Firefly Swamp

Frogger; in his white shirt, brown vest, and denim shorts, sat in his house in Firefly Swamp, thinking. His friend Lumpy, a forest green toad with a yellow shit and red overalls, walked in and said, "Are you thinkin' again, Frogger? Y'gotta stop doin' this to yourself!"

"I know, I know." Frogger replied, sadly. "I'm just bored. There's nothing to do here any more. Ever since I found the magic ring, everything seems to have dimmed down."

"Frogger! Frogger!" Frogger Jr. called. The Fairy Frogmother is back, and she's got something in her hand!"

"What?!" Frogger and Lumpy exclaimed. "Where is she?"

"She's right outside!" Frogger Jr. said. They all ran outside. The Fairy Frogmother was standing, waiting.

"Frogmother?" Frogger asked. She turned around.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" She exclaimed. "Oh! My boys!" She came up to Frogger and Lumpy and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. "Hello, boys. It's been a long time since I've seen you two."

"Well, it's been a while since we've seen you, Frogmother." Lumpy said. "Your presence usually means something. What do you have for us?"

"Let's go inside and I'll tell you." She replied. "If we stay out here, they might here us..." They walked inside.

"So," Frogger Jr. began. "What do you want to tell us? Did you discover another legendary treasure?"

"Not exactly." The Fairy Frogmother said. "The egg of the Mystic Bird has been stolen!"

"Mystic Bird?" Frogger said.

"Egg?" Said Lumpy.

"Stolen?!" said Frogger Jr.

"uh..." The Fairy Frogmother began. "Don't you know about the Mystic Bird?"

"No," explained Frogger.

"Never heard of it!" Lumpy agreed.

"Are you kidding me?!" Frogger Jr. shouted. "I can't believe you've never heard of the Mystic Bird! I've been learning about the Mystic Bird in school."

"Oh, really?" Frogger asked.

"Please do tell us!" Lumpy asked.

"Yes, the story is too complicated for me to tell," The Fairy Frogmother said.

"Alright," Frogger Jr. acknowledged. "The legend – I think – goes like this:

* * *

"Once there was a bird. This bird was the greatest bird. The greatest bird that ever lived. This...uh, bird...he, uh...flew... to a lake. Where he met a man – "

"A MAN?!" Frogger and Lumpy exclaimed.

"Yes, but this was thousands of years ago," The Fairy Frogmother explained.

"Okay! Let me get back to the story! So anyway, this man put a charm on the lake. He told the great bird that the charm excelled knowledge, and gave magical powers to the greatest being –or, body – or, whatever – who drinks from it. So the bird drank and the man said this: When you give to the world an egg, from which side the egg opens, light or darkness will fill this world, And so the Great Bird, who had seized mystic powers, gave birth to an egg thousands of years later, and waited for it to hatch."

* * *

Frogger yawned. "That was long," he said. "But I get it."

"Me too!" Lumpy agreed.

"Now do you see why it's so important?" The Fairy Frogmother asked.

"Yes, but, why hasn't the egg hatched?" Frogger asked.

"Because it's about to hatch an if it is in evil's hands, the being inside will destroy the world!" Frogger Jr. spoke up. "...I was, uh...exaggerating."

"So where do we start looking for the egg?" Lumpy asked.

"Ah, yes!" The Fairy Frogmother's mind was jogged. "This belongs to a person who is searching for the egg as well," she said as she handed them a crystal circus baton. "They are not your enemy, but they will help you in your search."

"Where is this person?" Frogger asked.

"They are circling themselves in Crocodile Swamp, just south of the Old Goblin Woods. But be careful, goblins are close on her tail." The Frogmother explained.

"Alright!" Exclaimed Frogger Jr. "Let's go!" And so Frogger Jr. Frogger, and Lumpy set out to the Old Goblin Woods.

"It's been a while since we've been here, "Lumpy said.

"I know!" Frogger Jr. said. "I didn't think there were any more goblins!"

"Well," Frogger said, "You were wrong."

They kept walking for about another few minutes until Frogger found the Marsh. "Aww, yuck!" he said. I stepped right in the bog!"

"Hee-hee!" giggled Lumpy and Frogger Jr. "It looks good on your feet and makes you look like you're wearing shoes!"

"Hey look! A boardwalk!" Frogger exclaimed.

"Really?!" Lumpy asked, looking around.

"No," said Frogger as he shoved Lumpy into the bog. "Actually there was, I just felt like pushing you in!"

"Fooey!" spat Lumpy. He got up and wiped off his clothes. He walked over to the boardwalk. "Come on! What are you waiting for?"

They followed the boardwalk for many miles. They came across evil crocodiles and friendly rabbits and many other creatures. Then they saw bubbles in the bog.

"Hey, what's that?!" Frogger Jr. asked.

"I...don't...know..." Frogger said as he backed away.

A blue head popped out of the bog with a hand holding a stick. "I found it!" It said. "Oh darn, just another stick. Aggh! Travelers!"

"Hi," Lumpy said, "I'm Lumpy."

"I'm Frogger," said Frogger.

"And I'm Junior!" said Frogger Jr.

"Hello," said the blue frog. "I'm Berry. I'm a baton twirler in my caravan that's far west of Lake Moon. I lost my baton and have looked all over the land for it."

"You mean like this?" Frogger whipped out the baton.

"Yes! Yes! That's my baton! Thank you!" Berry said. "Oh, wherever did you find it?"

"Actually, the Fairy Frogmother gave it to us to give it to you – or someone else?" Lumpy said.

"Interesting," Berry remarked. "How did she get it? Oh well. So why are you tromping out here in the dangerous Crocodile Swamp?"

"We're trying to find out who stole the Mystic Bird's egg!" Frogger Jr. said. "Fairy Frogmother said the owner of the baton would help us find it."

"Really?!" Berry said. "Ha! That's easy! I know where it is and who took it, too!"

"Who?!" They all shouted.

"Well, beyond the swamp, there's the Goblin Fortress, where the goblins create terrible schemes," Berry said. "That's where the Goblin King lives."

"Ooh, I remember him..." Frogger said. "I once battled him to get the Fire Element to defeat Mr. D."

"That's when you met me!" Lumpy said.

"Yes, he's gotten much more rotten than ever. He's going to hatch the egg and bring destruction to this earth!" Berry exclaimed.

"Well, we better get going!" Frogger Jr. said.

Close behind, two goblins were catching up to them... "We better catch up to them, or they're going to find the fortress!" The first one said. "The Goblin King is there by himself, defenseless!"

"Yeah, but at least we're trying to stop them!" The second one said. "If the boss sees the baton, we're dead meat!"

* * *

"Look! There it is!" Frogger said. "The Goblin's Fortress!" The dark castle loomed over the Marsh. They entered the Fortress to find nothing. No sounds, no noise...nothing.

"Hello!?" Frogger Jr. asked loudly. "Is anyone there?!"

"Shh!" The rest quieted him. "Be quiet!"

A sound came from thin air. "AHAHAHA!!" Then there was a small farting noise.

"What the..." Lumpy began. A giant goblin fell from the ceiling.

"AHAHAHA!!!" It laughed. It was the Goblin King. "WELCOM TO MY DOMAIN!! YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE NOW!"

"Great. Just wonderful." Berry said with sarcasm.

"PREPARE TO BE DEFEATED!!" The Goblin King shouted. He slammed his giant foot onto the ground and created a shock that knocked everyone down.

Frogger and Lumpy attacked back by getting on each other's shoulders and spat their tongues at the Goblin King's head, which knocked him over. He was down for the count.

"Urgggh," mumbled the Goblin King. "BoogaBooga."

"Where is the Mystic Egg? Give it to us!" Berry snapped.

"Oh? You want Big Egg?" The King laughed. "Me sold it to crocodile gang for big money money!"

"Okay, something has gone really wack here." Berry said. "Let's try this." She held up her baton. It glowed in the dim light. The King's body glowed bright white. It formed into a giant bird, who looked very majestic.

"The Mystic Bird!" Frogger Jr. shouted. "How amazed of you we are! Oh, however did you manage to complete such a task?"

"Pssst!" whispered Frogger. "Why are you talking like that?"

"You must be polite to Royalty." Frogger Jr. replied back.

"That magical man," the bird began. "He tricked me! Right before my egg began hatching, he stole my egg and ran off with it, turning me into that horrible figure!"

"So is what your goblin form said true?" Lumpy asked.

"No. The man has my egg. He put a curse on me to turn into a goblin that lies until a crystal baton came to my eyes; and you have rescued me!" The bird said. "We must find that man!"

The two goblins walked in. "Oh, shucks! The first one shouted. "We're too late! Looks like he saw the baton!"

The Mystic Bird flew over to the first goblin and picked him up with her prongs. "You know the man who took my egg!"

"Yes. Yes I do," he said.

"Tell me where he is or I'll crush your bones!" The Mystic Bird threatened.

"Okay! Okay!" The goblin whined. "He's at the shrine, with your egg! That's all I know!"

"You've done well. You may go." The bird set the goblin down and turned to the frogs. "Hop on! It's a long way to the shrine!"

It was beautiful at Firefly Swamp's shrine. There were flowers all around, the sun was shining, and the trees around them were dancing. In the corner of the meadow, there was a large broken stone tablet.

"What does it say?" Frogger Jr. asked.


"Beware," The Mystic Bird warned. "He may be anywhere..."

"Congratulations." A dark voice said. There was a man over by a patch of dark flowers. He turned around. It was a skeleton in a black robe. "You've found me, O great Mystic Bird."

Frogger perked up. "Mr. D!!" HE shouted. "You swore not to return!"

"Ah, Frogger..." Mr. D stuttered. "My favorite protagonist. What a pleasant surprise. Looks like I'm having frog legs for dinner – again! AHAHAHA!"

"Very funny." Frogger remarked. Now where is the Mystic Bird's egg?"

"Well I don't know." He lied. "Why don't you ask her? It's mommy's instinct to know where her children are!"

Frogger and Lumpy became angry. They prepared their tongues for launch.

"Fools!" Mr. D shouted. "You can't beat me like that!"

"Listen to him," the Mystic Bird said. You must detach his head to send him back into the depths from which he came!"

"This should be easy," said Berry. "Let's use that stone tablet!"

So, the three oldest frogs used their tongues to pick up the broken tablet and chuck it at Mr. D. It knocked his head off the rest of his skeletal body and crushed his legs and torso.

"No!" cried Mr. D. "You disabled me!"

"Yes, we have." The Mystic Bird said. "Now, where is my baby?"

"Yer darned ol' egg is up there." A finger of Mr. D's popped out from under the broken tablet and pointed at a large tower in the distance. There was a small round shape at the top of the tower. "It's guarded by goblins, and you can't fly to the top. Good luck..." he said, evilly.

The Mystic Bird looked at Frogger, Lumpy, and Berry. "It appears that I can only take you to the tower, and not up it. Hop on we'll go."

"Okay!" Frogger Jr. shouted.

They got onto the giant bird and flew to the dark tower. As they flew off, the heard, "Ill get you next time, Frogger!"

Once there, goblins were pacing on each side of the tower. "I heard screaming over the shrine." Reported the North-side goblin. "Y'think da master's okay?"

"Yeah," answered the west-side goblin. "He's probably fine!"

Tongues came out of nowhere. WHACK!

"What-what happened?"

* * *

"Ha! That so cool how you took out those goblins!" Frogger Jr. said to Lumpy, Berry, and Frogger.

"Yeah, but there's no doors anywhere!" Lumpy shouted. "How are we gonna get up there?"

Something inside Berry's mind clicked. "Heyyy...." She thought out loud. "My hands can stick to walls! I can tow you guys up to the top so we can get the egg!"

"Really?!" Frogger Jr. questioned.

"Yeah! Just grab onto my feet and away we'll go!" Berry exclaimed. She climbed up the tower. Lumpy, Frogger, and Jr. grabbed onto Berry's feet and she pulled them up the tower. At the top of the tower, there was a large net with a humongous egg in it.

"Let's grab the egg and get out of here!" Frogger exclaimed. Lumpy grabbed the egg with his tongue and pulled it into his large belly.

Mr. D's head appeared in the corner of the tower. "Taking the egg off of the pedestal begins the tower's self-destruct mode, you know...WAHAHAHA!!" He laughed.

"Oh, shoot!" Berry cried. They began panicking. "We have to get off of the tower!"

"Everybody jump!" Frogger shouted. The four Frogs joined hands and jumped off of the tower. As the rumbling sound of the collapsing tower was loud as could be, the four could clearly hear Mr. D's evil laugh: "WAHAHAHA!!! WAHAHAHA!!!"

All four frogs screamed as they fell down to the bottom of the tower. Before they hit the ground, the Mystic Bird flew up and caught them all on her back and flew them all back to Frogger's house. "This is where I leave you," she said. "Thank you, for all your help."

"No problem!" Frogger replied, "but where will you go?"

"Yeah, where will you go?" Frogger Jr. asked.

"I will go to my nest near Lake Moon, where I first met this so-called Mr. D," she replied.

"What?!" The four shouted. "Lake Moon?!"

"Yes," The Mystic Bird announced, "Lake Moon is charmed."

"Well, I guess we know where to go now!" Frogger explained.

"Hold on!" Lumpy pointed out. He burped and the egg came out. "Here's your egg back."

"Yes," The Mystic Bird took the shaking egg in her mouth and took off. "Goodbye! I hope to see you again! Godbye!"

"Well," began Lumpy, "Welcome to the crowd, Berry!"

"Thank you," Berry replied, "it's a pleasure."

The four frogs happily stayed at Frogger's house, until new adventure came knocking on their door...

"Knock, knock!"


To Be Continued...
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BOOK 3: Frogger and the Beast of Lake Moon

"Knock, Knock!" A voice yelled.

"Hello?" Berry asked as she opened the door. No one was there.

"Fools!" The voice scowled. "I'm down here!"

Frogger and Lumpy came to the door. The three frogs looked down. A small man wearing green pants, vest, and top hat with black buckled shoes was on their front porch.

"Woah," cried Frogger, "a green midget!"

The man, harshly offended, replied, "I am not a midget! I am a leprechaun, thank you very much!"

"I'm so sorry," pleaded Frogger. "Please forgive me!"

"Happens every day it does, every day." The leprechaun replied. "The name's Abrahm!"

"Well nice to meet you, Abrahm." Lumpy countered. "Now, why do you happen to be at our doorstep today?"

"I have a message for the Frogger of Firefly Swamp." Abrahm said. "He lives here, does he not? FROGGER!" He shouted.

"Goodness!" Frogger shushed him. "I'm right here!"

"Oh, how quaint!" Abrahm squeled. "How very apologetic am I!"

"Yeah, yeah, okay," Frogger replied. "Who's the message from?"

"The message is from the one and only Captain Gill of Lake Moon!" Abrahm said with suspense.

Frogger Jr.'s ears perked up. He ran over to the door. "Captain Gill?!" He shouted.

"Yes! Yes!" Abrahm cried. He gave him a piece of paper – "Read it! Read it!"

"Okay, calm down," Frogger shouted. "Gosh, here goes: Dear Frogger, my rival – er – um – uh –ish person, I uh, have..." There rest wasn't there – it had stopped in the middle of the sentence! "Hey! This isn't a message!"

"Oh! Sorry!" Abrahm screamed as he swapped the paper for another one. "That was the first draft!"

"Okay, whatever." Frogger continued. "Dearest Frogger and Lumpy of Firefly Swamp, I am very sorry for the loss of your dear friend Jr. and I do hope to help you recover by inviting you to my ship (that you so cleverly escaped) for a sorrow or two. Oh, who am I kidding? Forget about Jr. and help us pirates! A bunch of sharks have appeared in the lake and are chowin' down on our ships! If you help us, we will not drown any of your friends, okay?"

"Pff – " Lumpy spat. "Like that's ever going to happen."

"Yeah! He thinks I'm dead!" Snapped Jr.

"Quiet!" Frogger finished the letter. "Once Abrahm gives this to you, bring all your little friends down to Lake Moon. There's a lot to discuss. Captain of the several seas, Gill."

"Oh, okay. So he wants us to deal with a few sharks!" Berry growled. "What are we, hunters?"

"No, but we're friends," Frogger replied, "and even though, I'll regret saying this, a friend needs our help!"

"M-hm! Right." Lumpy joked. "I'm out!"

"Lumpy, just because he tied us up and threatened to kill us doesn't mean we can't turn down an adventure!" Frogger shouted. "This also gives us a chance to investigate Lake Moon!"

"Well know that I think about it, that is a good idea..."

...That's all I've written. I have no plans to continue this story.
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Here's my thought process as to how this series would go: 5 stories the occur consecutively, and then some sort of break, as marked by the lines labeled "6 months later" and "2 years later." Each installment would introduce a new  named companion or partner creature/animal, and a boss or enemy, marked by an 'X'.

The titles are as follows:

1. The Magic Ring - Capt. Gill; Alligator
2. The mystic Egg - Berry; Frog  X Mr. D, King Ijit
3. The Beast of Lake Moon - Herald; Shark  X Stripe; Tigershark
4. The Castle in the Sky - Nicky; Dragon
(The Sharks of Lake Moon - Herald; Shark)
5. The Cave of Nicky the Dragon - Jeffery; Warthog

(6. The Frogmother Attack) - NOTE: For a while I had debated the possibility of having the Fairy Frogmother be a bit more sinister than she actually was, but I decided that wouldn't be the best idea...


6. The Special Scroll of Mt. Tremble - Brother; Yeti
7. The Spell of the Sandy Sea - Ferbert; Starfish
8. The Curse of King Jimmy's Beach Ball - King Jimmy; Ghost Frog  X Rattle Snake
9. The Lost 25¢ Unicorn - Nay Nay; Unicorn NOTE: I must have let one of my friends come up with the title for this one...that isn't my handwriting.
10. The Revenge of Dr. Wani - Benny; Rabbit  X Dr. Wani, Ronm(??); Alligators


11.The Buzzard's Boomerang - Vicky; Kangaroo, Dribb; Buzzard
12. The Chimes of Flame -
13. The Legend of the 27 Pillows - Poof; Cloud
14. The
15. The

...And that's all she wrote, I guess. Or, I wrote. You know what I mean.
Party Hard!