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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 8056 times)


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Forum Rules
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:14:32 PM »

Forum Rules
1) Do not defame other members in the form of slander, libel, or otherwise spreading falsehoods and rumors. Odds are we'll rule in favor of the victim. General negative comments regarding NSM as a whole will not be accepted. If you don't like us you're not forced to stay. If you complain loudly enough we will remove you whether you like it or not. Any posts that contain or can be summarized as 'X is [negative word]' can be considered an attack on that member. Bonus points against you if you decide to use profanities as well.

2) If you feel like you or any other member is being attacked or harassed use the REPORT BUTTON to bring it to the Moderators' attention.
The Moderators have really thick skins so sometimes it's hard for us to judge what people feel is an attack. Report it and we'll act accordingly.

The Report Button


3) Do not make any inappropriate posts; if you can get fired for it, you will get banned for it. Depending on the severity you may face increased ban times. Again, REPORT BUTTON. If you're being harassed by PM, please forward it to one of the Mods. You can also PM us directly if you feel a member is giving you a hard time outside of the forums, like the chat rooms, and we can keep an eye out for it.

4) Any blanket negative statements about a group of people will not be tolerated. We don't care if they're literally the spawn of Satan. Rise above, be the bigger person, don't discriminate against other groups of people.

5) If you have a specific problem with another member please PM one of the Mods. We will try to mediate the situation, but if either party(ies) get belligerent during the process then we will issue bans. Problem with a Staff Member? (Defined: Moderators, Updaters, Administrators, Backroom Wizards) Bring it up with another Staff Member, preferably of the same role.

6) Do not post private messages (PM) on the forums from other members without their permission. Do not post private chat logs without permission either.

7) No posting pornographic or disturbing images, or links to such content. Links to mild content may be posted with an NSFW tag but nothing obscene. Again, if you can get fired for it you be banned for it.

8) Do not post links to downloads for copyrighted files or torrents for such files. Encouraging piracy is also forbidden.

9) All referral links are to be relegated to your signature only, and they must clearly describe where they lead. Referral links to a Kickstarter, or any other crowd fundraising project, are fine in an appropriate subforum, but you must clearly describe what the Kickstarter is, who the Project Maker is, and your link cannot go directly to the donation page. Excessive reposting of the link in unrelated threads, or repeated requests for funds in not allowed and will be met with disciplinary action.

10) Any links to a Patreon, Go Fund Me, or other personal fundraising page are expressly forbidden on the forums. Any forum posts about them will be deleted and the original poster will be banned.

11) Do not create multiple accounts. Creation of a second account will result in a minimum week long ban, no exceptions. Creating multiple accounts will result in correspondingly long bans. It is considered a form of spam. Punishment for this will count independently of the strike system.

12) No plagiarism of any kind will be tolerated. This applies to both submissions and outside boards. If you claim someone else's work as your own, you will be punished accordingly and the plagiarized material will be removed.

13) Forum signatures have a height limit of 250 pixels. If the Moderators deem your signature inappropriate, you will be told to change it.

14) If you get banned, do not complain about it in the NSM Discord server or when you return to the forums. Just tough it out for the few days and hopefully you'll return the better for it.

15) If you feel you've been wrongly punished, you are free to make an appeal with the Moderators via Discord/PM. This does not apply to bans less than a week. If you feel another member has been wrongly punished, please do not interfere. While it's noble for you to stick up for your friends punishments are between the Moderators and the offending members.
16) Whatever happens outside of the Forums or NSM Discord server is outside of our realm of Moderation. If you guys can't play nice out there, the least you can do is not bring it in here.

17) No spamming, trolling, creating unnecessary threads or polls, or otherwise post disruptive or obnoxious things. See Forum Etiquette for further clarification of what we consider spam.

18) If the Moderators deem a member to be a blatant troll, fire starter, or otherwise toxic to the community, we reserve the right ban you for any length of time, regardless of prior infractions.

The Punishment system:

Any rule breaking will count as a strike against you, the strike system is as follows:
1st offense=1 day; 2nd=3 days; 3rd=1 week, 4th=2weeks, 5th=1 month; 6th=6 months/Permanent ban (depending on the circumstances); 7=Permanent Ban
New Members (read: registered less than 6 months ago) will receive a warning for their first offense, but after that they will receive bans as normal, starting with a day long ban.
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