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Started by legoenthusiast, October 26, 2020, 10:51:43 AM

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Snowbound Cliffside (First Composition) -

Super Mario Galaxy 3
These are my compositions that I contribute to a fan-project for making an UST of SMG3

Cascading Cataracts Galaxy - Instrumentation

Penguin Plaza Galaxy - |Piano Ver.| Instrumentation|

Sleeping Yoshi - Instrumentation

Super Smash Bros. Quest
Note that is not for a fangame of anything (yet) just a fan UST I'm doing for fun

Rendevous With a Battle (Main Theme) - Piano Ver. (Instrumentation not completed)


Ack, I haven't really been updating this. I've completed several more compositions than listed.
Here's my newest - Tunaro's Theme

This theme is just a main or side character theme (for a game that doesn't exist).


Hmm, I don't update this very regularly.

Astera Desert - Super Smash Bros. Quest

As a side note, who would you guys (and gals)want in Smash?


Another dump except I actually label it this time:

Cliffside Village:

This piece is inspired by Spirit Tracks. Mostly the bottom line of this song is the I-bVII vamp.

Shahmara Indrit, Demon Whisperer

This is part of a VGM Workshop Challenge for June. Just me goofing around with soundfonts. Inspired by Yasunori Mitsuda

A Heroine's Will (Suite)

Wip, only two songs done. Also for the VGM Challenge.

The Wandering Frog

Also for the VGM Workshop. Inspired by Riki the Heropon, and Katamari Damacy

Duty, Purpose, and Death...

Not particularly happy with this so...

A Vision of Order

A replacement for the previous song in the VGM Workshop. Notable about it is that I finished it in less than three days to make the deadline XD

Val'Kutro's Theme

Also for the VGM Workshop. I'm pretty proud of this one.


I've done 20-30 something compositions now, I can't even remember...


new Under the Forest's Shadow

The challenge was to compose a creepy song using one monophonic instrument plus an accordion.