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Pianist Da Sootopolis:
YT Time, y'all! Channel is here.

New Video: Schumann, Album Leaf Op. 99 #4

(These will be turning into proper videos soon)
Chopin- Etude, Op. 10 #9: MP3

Schumann- Album Leaf, Op. 99 #4: MP3

Ravel- Prelude (1903): MP3

Sooo yee. Let me know what you guys think!

Ahh, Classical recordings! <3

Get ready for lots of comments and reviews haha (if you don't mind) ^^

I spent a bit of mobile data listening to your Chopin Op. 10/9, haha. It's the only piece I can properly judge without reference.

Mm, it's pretty good overall! Your octave legato is effective, the merging of the left hand and right hand parts is excellent, and you have good musical shaping! I like. Maybe a tiny bit of work is needed in the climax to smoothen that part up (you know what i mean). But once that's through we have a good recording ^^

I think the one thing that bothers me a lot about it is the dynamic contrast. Yes, you do observe your f/pp switches, but only your right hand does it ;). It's a problem I faced too haha, and you must have gotten some feelings of awkwardness when you heard those parts in the playback ;). It's a tough obstacle to work through because the left hand passages are tough to control, but it's possible! ^^

All the best for your future recordings; looking forward to seeing more :)

Pianist Da Sootopolis:
Many thanks! I actually didn't touch this for about 6 weeks or so, and brought it back for an audition recording.
Definitely agree with your comments, and I appreciate you using your data to listen!
Now it's a YT video :D

Looking at your other videos, I'm actually currently playing Mazurka in G Minor :P! Your other songs are nicely played, I'm not much of a critic but good job!

Pianist Da Sootopolis:
Oh God, that mazurka recording was terrible...
Maybe I'll re-record that soon. lol.


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