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Pianist Da Sootopolis:
New recording: Ravel, Pavane for a Dead Princess.


--- Quote from: Pianist Da Sootopolis on October 16, 2016, 02:26:38 AM ---New recording: Ravel, Pavane for a Dead Princess.

--- End quote ---

Died somewhere at the sight of that name. It's the first piece I gave up due to "physical limitations", haha! xD (my hands naturally can only stretch 9ths, so yeah go small hands :p)

You've executed it pretty well (ending aside, and you know it hehe), you've observed the contrasts and balanced your layers with care, and it generally sounds good! ^^ Extra kudos to the first A return, because that was sensitive and gentle, exactly as Ravel wrote it. Pulling that off while maniacally reaching for 10ths in both hands is...really tough. So well done on that!

The A sections in general were superbly done. I heard some discrepancies in the layers but y'know, being human is a thing and it could be your mic'ing. I stand by the belief that you worked hard enough on the layering to get it right. ;)

The one thing I don't really agree with is your interpretation of the loud chorale part at the end of each A section (and the B sections). The first one was a liiiittle harsh but that's okay. Then at the second return I realised what the irky bit was - you were tailing off the phrase leading in to the chorale. In most recordings the phrase kinda-continues, with a tiny little break between the perfect cadence in the soprano and the beginning of the chorale part.

In fact, I just thought of a cool way to illustrate this, hehe. ^^ Imagine the main part is being sung by a very sad soprano (we knew that) and the chorale is sung by a chorus of equally sad people. In which case we have an antiphonal (i.e. call and response) thingy going on. Imagine this:

A section, ending:
Soprano: "...ohhh, and she is dead -" (E; D-G-F#-E)
Chorus: "WHY IS SHE DEEAAADDDD???? OHHHH WHY OH OHHH WHYYYY" (i think i matched the rhythm?)

B section, 1st time:
Soprano: "...screewww it, just screw it -" (A-B; A-B-C#)
Chorus: "SCREEEWWW IT; MOVE ON WITH LIIIFFEE NOW..." (also imagine the operatic "sc" sound)

...yeaaaah. Extreme example, hope it illustrates something.

So with this idea (antiphony) in mind, maybe you could re-consider how you end those phrases if you ever do another recording! ^^

Hope that helps a little! :) Great work once again, hoping to see more~

Pianist Da Sootopolis:
Not a youtube video, and really just me promoting myself but still, I did some recordings for my college auditions. Hope you all enjoy!


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