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The Official "What to do with my sheets if I disappear" Topic

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Trainer Ave:

--- Quote from: BoywithoutaFairy on February 28, 2017, 03:21:24 AM ---I do not arrange my music to be playable. That said anyone may edit my sheets at any time and submit them as long as I get credit for the arrangement.
--- End quote ---
This is giving blanket permission to anyone to edit and upload my arrangements. I am in no way insinuating that anyone HAS to do so. I am stating that they can if they like whether I am active or not.

--- Quote from: BoywithoutaFairy on February 28, 2017, 03:21:24 AM ---Speaking of which can someone edit my Romance in the Air Solo arrangement and submit it for me. (I made the arrangement about a year ago and its been sitting in my personal arrangement thread that whole time.)[¿
This is giving blanket permission for anyone to modify an arrangement i have previously created. I was unclear with the way i said it but allow me to restate what i meant. Whether or not I disappear, I give full permission to anyone to edit and submit my arrangements as long as i am credited as the arranger. I am proud of my arrangement of Romance in the Air and if someone would like to edit and submit it i would appreciate it. That said, no one should feel obliged to do so.

Moreover the main purpose of my post was not to draw attention to my previous arrangement. It was to give permission for anyone at anytime to submit my sheets.

--- End quote ---

why wouldnt you just submit it tho

^This. If you're active, you can submit arrangements yourself. This is just for if you disappear off of the face of the earth.

Trainer Ave:
i cant submit it myself because i once again no longer have access to finale and am currently arranging music on my phone. If i had a PC, id submit the arrangement but i dont. Also nearly all of my arrangements from this point forward will be placed on my arrangement thread in the form of screenshots and midis. This is why I give permission to everyone at anytime.

Again, that's not the point of this topic. If you would still like to submit stuff, you might want to befriend someone with finale who wouldn't mind helping you out.


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