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The Official "What to do with my sheets if I disappear" Topic

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If I disappear from the internet and you don't hear from me for over 6 months, I give any updaters + dajwxp to edit and submit my arrangements with both my name and theirs in the credits.

If I've been gone for over a year, anyone can build on top of my arrangement and submit it under their name.

If I'm inactive for a month then anyone can edit/submit my sheets

If I'm inactive for a month, archive my sheets and don't expect me to work on them anytime soon.

If I'm inactive for a month, anyone can do anything with my .mus files! ^^ If, y'know, they exist on the site and aren't being submitted for some reason.

If I'm inactive for 2 months (and note that I almost always show up to submit new sheets basically as soon as an update goes up that includes any sheets by me, so it would have had to have been 2 months since last post and also I haven't shown up to submit new sheets after an update in that time) without making a note that I'll be gone in advance, I give permission to edit and submit my sheets to whoever cares enough to do so. I especially trust Latios, Olimar, JDMEK, and Th3Gavst3r tho. Do whatever you need to do to make them playable.
Would preferably like the Hamtaro sheets to go up before anything else in my thread, preferably in the order Rainbow Rescue -> Ham-Hams Unite -> any others.


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