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Here's where I'll be posting various big band arrangements of mine that get the luxury of getting a performance. All recordings are done by the HCC Monday Night Big Band, under the direction of Woody Witt.

Check out this playlist for my big band arrangements, in reverse-chronological order:

These are both fantastic! Yes, I'm very interested in hearing the 3rd one. Also do you have scores of these available? If not, that's fine, just wondering.

By golly, jubilife city was good! Who performed it? Plus now I've heard your voice it doesn't sound like olimar's anymore :(

Thanks you guys, I appreciate it. All tunes are performed by the HCC Monday Night Big Band, under the direction of Woody Witt.

The third piece of mine that was performed is really special. Titled "Emotion Sickness," it is a big band arrangement of the opening track from the album "Ghosts" by Joe LoCascio. We were lucky enough to have Joe LoCascio come in and play on it (piano).

Brilliant stuff! :) Of course the only one I can properly appreciate is the Jubilife City haha, but I really enjoy your writing. The drum set writing is especially well done, I think that part alone can direct the entire band.

Oh, and I hear excellent horn/trombone solos in the foreground ;)


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