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Yug Guy Has a Youtube Channel Now: Oh God, Oh Fu-

Started by Yug_Guy, May 19, 2019, 01:52:54 PM

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I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later...

Yes, I've been doing some full transcriptions of songs recently, and I thought the best place to share them would be via Youtube. So, here it is, I suppose.

I'll leave the first couple of videos here for you, in case you don't feel like clicking over to another tab:


And, don't forget to SMASH that like button!


And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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I'm not planning on updating this thread with every single video that I post to my channel, but I might pop in if there's a video I'm particularly proud of. Like this one:


The Terranigma sountrack is good & you should listen to it if you haven't already.

Also, I'm open to suggestions for songs to transcribe if anybody has them!


Would you look at that; a Final Fantasy VII transcription just in time for the new remake!

I also did a piano arrangement for this song, so go check it out!