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Do your discussion stuff here!

Right now, we're talking about choosing the right partner and the right nicknames.

Turtwig, no contest

For partner, I'd again say Charmander, mainly because the facial expressions throughout the gameplay really help with experiencing the feels.  Name-wise, I'd just leave the partner's nickname whatever Pokemon he/she is.  (Actually, something possible is making the partner the opposite gender from the main player.  Throw in romantic attachments and whatnot. idk lol)

Aww, but I'm not a big fan of Turtwig :P
In any case, the lil' guy is leading in the polls right now, so it'll probably be him. In that case, suggest nicknames for him!

And I can't do Charmander (though I like 'im) because Cyndaquil's already a fire type, the game doesn't allow you to pick partners of the same type. If you want me to pick a female partner, there's Eevee, Skitty, and Chikorita.

I'll let the discussion go for maybe 2-7 days, and then I'll follow up on the next part, using your guys' suggestions. Even after the intro, I'm planning to have some interactivity so y'all can pitch in and make my life as easy or as miserable as you want!

Pokemon and their nicknames:

Turtwig - Tortilla
Turtwig - Twigtilla
Turtwig - TurtleWig
Turtwig - Turtwig Van Beethoven


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