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Author Topic: Insig Tries to Play! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky  (Read 2547 times)


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So, here it is!
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It’s a game that brought sorrow and anger to many. It’s a game that has many die-hard fans who crave its plot and music. It’s a game that, according to IGN, is worse than Explorers of Time/Darkness and worse than Mighty No. 9. But who cares about what that one reviewer thought? The community thinks it’s great.
PMD EoS is a rogue-like game. That is, it’s like a rogue. It’s also a dungeon crawler. That is, you crawl through dungeons. The turn-based gameplay revolves around “Mystery Dungeons”, where you go through dungeons, battling enemy Pokémon and finding items as you find your way to the stairs out. However, there’s a couple of elements at play here. Your opponents don’t move until you move. And if you spend too long on one floor, a mysterious wind funks you up (which still freaks me out to this day). It’s all so mysterious, ain’t it?
Due to how long I think this’ll take me, along with future time constraints, I’ll probably only play up until the credits scene. Once we reach the aftergame, I’ll decide if I’ll continue or not (or perhaps hand the reins over to someone else).
Part 1: Welcome to the world of Quizzes Pokémon! (This post!)
Without further ado, let’s start the game and realize when we’re typing up the post that we totally forgot to nab screenshots of the opening! Whoo!
I’m going to put these into spoilers, here, just in case you have a 56K modem or something.
”Lots of images! Part 1!”

It’s a Nintendo game, apparently. Huh. Never knew.
I totally skipped the next logo screen by accident, but hey. There’s already 40 or so images here, what's an extra image or two or three or four or–
Anyways, my comments on the following screenshots were the first thoughts that popped into my head while playing. Reading back, I hate myself already. :P

Copyright stuff. Goes on the bottom in Times New Roman, size 10, centre aligned.




And here we go, about to start the adventure of a lifetime! Notice the glowing thing in the middle of the lake. You can get keychains with them now, I hear. Isn't capitalism amazing? They don't quite have the same properties as the real deal in this game, though. Thankfully.

Time to start the ga–… Hang on, there’s still save data here…

*sighs* I ended up memeing myself… This came from a time when I thought John Cena was funny and I wanted to see Cyndaquil's confused face as he said his name.

You can’t see him anymore.

So! Let’s start the game!


Wait, huh? I’m being interrogated? Since when were there customs officials between the human world and the Pokémon world?

Yes, mom…

Wait, is this a quiz show now? Looks like you guys are gonna learn a lot about me today!

Whoa… Funky lights…

I like to think I’m an honest person, so no.

Nevermind… I’m not that honest. Not when it comes to trying to make people feel better.

Admittedly, yes. And it has gotten me into trouble at least once.

In fact, I’m playing this game and writing up a post 6 hours before an exam worth 20% of my calculus mark! And I haven’t bothered studying yet because typing up a screenshot Let’s Play on NinSheetMusic is wayyy more important that my calculus grade, right?

My… what?

Wait… You can’t analyze my aura yet! We haven’t even been on a date!

Oh. Sorry.

*pauses game and moves hand to take screenshot*

But… I don’t even like green…

You’re welcome, game!

Well, I’m being darn hasty right now trying to get to the actual gameplay!

2/3 correct. Good try. (In case you were wondering, I don't know why, but I am a verrrrrrry slow eater)

I’ve already made too many mistakes. One being typing this post at 3 AM on a school night.


Oh. Uh, let’s try that again, shall we? Not that I have anything against Shinx, I think it’s quite cute. But, there’s one Pokémon in particular that I’m going for here.



Hello, fellow turtle! I don't want you!
Anyway, here you can see one of the annoyances some people have with the game: the opening quiz. If you really want a specific Pokémon, you need to be prepared to replay this quiz over and over again until you get the one you want. Sometimes, the generated quiz won't even have your favourite Pokémon as a possible outcome. They fixed it by first taking away the quiz entirely in Gates to Infinity, and then having both the quiz and an option to choose your preferred Pokémon in Super Mystery Dungeon. I do wish they had Cyndaquil in Gates, though... Speaking of which...

Here he is! Lil’ Cyndaquil! A timid guy who’s sometimes a little shy about new things, misses out on new things because of the challenges, but is kept nice and safe and lives life at his own speed, with no hurries and no worries. Or at least, that’s what the quiz says.

And here we go! The first interactive segment of my little Let’s Play! Together, you guys need to decide on a partner and nickname! Also, you can suggest names for Cyndaquil himself. I might go with just “Insig”, but I usually name my Cyndaquils “Phosphor” because I thought it was cool. Phosphorescence, you know?
So, here are your choices (along with some of my personal favourites in each):


This week: Decide on who my partner is gonna be over here!
Also, please decide on my partner and my character’s names! Perhaps in a separate thread, to avoid cluttering this one up? Or not.
That’s it for this week! See you whenever when we’ll finally get the ball rolling!


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Re: Insig Tries to Play! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2017, 12:47:41 PM »

This is going to be fun!

(I've never seen anyone pick skitty so that could be interesting)
You: Quilava
Partner: Bubbles (regardless of type)


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