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Yet another game. Quoting from another forum.

--- Quote from: Moosetroop11 ---I just thought of this game. Whoever gets the longest topic kick in this thread wins. For instance, if the record is 12 days and the thread's been 13 days without a topic kick, you can post and get the record, OR wait and hope that no-one else posts so that you can get a longer record.

You can type random crap in your post, but be sure to put the length of your topic kick in the post so we don't have to work it out.

Hopefully this game will be allowed...

--- End quote ---

To not make it a super frequent topic in a while, let's wait 24 hours since this post. Eventually, we'll see this topic rarely.

whats a topic kick

Just posting in it. So, just wait for people to not post in it and eventually post yourself in it. Voila.

well.. uh.... heres me

Mine will be longer.


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