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59²'s Not-NSM-able Arrangements! — Sheet Dump! (Jan - Jun '20)

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Hello! This is my definitely-not-submitting-to-NSM arrangement thread! I decided to shift most of my sheets here considering they mostly weren't piano nor NSM-qualifiable.

NSM-qualified arrangements:

mid. files may be sorta broken for some because I used soundfonts, so the instruments aren't allocated properly.
You can also find older arrangements on my YouTube Channel.

Have fun browsing!

- I'm planning on doing this.
- In progress...
- Done!
- Submitted!
- New arrangement
- Arrangements without stated instrumentation are assumed to be for solo piano.
- [Y] links are to YouTube videos of the arrangement stated (when stricken out, there's no video).

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon MoonMedleys
[Y] Battle!/Defeated! Wild Pokémon (2016/Two Pianos) [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] Encounter!/Battle!/Defeated! Trainer (2016) [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] Seafolk Village Dungeon [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] Staff Credits/The End [mid][pdf][mscz]

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield[Y] Motostoke (Woodwind Quintet) [mid/pdf/mscz]

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of DarknessSingle-track Arrangements
000 [Y] A Grand Tale of Time and Darkness (Small Concert Band) [mid][pdf][mscz]
001 [Y] Pokémon Exploration Team Theme [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
       [Y] Pokémon Exploration Team Theme (Two Pianos) [mid][pdf][mscz]
003 [Y] Welcome to the World of Pokémon! [mid][pdf][mscz]
004 [Y] On the Beach at Dusk (Sax Septet) [mid][pdf][mscz]
005 [Y] Beach Cave [mid][pdf][mscz][mus][musx]
006 [Y] In the Depths of the Pit [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
007 [Y] Title Theme (Variations) [mid][pdf][mscz]
008 [Y] Wigglytuff's Guild (Brass Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
009 [Y] Guildmaster Wigglytuff (Transcription) [mid][pdf][mscz]
010 [Y] Goodnight [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
011 [Y] Wigglytuff's Guild Remix [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
012 [Y] Drenched Bluff (Woodwind Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
013 [Y] Job Clear! (Jazz Band) [mid][pdf][mscz]
014 [Y] Treasure Town (Brass Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
015 [Y] Heartwarming (Woodwind Quartet) [mid][pdf][mscz]
016 [Y] Growing Anxiety [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
017 [Y] Oh No! (Percussion Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
018 [Y] Mt. Bristle [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
019 [Y] Boss Battle! (Concert Band) [mid][pdf][mscz]
020 [Y] Time Gear Remix [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
021 [Y] The Gatekeepers (Brass Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
022 [Y] Outlaw! (Concert Band) [mid][pdf][mscz]
023 [Y] I Saw Something Again... [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
024 [Y] Waterfall Cave (Transcription) [mid][pdf][mscz]
025 [Y] Kecleon's Shop (Jazz Piano+DS) [mid][pdf][mscz]
026 [Y] Team Skull (Woodwind Sextet) [mid][pdf][mscz]
027 [Y] Spinda's Café (Mixed Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
028 [Y] Ludicolo Dance (Percussion Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
029 [Y] Apple Woods (Woodwind-Drumset Septet) [mid][pdf][mscz]
030 [Y] Craggy Coast (Mixed Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
031 [Y] Cave and Side Path [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
032 [Y] Mt. Horn (Piano-Horn Trio) [mid][pdf][mscz]
033 [Y] Foggy Forest [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
034 [Y] Steam Cave (Mixed Ensemble) [mid][pdf][mscz]
035 [Y] Upper Steam Cave (Jazz Combo) [mid][pdf][mscz]
036 [Y] Amp Plains
037      Far Amp Plains ("Jazz Big Band") [mid][pdf][mscz]
038 [Y] Monster House! (Piano-Piccolo Duet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
039 [Y] Rising Fear (F Horn Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
040 [Y] Northern Desert (F Horn Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
041 [Y] Quicksand Cave
042      Quicksand Pit (Keyboard-Drumset Trio) [mid/pdf/mscz]
043 [Y] Crystal Cave (Woodwind Quintet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
044 [Y] Crystal Crossing (Jazz Combo) [mid/pdf/mscz]
045 [Y] At the End of the Day (Piano-Flute Duet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
046 [Y] In the Future
047      Planet's Paralysis (Mixed Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
048 [Y] Chasm Cave [mid/pdf/mscz]
049 [Y] Dark Hill [mid/pdf/mscz]
050 [Y] Sealed Ruin
051      Sealed Ruin Pit (Horn-Keyboard-Drumset Trio) [mid/pdf/mscz]
052 [Y] Dusk Forest (and Time Gear) (Concert Band) [mid/pdf]
053 [Y] Deep Dusk Forest [mid/pdf/mscz]
054 [Y] The Power of Darkness (Piano-Trumpet Duet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
055 [Y] Treeshroud Forest [mid/pdf/mscz]
103 [Y] Sympathy [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
104 [Y] Beyond the Dream [mid][pdf][mscz][mus]
105 [Y] Air of Unease (Piano Duet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
106 [Y] Star Cave
107      Star Cave Pit
108      One for All, All for One! (Mixed Ensemble) [mid/pdf/mscz]

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue TeamMedleys
[Y] Kecleon Shop/Stop Thief! [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] Songs from PMD: R&BRT (6~12 F Horns, Drumset & Timpani) [mid][pdf][mscz]

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX[Y] Gates to Infinity Medley (Oddity Cave) (Two Pianos) [mid/pdf/mscz]

Medleys (PMD-related)
[Y] Title Screen Medley (Concert Band) [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] The Long Way Back Home (Town Medley) (Concert Band) [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] Music from "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team" [pdf]

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield[Y] Dynamax Trailer Theme ("Brand New World") [mid/pdf/mscz]
[Y] Route 1 [mid/pdf/mscz]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island[Y] Athletic (Brass Octet) [mid][pdf][mscz]

The Stanley Parable[Y] Following Stanley (Orchestra) [mid][pdf][mscz]
[Y] Anticipating Stanley (Transcription) [mid][pdf][mscz]

Deltarune[Y] Friendship (Transcription) [mid][pdf][mscz]

yay! woodwind ensems are fun to abuse running notes on create!
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
Drenched Bluff (Woodwind Ensemble)

This is a really nice arrangement, dude :D Keep it up!


--- Quote from: AmpharosAndy on February 15, 2018, 01:16:31 AM ---This is a really nice arrangement, dude :D Keep it up!

--- End quote ---

Thank you!

yay! please provide advice on how to improve! this is a first for me, but i think it's still pretty decent.
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
Job Clear! (Jazz Band)


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