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Whoevers post last wins. New rule.

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--- Quote from: FFL2and3rocks ---When this topic goes 24 hours without any posts, whoever made the last post wins!
-No posting more than once within 24 hours. It has to be a FULL 24 HOURS, not just one post during each day. Meaning if you post at 1 PM one day, then again at 10 AM the next day, your second post won't count because even though it's the next day, it hasn't been 24 hours.
-If you do post more than once, put (doesn't count) or (DNC) at the bottom of your extra posts to let me know. It makes it easier for me to see when someone wins.
-If this topic goes 48 hours without any posts, then that counts as two wins, and so on.
-If for whatever reason CharasNSM is down, wins won't be counted during that time because that would be too unfair.
-If you cheat, I have the right to disqualify you from any future wins.

--- End quote ---

New rule:

--- Quote from: Dude ---"Whoever posts before Concerto locks this wins"
--- End quote ---

Winners so far: None

Concerto: How's it spam? People were actually playing, and it's only one post per day to prevent it from getting more and more and more posts.

Also: http://www.charas-project.net/forum/index.php?topic=10745.0

Notice how it is 327 pages long. And people do lock threads there, for good reasons. So, either way, unlock the other topic and close this, or let this one be. Stop locking threads/threatening to lock threads because you want to D:<

By the way, so far I'm in first place again.

No you're not.

because i am :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D   D:

ORLY??? :P

We should rename the topic "Whoever posts before Concerto locks this wins"  ;D

NO! I'm winning! Dur....

--- Quote from: Dude on July 18, 2008, 08:37:44 PM ---ORLY??? :P

We should rename the topic "Whoever posts before Concerto locks this wins"  ;D

--- End quote ---

XD Dude, your moving signature has speed lines on the wrong side. :D


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