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What a cool song! Also this looks wonderful; lots of love for the contrabass.

In the beginning section, would you want to notate separation between notes at all? The original is clearly separated with the 16ths, but without direction it's hard to tell that it should be that way from the sheet.

As a bassist, I love the stuff you've done to transcribe the bass part to the piano! (*cough cough measure 15 cough*)
But also in measure 15, you've got two quarter rests on beat 3 in the left hand and I can't tell why. To me, seems like a typo.
Also in measure 15, the staccatos so close together between the staves gives me pause. It's not technically a problem, but I feel like a bit more space here might go an aesthetic distance.
Actually on the subject of spacing for aesthetic distance, you've got a lot of page space to use. It's good to use the white space, aye, but I'd suggest definitely giving everything plenty of space to breathe as well. Page 2 especially could use with a bit more space.

I think that's it from me though; I love the song, the ledger lines, everything. What a great sheet!

Hey way to go! Not a bad start! There are some solid arranging chops clear here! Also, welcome! Also, holy crap this is an ambitious piece...

Firstly regarding your idea of the time signature, while I do agree with your logic, in the end I think I'd vote to just keep it to 6/8 3/4. It's common in certain dances (especially some traditional Spanish ones) to have this kind of rhythmic pattern, so I think 6/8 3/4 would be just fine. It would also keep the measures smaller into 6-beats rather than 12. Overall, easier to read; even though you're right. Maybe someone else will come along and disagree with me but that's my thought on it. Apparently we like 3/4.

Other things:
- Text for game title and copyright info needs to be centered. You can do this by holding "Ctrl" and "Shift" and pressing " ' " (Ctrl+Shft+').
- You've got "Arnanged by ANonsenicalValid". Check that typo.
- Double check the sizes for these textual elements as well. They seem small. Copyright should be 10pt, song title 24pt, and everything else 12pt.
- Using the ScoreManager, get rid of the "Pno." at the beginning of all systems after the first.
- The clashing of elements between systems is a problem. You'll need to space these out to give everything its own space.
- I'm wondering if there's a reason you didn't just put the upper voice in the RH staff for measures 1-4. It's not really a big deal (as in I could live with the way it currently is) but I just don't see why not. It would likely look cleaner.
- I understand this is an import from a MusicXML file, so maybe add in some measure numbers every 5 measures or so.
- I'm all for dramatic effect, but the dynamics are a bit more extreme than I think you need. I get that this is super virtuosic, but therefore have a bit of faith in your players (because they'll know what they're doing)- I'd recommend turning the fff down to ff at most, the ff to a f, the pp to a p, etc. That being said, I generally like the dynamic contour you've included.
- Whatever-measure-is-first-on-page-2: Your RH is changing from one layer to another for no reason. Keep this all in layer 1 and then you can beam things more effectively too.
- Many people here like to see slurs connecting grace notes to their parent notes. I think such an element would be effective here.
- Your rhythmic divisions (6/8+3/4) is generally shown in your beaming and rest compositions; this is good. However there are some places where it's not so intuitive. These include RH measures 8, 9, 12, and 17 (connect the triplet to the preceeding eighth notes).
- Part of me wants to suggest helping the intense difficulty of this thing by removing the lower octave from the low bass notes, but the other part of me asks what difference would it really make. It's a brutally tough song regardless, so I'm not sure if it would make all that much of a difference to make this difference. That being said, I think it's still something to consider whichever way we end up leaning.
- One thought similar to the last one that I think would go a long way would be to get rid of the lower octaves in the melody in measures 9-12. The original is still single notes here; it seems strange to me to have it suddenly get so huge in texture (a creativity move, I know, but still).
- This isn't important for the accuracy or aesthetic of the sheet itself but the tempo is playing at dotted-quarter=90 because Finale isn't recognizing the period as an augmentation dot. You can fix this manually by going into the properties of it under the 'Playback' tab setting the function as "Tempo" and doing it that way.

Easily the most crucial thing to take care of is formatting. Get some space in there, fix the text, etc. Then it'll be way easier to pick it apart more specifically. But for a short song there's a lot of content here to look at.

Request / Re: [GBA] Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green - "Ending Theme"
« on: June 15, 2020, 10:34:53 PM »
No problem! Incidentally in submitting it for peer-review I was able to fix that little "3". Use this link for the fixed pdf:;topic=11292.0;attach=30989

It's good to be back, my dude. Incidentally I suppose this is also my first arrangement post-music-degree. Thumbs up for 2020 PDF-diploma-graduates XD

Finale's default PDF exporter will do that sometimes, try using an external program
That's good to know but I used my usual PDFCreator which is an external program that I've used for the last 10 years. Never had this problem. I hate to ask but if you're using a different program, could you try running the .mus through it? I don't really feel super pepped to download and install a whole new program just for this if I can avoid it. In the meantime I'll try Finale's default exporter and see if that works.

EDIT: Ok so Finale's exporter worked ok and fixed it. I'll update the file right now.

Haha this one has been on my list of to-do's for nearly a decade... Very nice work though!

In short, I love it. In long, I love it. I don't think I have anything to say- honestly it looks pristine.

My only thought was going to be adding harmonies to the beat 4s in the piece to give it a bit more of a pop on those beats. That being said, I can't think of any way to do that without significantly upping the difficulty and honestly, played right, I don't think it's all that necessary.


There's some kind of glitch that's creating a tiny "3" on the bottom of the fourth page... I'm not sure why because it's not in the .mus file I have here but it shows up in the PDF...

Request / Re: [GBA] Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green - "Ending Theme"
« on: June 15, 2020, 09:59:01 PM »
Thanks for the support and the request!

That was a really rewarding experience for me. I haven't arranged anything recreationally in a very long time so I really put my heart and soul into this one.

Pokémon FireRed Version & Pokémon LeafGreen Version: Ending Theme - [MUS] [MIDI] [PDF]

Also some kind of glitch is resulting in a tiny italic "3" on the bottom of the fourth page... I'm not sure how to fix that yet but we'll get there.

Request / Re: [GBA] Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green - "Ending Theme"
« on: June 13, 2020, 03:45:04 PM »
I have a real soft spot for songs that don't exist anywhere on the internet. I'll take a crack at this one; it really would translate nicely to piano I think.

Help! / Re: Conversion help!
« on: June 12, 2020, 11:13:07 PM »
Hi there; welcome! I remember having that exact same problem when I first showed up and making a similar request. It's a fairly common problem that we're still ever trying to work out a solution to.

To address your specific situation, why don't you PM me some of your finished stuff (or even just one) and I'll take a look at it? I suspect that many parts of the submission process might as well take place during the conversion process. Not much point in doing an exact replica of a score in a different program just to submit it and then have to change a whole bunch of things (potentially) afterwards.

Hey this is great!! This must be my first game ever- and I remember taking shots at arranging this back before I knew what I was doing... what a mess XD
In contrast to that though, this looks and sounds great! What a wonderful transcription. I realize I'm looking at it now after a bunch of revisions so far, but as a lifetime fan of this game, there isn't much I would change further.

I believe it's the Finale v26 automatic articulation placement that's messing those up, they look fine on my end.
I opened it with Finale 2012 and they came out funny... Maybe I can clean these up for you tomorrow. I'm not sure why they're not behaving... but if they came out funny for me too I suspect they might do the same for the general public. Worth a try, maybe just running the clean myself will magically fix it. If not, oh well I guess. As long as the PDF looks clean then that'll be alright imo.

M.11 RH - I wonder if you could notate the D and C being played by the LH here in some way... While not super necessary, I can only see this enhancing your sheet.

I feel like a tad more space between hands in the 3rd and 4th systems on the first page might be effective. Maybe.

- I'm still hearing the figure in m. 2/6 as just eighth notes instead of dotted 8th + 16th...
I have tried eighth notes here and it really sounds like the original is more off-centre than straight eighth notes to me? I'd like to hear another opinion on this if that's okay.
To me it's almost sounding like an ornament of some kind... I'll slow it down and see if there's anything more nuanced to gather that way. Stay tuned (pardon the pun).

Music / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:11:08 PM »

Maybe I'm reposting something old here but holy crap.

*Quotes from Static*

Via discord fixed Static's edits and a few more things:

Battle! Team Galactic
- Cb in LH in measures 36 and following
- Used some Cbs in LH in first part (and last part) for cleanliness
- RH measure 35 and following used Cb to illustrate parallel 3rd action and cohesion thereby
- Fixed note clashing between hands in last measure

Battle! Team Galactic Commander
- Implemented Static's thought in measures 3-10 up to where it was reasoned to be helpful in reading (as in, not completely but partly).
- Implemented the rest of Static's comments.
- Optimized measure 50 for playability
- Cleaned double accidentals between voices in RH in measures 30, 48, and 50
- Removed courtesy accidental in measure 44 RH
- Cleaned spacing on last page
- Rewrote 32nd notes in measure 34 as grace notes for simplicity
- Slurred grace notes throughout
- Fixed near collisions in measures 18 and 41
- Fixed lower page margin

Battle! Team Galactic Boss
- Fixed staff spacing with header throughout
- Fixed staff spacing on last page
- Flipped stems in lower voice RH in measures 43-50
- Removed notes in measures 28 and 76 for playability
- Optimized RH low bit between measures 29-30 for playability
- Revoiced measure 63 for playability
- Removed repeat sign from the last measure, leaving only the D.S.
- Optimized RH lower voice notation in measure 84.
- Ran another general accidental check.
- Cleaned double accidentals throughout

Off-Topic / Re: Where in the World Is the NSM Community?
« on: December 15, 2019, 10:30:47 PM »
Might be a good idea to remove people who've been inactive for awhile, they probably don't want personal information freely available on a site they forgot about.
Good point. I'll get on that within the next day or so.

Battle! (Team Galactic) - JDMEK5
  • My only concern is with the accidentals; I feel like a lot of these would technically be flats or double flats instead of naturals. However, what you have is, at least in my opinion, a lot clearer and easier to read, so I'm fine with keeping it as is. If you're fine with that too, I'll accept.
I made the accidentals as they are deliberately and then more recently (as in yesterday) reviewed them. They are as I would have them.

Battle! (Rival) - JDMEK5
  • m13: The size of those 8th rests in layer 1 is inconsistent with the rest of the section.
  • m20: The 8va marking goes above the top margin. There's enough room on the page to move all the systems down and/or closer together to keep everything within the margins (I'd probably do this for page 3 too so it looks consistent).
  • m49: I think the layer 2 G would be better written as an 8th note instead of a whole note. It sounds short in the original. and holding the G while trying to play the bass clef stuff at the same time is a really big stretch for one hand.
26 - Battle! (Rival) - JDMEK5
Looks good, just a few things in addition to Static's feedback:
- Flip top tie in m. 18
- Normal position eighth rests in m. 49
- Could bump a system down on each page
- Text within page margins
Once this is updated, I approve!
Done and done.

Went through 41 Solaceon Town with Latios and updated a few things. Specifically a single rest and optimized a bit of legibility in the second half. Other than that, looks good to go.

81 - Pokemon Center (Night)
I fixed the little bracket-diddly in measure 3 RH to be easier to work with, guaranteed-alignment at the corner, and a bit higher so it's not encroaching on that poor little eighth note. Aside from that, I give it my all clear.

Battle! (Champion)
Worked with Libera via discord for the following edits:
- Changed a few notes in measure 2
- Revised nature of harmony in opening melody (measure 11ish)
- More staccatos in RH m.39-42
- Added low B in measure 56
- Fixed a few notes and registers in run at measure 57

Victory Road
Worked with Latios over discord for the following edits:
- Added Cs in measures 2 and 4 RH for more tension and accuracy.
- Fixed some wrong notes in measure 7-8 RH.
Pending final review from Static

Battle! (Team Galactic Boss) - JDMEK5
Not sure how much you've tested or fixed the parts that you marked on the sheet, but I'll provide some feedback anyway:
  • Some of the dynamics and accidentals are too close to other notes and markings, like in m29-30 for example.
  • That "hit the lowest note on the piano" section I think sounds better if you play it in key as a low C instead of a low A. Also, for this direction marked (a), and the other marked (b), I would move the directions directly near the music so the reader doesn't have to look down for them since there's enough space to do this.
  • Your system spacing on different pages is inconsistent and uneven.
Went through with your comments and revised the entire arrangement (also taking care of my marked spots). Here's the new product.


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