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Update, Thursday 26th of November 2020

Today, remember to stay safe and be thankful for sheet music

[MOB] Among Us
"Dead Body Reported" by Kricketune54

[SNES] Demon's Crest
"Palace of Decadence" by Atcero

[NES] Duck Hunt
"Clay-Shooting Intro" by Th3Gavst3r
"Game Over" by Th3Gavst3r

[SNES] EarthBound
"Bed and Breakfast" by AcceptedSugar

[NES] Final Fantasy III
"Battle 1" by Yug Guy

[SNES] Final Fantasy IV
"The Airship" by Yug Guy

[PS1] Final Fantasy IX
"Roses of May" by SlimyWyvern

[3DS] Fire Emblem Fates
"A Dark Fall" by Libera

[SWITCH] Fire Emblem: Three Houses
"Guardian of Starlight" by Maelstrom

[GB] Game & Watch Gallery 2
"Parachute" by ShyYoshiGuy

[NES] Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness
"Ghoul Town" by Atcero

[MUL] Genshin Impact
"Pure Sky" by Kaphita

[ARCADE] Ikaruga
"Ideal" by Renaud Bergeron

[NES] Kirby's Adventure
"Butter Building Map" by BlueKirby

[PC] Len'en 1: Evanescent Existence
"Eternal Dance Engine ~ Shall We Dance!!" by BlueKirby

[GCN] Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
"Dry Dry Desert" by Static

[N64] Mario Party 2
"Keepin' on the Path" by Nine Lives

[Wii] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
"Theme of Rundas" by Maelstrom

[NDS] New Super Mario Bros.
"Bowser Jr. Battle" by LeviR.star

[NDS] Nintendogs
"Naptime Record" by PokéMaster

[SWITCH] Paper Mario: The Origami King
"Exploring Shangri-Spa" by Latios212
"Shroom City" by mastersuperfan
"Snif City Royal Hotel" by mastersuperfan

[MUL] Persona 5
"Layer Cake" by Code_Name_Geek

[GBA] Pokémon FireRed Version & Pokémon LeafGreen Version
"Ending Theme" by JDMEK5

[ARCADE] SoulCalibur II
"Hubris (Reprise)" (Replacement) by Renaud Bergeron

[3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
"Snow Mountain" by LeviR.star

[SWITCH] Super Mario Maker 2
"Desert (Super Mario World)" by Apind

[PC] Symphonic Rain
"Rain Falling in my Heart" by Latios212

[Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles
"Eryth Sea" by Libera

[PS1] Xenogears
"A Gathering of Stars in the Night Sky" by Static

Arrangement + Performance Playlists

Hey everyone!

You might have noticed we haven't really been doing a lot with our YouTube channel lately. The nature of the site doesn't really lend itself to generating video content on its own, but there's a lot of stuff out there that you might not have seen before. What happens after we upload sheets to the main site - who actually sees our sheets, plays them, or uses the arrangements in some way? Turns out, the answer is quite a lot of you. There are a lot of videos out there! I routinely do a search and am pleasantly surprised how many results turn up.

So on that note I'll be curating playlists of these videos on the NinSheetMusic YouTube channel to share with everyone. These playlists will consist of two types of videos:
  • Sheet music videos by the original arranger
  • Performances by anyone that make use of an arrangement currently on the main site, as stated in the video description (for any instrument)
Playlists for various games/series will be added here over time. If you have a video to add to a playlist after it's created (whether yours or not), please feel free share it on the forums or in the #arranging or #perfoming channels of our Discord server :)

With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity now out, I thought this might be a good place to start:

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" playlist

Happy viewing!

P.S.: Be on the potential lookout for stuff happening in the future to encourage more performances.

2020 Halloween Update (Saturday 31st of October 2020)


[MOB] Among Us
"Main Theme" by mastersuperfan

[NES] Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
"Riddle" by LeviR.star

[N64] Conker's Bad Fur Day
"Count Batula" by Renaud Bergeron

[PS2] Drakengard
"Twelfth Chapter - In the Sky" by Libera

[N64] Earthworm Jim 3D
"Fear the Forest" by Nine Lives

[NES] Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness
"Dark Forest of Hidon" by Atcero

[3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe
"Reflected Laughter" by Kricketune54

[SWITCH] Luigi's Mansion 3
"B2: Boilerworks" by Rubikium

[GCN] Mario Party 4
"Boo's Haunted Bash" by cacabish

[GCN] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
"Sanctuary Fortress" (Replacement) by Maelstrom

[NES] Monster Party
"Title Screen" by Yug Guy

[SWITCH] Super Mario Maker 2
"Castle (Super Mario World) (Night)" by Th3Gavst3r

[MUL] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
"Death Mountain" (Replacement) by Latios212

[MUL] Trivia Murder Party
"List of the Dead Song" by Zeila

[PS1] Vagrant Story
"Abandoned Mines Level 2" by Static

"New" staff member - Winter

Winter is here!

…well, not for another couple of months. But our fellow longtime member Winter is rejoining the staff after a number of years off. He'll be helping to manage our social media accounts and make improvements to our Discord server.

Please give him a warm welcome / welcome back if you know him already! :P

Updated series: Megami Tensei/Persona, SaGa, Drakengard/NieR

Hey all! Quick change today!

We've added series pages for Megami Tensei/Persona and SaGa. Recent updates to the site have started to fill out these well-known series, so these two series now have their own dedicated pages, findable when browsing by series.

The Drakengard series has also been renamed to Drakengard/NieR.

In the future we may add more series pages if/when they have enough good sheets from enough games, so keep an eye out :)
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