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Topics - Concerto No.20 in D minor

Site News / Big Announcement
November 24, 2009, 10:51:56 AM
NSM is now in..............
Site News / NSM Community Video Project
November 22, 2009, 01:48:28 PM
Welcome to NSM!  Our site is a community of many experienced and beginning musicians that all love video game scores.  Right now we are in the works of a community project that's open to the members of NSM.  We are making a video which will be hosted on YouTube that will feature the musical score of Banjo Kazooie as performed by our members.  If you are interested in helping by arranging scores or playing in the video, or you just want to see what our project is all about, head to the forums and sign up!  
         -Concerto, NSM Moderator
Yeah...I'm going to start arranging again.  Only a few songs though, any ideas?  I want to do a Zelda song or two, a classic Mario song, MGS solid song, and maybe a few more.
Site News / Update, Thursday 25th of June 2009
June 24, 2009, 02:03:34 PM
Wow, that was a painfully long wait between updates.  Also, sorry I didn't get it up on Sunday.  I really tried, but you know I do have a life outside of NSM.  So it would be nice if you guys weren't so skeptical about mine and Jamaha's efforts.  Any who, here is the list!

(GBA)-Pokemon D/P/P "Approaching Champion Cynthia", GreekGeek
(NES)-Kirby's Adventure "Butter Building", Brian Ross
(GCN)-Super Mario Sunshine "Delfino Plaza", Nana1Popo2
(Wii)-Super Mario Galaxy "End Title Duet", ALPRAS/António L. Silva----broken link....working on it D:
(Wii)-Super Mario Galaxy "Hell's Prominence", Commander6
(SMD)-Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Mystic Cave Zone 1 Player", mantis985
(GBA)-Bomberman Tournament "Overworld", WiiMan96
(NES)-Super Mario Bros. "Overworld-Virtuoso", MaestroUGC
(NES)-Metroid "Tourian", Olimar12345
Submission Archive / Lets do this. [UPDATE]
June 15, 2009, 10:55:32 PM
To submit, the title of the post should look like this.  "Concerto's Arrangements, ready for June 28th update"  If it is not like that, I will not bother to look.  Inside the post as said in the "How to Submit" topic, the song should be at the top of the list under submission.  Please also write the date that it is to be submitted.  aka June 28th.  I will update every Sunday.

These are songs that were submitted, but have issues.  If you want them submitted, please fix the error's listed here, then PM me to let me know.  Thank you.

Airship Theme
   Needs correct page formatting
   Needs arranger
   Needs website link
   Needs game name
   Needs spacing between notes
   Needs appropriate copyright

Animal Village
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct page formatting
   Needs website link
   Needs appropriate copyright

Big Boss Battle
   Needs BPM
   Needs NSM website link under copyright

Courtney Gears
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website link

Into the Turf
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website link
Doga and Unei Theme
   Needs BPM

Fascination Maxx
   Needs BPM
   Needs website link
   Needs correct page formatting

F.L.U.D.D Tutorial
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website link

Ganondorf's Theme
   Needs correct page formatting g
   Needs correct website link

   Needs BMP
   Needs correct page formatting
   Needs website link
   Needs appropriate copyright
   Needs key signature

K.K. Ballad
   Needs BPM
   Needs website
   Needs appropriate copyrights
   Needs correct page formatting

Checker Knights
   Needs BPM

King Tut's Maze
   Needs correct page formatting
   Needs website link
   Needs a trill at the beginning, not 32nd notes

Kotake & Konume's Theme
   Needs BPM
   Needs key signature
   Needs correct website

Gain Light/Dark Points
   Needs BPM in correct positions
   Needs correct website

Madeline Piano Suite - Songe Une
   Needs BPM
   Needs website
   Needs appropriate copyrights
   Fix the crescendos so they are not in the way, same with the special text
   Needs correct page formatting

Mad Monster Mansion: Outside the Church
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website link   
   Needs key signature
   Trills anyone?

New Bark Town
   Needs BPM
   Needs website
   Needs correct page formatting

Champion Battle
   Needs correct website

   Needs BPM
   Needs website
   Needs appropriate copyrights
   Oh, and needs to not be ripped directly from a .midi D:<

Puppet Ganon
   Needs BPM
   Needs website
   Needs correct page formatting
   Needs appropriate copyrights

Ending Credits Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
   Needs website
   Needs appropriate copyrights

Saturn Valley
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website

Silent Light
   Needs correct website

   Needs website

Star Festival
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website
   Needs to be CLEANED UP....seriously, that's some messy crap there

The Girl's Sadness
   Needs website

Techno de Chocobo
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website
   Notes need to be spaced out some more, they're kinda mushed together

   Needs BPM
   Needs website
   Needs appropriate copyright

The Forbidden Castle
   Needs BPM
   Needs correct website

U. N. Owen Was her?
   Needs key signature

Wish of the Princess
   Needs website
It was a bright night, lit by the streetlamps and the reflection of the moon.  The air was stiff but crisp, and the world, silent.  I was walking on an old stone road in the middle NSM.  The stars were staring intently at my back, watching my quick, but stealthy pace making my way towards the center of the town, where a large fountain upset the tranquil ambiance.  I stopped, a few feet away from the spring, in awe of it's glistening beauty.  The middle of the fountain was white marble who's structure curved in elegance reaching towards the sky, the utmost of it, the great box of Trix that spurred the legendary Wars of the Trix.  "This really is our last hope." I thought to myself.  I quickly snatched the glorious box and ran off into the night, with the hope that NSM would soon be at peace.


Sony / Official PS3 Friends Topic
July 12, 2008, 09:46:40 PM
Got a PS3?  Got Internet?  Got a PlayStation Network ID?  Good!  Then post them here!

Me = The 17thColossus
PseudoMario = pseudoginger Pswaydo
Ricky = Sir_Rickard
mantis985 = mantis985
KingDragunov = KingDragunov
G-Han = Gu4n-kun
Tranzlater = Tranzlater
Off-Topic / Interview topic!
July 09, 2008, 01:38:43 PM
Welcome to the Interview topic!  A place where I, Concerto, interview the fine members of NSM by request!   To request a person to interview, simply pm me your request (the person you request cannot be yourself) and I will list all the people that were requested.  The same person cannot be interviewed more than once a month.  You may also suggest topics to bring up with the interviewed person below.

Concerto interviews JaMaHa

Concerto: Ok I'm interviewing you
JaMaHa:I see
Concerto: How is the status of your sauna?
JaMaHa: Still broken
Concerto: How does that affect you, and your family?
JaMaHa: We can't sauna
Concerto: How does that affect you, PERSONALLY?
JaMaHa: I miss my sauna sessions
Concerto: Any closing comments?
JaMaHa: Having no sauna sucks

Concerto interviews Dekudude

Concerto:  Thank you Mr. Dekudude for having me today.
Dekudude:  No problem.....Sir.
Concerto:  Well, first off, The peoples want to know what's going on inside that mind of yours?[/color]
Dekudude:...not a lot most of the time.
Concerto:  Quite!  What is your favorite color?
Dekudude:  Is black a color?  If so, that.
Concerto:  No its a shade!  But we'll accept that!
Dekudude:  Otherwise, I'd have to go with a deep blue
Concerto:  When did your obsession with Deku's begin?
Dekudude:  Ever since I first played Majora's Mask.  I got the Ocarina and the Deku Mask and I put it on...played the ocarina "WTF! HORNS!!!!"  and ever since, I loved Deku Link And Dekus are basically Deku Links only in other shapes and sizes...and colors.  Except black and blue. D=
Concerto:  Interesting.  If you had a chance to meet a Deku Link, what would your first reaction be?
Dekudude:  HOLY CRAP!!! *hides*
Concerto:  Really?  Moving on.  What are some of your hobbies?
Dekudude:  Web development, of course. However, I also play piano, and occasionally draw... which my talents are slowly degrading in.  If browsing the internet coutns, I'll also throw that in, as I do all sorts of random things on it.
Concerto:  Hmm, are there ANY hobbies that don't involve music, computer or videogames?
Dekudude:  I honestly don't play a lot of video games. 
Concerto:  Shocker
Dekudude:  I do occasionally do other random things, though such as fold money into origami which I tried once then gave up on and stuff of that sorts
Concerto:  Well, what an uninteresting person.  Next Question!
Dekudude:  *slap*
Concerto:  *ow*  What, Mr. Deku, is your BIGGEST secret?
Dekudude:  Not really sure.   I don't keep a lot of secrets, as there isn't a lot to keep
Concerto:  But?
Dekudude:  But I guess the fact I want to join the military in some branch of espionage could count, as I rarely discuss that with anyone... but it peeps out occasionally...and I break stuff on NSM a lot. 
Concerto:  Very well!  Espionage, how do you feel about that?
Dekudude:  O_o;  Err...It... sounds like an exciting career, I guess.
Concerto:  Fascinating!  Is there anything else you would like to share with the members of NSM?
Dekudude:...Next time, blame JaMaHa

Concerto interviews Kefka

Concerto: Thank you for having me today Mr. Gamer!
Kefka: huzzah
Concerto:First on the agenda, what is your favorite color?
Kefka:a nice dark red
Concerto:Good good.  How high can you jump?
Kefka: uh
Concerto: You can go test right now if you want
Kefka: like 4 to 5 feet I forget
Concerto: Cool What is your favorite sports franchise?
Kefka: neh I only watch the superbowl dont have a favourite
Concerto: Interesting...
Kefka: and some other football games just cause the rest of the house does
Concerto: What languages do you speak, beside English of course!
Kefka: well I'm learning japanese and I know a bit of spanish
Concerto: Care to speak a bit of Spanish?
Kefka: hola there did it
Concerto: Nice
Kefka: also quiero chocolate ahora
Concerto: Very nice What color was your umbilical cord?
Kefka: how would I know
Concerto:If you don't know, then I suppose its FINE. >:3  If, you could have anything that started with the letter h, what would it be?
Kefka: hmm, err not hmm, but uh, hot chocolate?  i cant think of anything else too good
Concerto:  A very simple man with simple tastes!  Moving on.  Would you sacrifice your life for someone you loved?
Kefka:depends on mnythings
Concerto:I need a solid yes or no answer!
Kefka: uh probably not
Concerto:Okay!  I would, just to let you know.  What is your favorite pastime related to potatoes?
Kefka: mmm delicious taters makng some nce fries
Concerto: Very, VERY good.
Kefka: nice
Concerto: If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?
Kefka: uhm
Concerto: ?
Kefka: I'd probably go and destroy half of it with firey explosions, kill off everybody I hated with painful deaths, then just go off and be general demonic
Concerto: Cruel!  I mean cool!  What kinds of people do you have difficulties working with?
Kefka:Stupid people, ignorant people.  Bascially that general group.
Concerto: How do you feel about that?
Kefka: Fine?  How am I supposed to feel about that >_>
Concerto: Whatever you choose!~ What do you see yourself doing five years from now?
Kefka: Being in college :D
Concerto: Very cool. What are you interested in?
Kefka: career-wise?
Concerto: Of course.
Kefka: Some sort of tech thing like 3D design or programming
Concerto: Cool!  Good luck with that.  Which is more important: creativity or efficiency? Why?
Kefka: well getting things done efficiently would be best, time is money
Concerto: I see, one final question then: Behind every interview question there is a concern or another question. Why is that?
Kefka: Because we desire knowledge?  Sure, I'll go with that.
Concerto: Yay! Thanks for having me.  Any last comments?
Kefka: no I didn't, I'm not your mother, I didn't have you

Concerto interviews Hugo

<HugoMeister> :)
<Concerto> Are you less busy now?
<HugoMeister> very much so
<Concerto> Seriously, I should be more busy than you, and yet you don't have time to do an interview >:
<Concerto> Anyway
<Concerto> Uh
<Concerto> I haven't done this for a while
<Concerto> Ahem
<Concerto> You ready?
<HugoMeister> since last year 9_9
<Concerto> Okay
<Concerto> Let's DO IT!
<HugoMeister> alrighty :)
<Concerto> So
<Concerto> How are you today?
<HugoMeister> quite well
<Concerto> Anything exciting happen?
<HugoMeister> me and a friend embarrassed the hell out of Sara287 in Gym, but apart from that, nothing really.
<HugoMeister> typical Monday.
<Concerto> Oh really?  What happened?  DETAILS! :D
* HugoMeister has suffered kicks to the back and abdomen already, he doesn't need one to the head, thank you very much :P
<HugoMeister> due to to control myself
<Concerto> Indeed
<Concerto> Well, since you don't have any juicy information, lets start with your childhood.  Where did you grow up?
<HugoMeister> Pittsburgh, where I live today.
<Concerto> Is it a nice place?
<HugoMeister> very much so, not like smuggy Boston
<Concerto> You know, I've never been to Boston in the fall.
<HugoMeister> nor have I, how ironic.
<Concerto> Quite so
<HugoMeister> indeed.
<Concerto> Besides the obvious music and videogames, what other hobbies do you have?
<HugoMeister> well, I can code a little bit, takes me a while to figure something out, but I get there. Eventually.....maybe
<Concerto> That's it?
<HugoMeister> pretty much :P
* HugoMeister isnt a very diverse person.
<Concerto> Don't be modest, there must be more interests you hold inside of you!
<HugoMeister> er......not really?
<HugoMeister> music takes up most of my yeah
<Concerto> Well then, what a boring person!
<HugoMeister> why thank you :)
<Concerto> What are your top 5 videogames of ALL TIME
<HugoMeister> hmmm
<HugoMeister> well Pkmn G/S/C was like one of my favorites of all time.
<Concerto> I see!
<Concerto> You still lack four more choices though
<HugoMeister> ive noticed.
<HugoMeister> I don't really know =/
<Concerto> Well then!
<Concerto> I almost forgot the most important question!
<Concerto> What is your favorite color?
<HugoMeister> I would go with Navy Blue.
<Concerto> Navy, eh?
<Concerto> *notes that*
<HugoMeister> indeed, but mainly because I think I look sexy in it 9_9
<Concerto> Do go on!
<HugoMeister> Hugo + Navy Blue = Sexy
<HugoMeister> there's not much else to go off on
<Concerto> Off...on?
<Concerto> Off
<Concerto> Off
<Concerto> On
<Concerto> Like a light switch!
<Concerto> Quick!  Energy saving or normal?!
<HugoMeister> subliminal messaging perhaps?
<HugoMeister> normal.
<Concerto> BAH...I respect your opinion
<Concerto> What happened on your 17th birthday?
<HugoMeister> I'll tell you when it comes 8 months from now
<Concerto> Oh
<Concerto> I guess that sets us up for another interview in 8 months!
<Concerto> Moving on
<HugoMeister> yay follow-ups
<Concerto> So far there hasn't been any juicy information
<HugoMeister> shall we then?
<Concerto> Yes
<Concerto> Fill in the blank
<Concerto> "I get turned on by ______"
<HugoMeister> remote control, duh
<Concerto> ...I see.
<Concerto> I can't quite understand why the people voted for you in the interview.  There's no good stuff in here!
<HugoMeister> i got boring as time passed
<Concerto> Well then, let's take you back 9 months in time.
<Concerto> *pulls out time machine*
<Concerto> Get in!
* HugoMeister hops in, wiping his feet carefully before entering
* Concerto gets in along with Hugo and flips a switch
<Concerto> ZOIP!
* HugoMeister is turned on
<HugoMeister> you've found my switch :O
<Concerto> Indeed!
* Concerto opens door
<Concerto> Oh crap
<Concerto> I think I went back a little too far
* HugoMeister shuts door
<HugoMeister> lets not go there
* HugoMeister flips the other switch that doesn't turn Hugo on
<Concerto> What's not to like about Ancient Egypt?!
* Concerto opens the door again
<Concerto> Okay, here we are
<HugoMeister> i dont do well with sunlight
<HugoMeister> aww look
<HugoMeister> my mummy is prego <3
<Concerto> Oh really?
<Concerto> So that's the source of your boringness!
<Concerto> We need to go back and stop this from ever happening!
<HugoMeister> there's no weed at this baby shower T_T
<HugoMeister> now wonder im so suck
<Concerto> How far is your mom into pregnancy?
<HugoMeister> she's kinda fat year I can't really tell
<Concerto> How awful!  But let's go back another 6 months just to be sure
<Concerto> That would make it 15 months from April 20th
<HugoMeister> .....there's a tie on the doorknob
<HugoMeister> DONT GO IN
<HugoMeister> D:
<Concerto> I'm doing it, and you're coming with me!
* Concerto drags Hugo along
* HugoMeister is dragged into the room
* Concerto kicks down door
* HugoMeister closes virgin eyes, ears, nose----basically all senses
<Concerto> Hello Mr. and Mrs. Hugo's parents!
* Concerto kicks Mr. Hugo in his sensitive area
<Concerto> Okay, our work is done here
* HugoMeister watches his own hand fall off
* Concerto goes back into time machine with Hugo
<Concerto> Okay
<Concerto> So now here we are again!
<Concerto> Do you feel less boring?
<HugoMeister> not particularly :)
<HugoMeister> oh well.
<HugoMeister> maybe ive hit menopause or something
<HugoMeister> who knows
<Concerto> One final question!
<HugoMeister> gogogo
<Concerto> If you could meet any ONE person on NSM for an hour in real life, who would it be?
* HugoMeister has so many awesome friends, he can't choose :(
<HugoMeister> can I combine them all into one?
<Concerto> Nope
<HugoMeister> oh poo
<HugoMeister> well then.
<Concerto> Well then?
<HugoMeister> can i split my hour into few minute sessions?
<Concerto> No
<HugoMeister> cuz im not going to pick favorites out of my friends D:
<Concerto> But you have too!
<HugoMeister> you ask hard questions.
<HugoMeister> but eh.....
<Concerto> I'm pretty sure this is the only hard question I've asked
<HugoMeister> for the sheer hell of it (and because said so)
<HugoMeister> lets go with iDOWN :)
<Concerto> Good
<Concerto> iDown and you safely fly off into space, while everyone else on Earth dies
<Concerto> Happy travels!

Slow interviews Ruto

Slow: First, introduce yourself and tell us something absolutely arbitrary about you.
Ruto: I'm Ruto...and let's see...I just space out a lot XD
Slow: Fascinating. How long has this been going on?
Slow: *resists urge to sing that phrase*
Ruto: Actually I have noooo idea...
Ruto: I guess from the time I got on the train...
Slow: Jordan Knapp: And does this interfere with your ability to complete everyday tasks?
Slow: Sorry, never mind.
Slow: I forgot, my "Psychiatry session with Slow" segment just ended.
Slow: Moving on.
Ruto: Lol
Slow: What is your favorite video game ever, and why?
Ruto: xD good question...I've actually spent hundreds of hours playing certain video games but I'll never forget Twilight Princess^^ I even saved the game right before the last Ganon battles so I can keep replaying in the overworld, over and over...and the boss fights too^^
Slow: I figured you'd pick a Zelda game, your username being what it is. That's interesting.
Slow: Alright, who is your favorite musical artist, and what is your favorite song?
Ruto: I don't really listen to a lot of people singing. Just soundtracks mostly. I remember how much I liked Howard Shore's stuff back when I was a kid and LOTR was in theatres and stuff. But I can't settle on just one person or piece XD
Slow: Haha, it's the same with me. Film soundtracks are pretty much all I listen to.
Slow: If you were a Pokemon, which one would you want to be?
Ruto: Assuming legendaries and Pikachu doesn't count (yeah everyone wants to be one...)...Charmander? I really like Psyduck but I don't think I can live with the constant headaches, so yeah
Ruto: Whoops I forgot Charmander dies when the flame on its tail goes out XD
Ruto: ...I'll have to think about this some more XD maybe something that can fly would be nice^^
Slow: Interesting. ^^ If you come up with an answer later on, let me know.
Slow: So, here's something a little more personal. What's the best and worst thing about having three sisters? Remember, Saria's going to see this. ;)
Ruto: :O
Ruto: Best: If you need money, cheap labor or a favor, I know who to ask!
Ruto:Worst: Omg they never shut up sometimes. THey nag, argue, yell and go on and on about their boyfriends...
Ruto: Also without a brother, a lot of heavy lifting and stuff never get done. I can only do so much with a tool kit xD
Slow: I can't imagine having three sisters, it seems so trying XD
Slow: Anyway.
Slow: Let's see....still no questions from NSM people. How disappointing.
Slow: Alright, what's your  most valued trait in a guy? ;)
Ruto: someone who puts up with all my nonsense I guess I really like a good sense of humor. Especially if he doesn't know he's funny and therefore doesn't constantly try to act like the funny guy.
Slow: What's your biggest dream for the future?
Ruto: I'd really like to be a college professor in some stable, rich country someday...that includes a lot of mini steps xD
Slow: Well, of course, we're talking broadly here.
Slow: I could see you being a college science professor.
Slow: Hey! We've had our first question sent in! Let me open the PM.
Slow: ....uhm....
Ruto: xD
Slow: Okay, that's...interesting? Well I received a brief chat log as well as a question.
Slow: The question is...
Slow: "Ruto, what question should I ask you?"
Ruto: xDDDD...were you going to ask me something about a guy? lol
Ruto: nothing dirty
Slow: That was a strange you have a specific question you'd like to answer?
Ruto: what...XD
Ruto: I'd really answer anything as long as it's not to personal xD
Slow: Alright, this is directed to the person who sent me that...that question sucks.
Slow: That bit of business having been taken care of...
Slow: You're fairly big into art, right? What was the first piece of art you ever created that really meant something to you, that made you realize, "Wow, I really like doing this?"
Ruto: In college I took a drawing class, and on the first day, we had to do a bunch of studies with random things like bones and pumpkins, using charcoals, which I never used before. It turned out pretty well xD I really liked the piece with the bone actually
Ruto: it was good and it wasn't a fluke! :D
Slow: That smiley is interesting... are your teeth that shiny in real life?
Slow: You aren't obligated to answer that without a lawyer present.
Slow: Forget it, next question.
Slow: What made you decide you wanted to go to school for science?
Ruto: I remember wanting to be a scientist when I was 7. I remember the Magic School Bus books/TV show...I also used to read a lot about science and won a bunch of awards for it in middle school and high school. It was pretty obvious what I was getting into, actually xD
Slow: Wow, that's really cool! I have a friend who's going to major in a similar area, this may be a weird question but what advice, if any, would you give to her? XD[/color]
Ruto: Forget about having a social life and really pay attention in the required math classes xD
Ruto: After grading my class's exams and homework all year, the people who really, really do "fine" are the anti social ones. The others just say they are XD

Also, don't rely on the curve to boost your grade
Slow: Oh goodness XD well I think I might hold off on relaying that advice until it's necessary
Slow: Anyway, do you have a particular memory of school that will always stay with you?
Ruto: I remember being asked to sing solo in music class in 6th grade...that was AWFUL xD but I'll never forget it. In a bad way -.-
Ruto: ...sob
Slow: ....awwwwwwwwwwwww.
Ruto: I don't even know why they put me in that class xD
Slow: Poor 11-year-old Ruto XD
Slow: Let's see...
Slow: What's your favorite musical instrument, and which one is your favorite to play?
Ruto: xD! I've always liked piano but I never got around playing
Ruto: I have several ocarinas and I like those actually xD fat sis got one from thailand that was pretty cool despite the fact she had dropped and broken it right before she gave it to me
Slow: ...good...
Slow: What is your least favorite food, absolutely will not eat on any occasion?
Ruto: Omg, I hate celery. The taste, is something like that supposed to taste good?
Ruto: It ruins the taste of everything
Ruto: didn't even sample the stalks yet
Ruto: I'm sure it's just as bad as the leaves xD
Slow: oh goodness.
Ruto: It runs in the family. I don't think any of my sisters can stand the taste either
Slow: Remind me never to give Saria celery.
Slow: Anyway
Slow: Still no NSM questions...
Ruto: she hates coconut, I know that much...
Slow: If that stupid question earlier is all we get, I will be severely disappoint
Ruto: ohh there's no such thing as a stupid question XD
Slow: Alright, here's a bizarre question then
Slow: What's your favorite thing about the people of NinSheetMusic?
Ruto: you're all such social misfits!
Ruto: lol jk
Ruto: :D you guys are awsm^^
Slow: How descriptive
Slow: Thank you for that, Ruto, you're awsm too :D
Ruto: I know I'll always have something to talk to you guys about <3
Slow: Yes, I could probably keep going with this all night XD
Ruto:...just by saying that, forget about someone normal XD
Ruto: haha
Ruto: you can quote and stuff lol
Ruto: the reason why I don't think anyone can come up with stuff is because they've asked everything about me? XD
Ruto: that or it has to be spontaneous...
Ruto: like yesterday
Ruto: omg...I noticed I had stalkerish tendencies ._.
Ruto: I don't forget things easily^^
Slow: Well, let's call that a wrap since I gotta go.
Slow: Thank you for your time, Ruto! :D
Ruto: so if you make a total ass of yourself sometime, (wave)
Ruto: :D
Ruto: okay lol
Ruto: any time XD I go on too much...

Yay!  Another interview finished!  If you guys want longer, more interesting interviews, please suggest questions that can be asked in the interviews below!

Off-Topic / Official "I'm Away Topic"
June 26, 2008, 09:43:51 PM
This is the official I'm Away Topic.  Use this to tell the members of the forum that your going to be gone for a while, otherwise, if you don't post in three months, we will assume you are dead, and will celebrate (mourn) accordingly. 

I am going to be gone for a week, from tomorrow, until July 7th.  So don't get too crazy whilst I am away.
Post all of your old paint drawings, new paints drawings, msn drawing, stick figures and more in here!  We as NSM shall make the greatest computer drawings portfolio that ever LIVED!

I'll start off.  Heres some saved drawings from MSN.

Gaming / D & D
June 03, 2008, 03:56:48 PM
So my friend and I got into D & D last week.  I am a complete n00b at this stuff so don't meh.  Anyways, as I said we just got into it so I have no knowledge of the different versions, but apparently there is a new 4.0e coming out, so we got a few friends together and put our money together and bought the 4.0e on Amazon.  It's supposed to ship on the 6th, so hopefully it will :P.  Anybody else into D&D?  Right now we're playing a game that we bought at a store called "The Keep on the Shadow Fell or something"  I don't really know the title, but it's pretty fun.

Anyways, ignore my rambling and talk about D&D here.
PC / OSX vs XP...(Vista suxs so it is left out)
April 28, 2008, 04:12:54 PM
So!  You are free to flame strike up intelligent conversation in this topic AND THIS TOPIC only.

I like OSX better than XP.  Plus, Macs can run both so its really a no brainer which to purchase.
Nintendo / Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournaments!
March 29, 2008, 12:33:19 PM
Welcome to the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournaments Topic!  Yay!

Players will be put into brackets, just like a tournament.  So depending on how many people we get, will depend on who plays who.

This will be a best 2 out of 3 tournament, where the loser will drop out, and the winner will go on.

Match One: The first match will be held on Battlefield.  No items, a three minute battle, no stock.
Match Two:  The second match will be held on Final Destination.  ALL items on low, a three minute battle, no stock.
Match Three:  If necessary, there will be a third and final match.  The two opponents will choose the level they listed below as their favorite, and the compter will choose one of the levels to play on (50/50 % chance).  Smash Balls will be set on low and it will be a three minute battle, no stock.

On Saturday, at 16:45 GMT, (10:45 am Western Coast, 12:45 pm Eastern Coast) we will meet in the NSM Chat room  From there we will have the first round matches at 17:00 GMT and we will all meet back in the chat to tell each other who won.  That should take approx. 10 minutes.  The second round will start at 17:20 GMT, we will have matches, meet back, 3rd round 17:40 GMT, matches then chat, then finally the final two will have their match at 18:00 GMT.  The losers are free to leave chat after their rounds are over.  THOSE WHO DO NOT SHOW UP BY 17:00 GMT WILL FORFEIT.  To make sure you know, what time it is, use this handy time thingy.

Select "Use The Following Date/Time:" and Enter, April 6, 2008 and for the time enter 17:00, 24-hour clock.  Then in the first box, select GMT, then in the second box, select the appropriate time zone for your area.


OKAY HERE WE GO!  We've got 16 cool people who signed up, here is the bracket!
Cool People:
1) Concerto_1891 0850 1661_Pit_Wario Ware Inc.
2) HugoMeister_1075 0668 2898_Pokémon Trainer_Spear Pillar
3) Silence of Darkness_3437 2859 6914_Ike_Pirate Ship
4) ZnD_1032 1182 8068_Toon Link_Battlefield
5) bbalcrazy92_1934 0197 7733_Ike_Battlefield
6) Akiro_0602 6029 5172_Toon Link_Hyrule Temple
7) Ninja_2062 8833 1652_Ike_Battlefield
8.) Dude_0559 6436 5290_Kirby_Temple
9) MetroidHunter26_1633 3899 7290_Samus/Zero Suit Samus_Spear Pillar
10) razer84_2148 7818 6548_Marth_Delfino Plaza
11) Shadoninja_4553 9648 9989_R.O.B._Yoshi's Island
12) blah54_0387 8480 6829_Zelda/Sheik_Smashville
13) pumpy_heart_2492 3827 1114_Ice Climbers_Frigate Orpheon
14) The Mindzeye_0087 1988 0051_Snake_Shadow Moses Island
15) Gamer4250_3652 0203 8636_Kirby_Temple
16) ZeldaFan_private_Zelda/Sheik_Spear Pillar
Off-Topic / The Introduction Thread
March 18, 2008, 08:51:25 PM
Are you new here?  Do you want to make your presence known?  Then this is the place to be!

I'm Concerto No.20 in D minor, but just call me Concerto.  I am a global moderator, so I can be awesome or lame.  Uhm...I like stuff.  And dislike other stuff.
Project Archive / In Progress Discussion Topic
March 03, 2008, 12:53:39 AM
I am keeping two separate threads because I do not want the IPT to become slammed like it was last time.

Please go to the new topic here
- Shadoninja
Project Archive / In Progress topic
March 02, 2008, 06:18:33 PM
The Rules:
You can only claim 5 songs at a time to work on.  If there are any conflicts, then you can PM me.  Only post once, and modify that post as needed.  IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONCE BOTH YOUR POSTS WILL BE DELETED.

Songs that I'm working on:
Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Please go to the new topic here
- Shadoninja
Home-Made Compositions / The Concerto Arrangements
February 29, 2008, 03:49:39 PM
Okay, so like everyone I've made things in Finale, but I find it hard to do so because instead of writing it down, you have to input every note with the mouse...ugh.  Anyways, I'm going to upload one of my arrangement at a time, starting with the earliest.  Have fun and comment.  (BTW, its VERY RARE that I ever finish a composition...just to let you know.)

This one is simply titled "Flute and Clarinet."  It's my very first composition with Finale.  I'm pretty sure its from 2004.  It's just a short, fun little duet between Flute and Clarinet.  Make sure to wait until the very end! ;D

This one is titled, "Stolen Car," because when my friend first heard it he thought it sounded as if someone had gotten their car stolen.  I have no idea why he thought that. >_>  This is also from 2004.

So its been a while...since no one EVER really comments on my songs...  But I guess I will grace you with another homer, this is called "Amadous" (yes I know its spelled wrong, that is done with purpose).  More of an experiment than a song.  Here it is.  Enjoy.  AND FREAKIN' COMMENT.  I never could get the crescendo tool to work...

Another new song.  Well, its actually pretty old.  This one is called "Guitar Song Sturff."  This is inspired by the Windows Pinball game; and yet another song that I did not finish... :'(  As always, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS

kkies, a bunch this time.  These are all my computer sounds that I made.  First we have the classical start up, then we have dun duh, then just the duh and the switch user and finally log off.  Fun fun.  COMMENT.

Off-Topic / Strange Dreams
February 29, 2008, 03:01:17 PM
Post all your strange dreams here!

This is the first...I started typing it in Instant half of it is IM the other half good.

I slept in late
until just now
so what is that 3pm?
I had the strangest dream

there was this contest for my school
to see who could get the best picture of the school
and so my friend and I decided we wanted to get an aerial shot
so we got the helicopter out of my garage (it was under a big white sheet)
and he was going to fly it
even though he had never flown one
but I had
so he was flying really well, and he told me that he learned from videogames
so we ended up taking the shot
and we went to turn it in
and I guess the school...kind of went into some taco time place
and we ended up eating a huge churo, and I mean like 2 x 4 feet churo instead.
then we decided to go with my friends house to pick up some controler
only we got stuck there
with a friend named Charles
and he kept wanting us to play this new card game
and we after much nagging we decided to play it once
then when we left he was trying to make us feel all bad
so I guess we were heading to some ski resort for the weekend
and we ended up finding out hotel room and stuff
but the room that I got was ridiculously small
and the whole room was tilted
like at a 10 degree angle
so that if you put a marble on one side
it would fall to the other side
and the ceiling was JUST tall enough for me to stand up straight
and ways I looked out the window of this new complex
and about 100 yards away there was this huge building on it
that had "Jeep" on the side
and I was like OMG
(I probably haven't told you but I really like this new Jeep concept car called the Jeep Renegade.)

so I got my coat on (it was cold there) and headed outside
I guess my intention was to sneak into the complex and that I did, but I don' remember doing it
but anyways this place was a huge factory
and half of it was a parking garage for newly made cars
And so I immediately went to the parking garage and started exploring
and I found the Jeep Renegade
and I was like omg
so I decided to steal it
I mean the keys were IN the ignition
it was begging me to take it away
so I backed out and that’s when the siren went off
and out of no where a bunch of people started to chase me
and I'm racing through this huge parking garage trying to get out
I think I was on the second level because I ended up going down one level and out of the parking garage.
But I ended up crashing into a barrier that they had set up to prevent me from escaping.
So handcuffed me and I though they were going to take me to the police, but they didn't.  They took me to this underground cell that they had, which was more like a closet and locked me in.
I remember sleeping there for the night.
The all the sudden I was woken up early in the morning by someone nudging me
I thought it was one of the guards so I turned around and looked
but it wasn't one of the guards
I screamed and got up to the other side of the cell
what was nudging me was a mix between a big bug and a crab and a Trade Federation Droid Star Fighter in standing mode.

Anyways it was about 2 feet tall and I was freaked man.
So anyways I just stood in the corner shocked and unable to move as it moved closer to me
and it got so close the on of its 4 legs reached out and touched my hand and I pulled it aside very quickly
I could have sworn that the thing smiled, because it did have a face type thing
kind of like a big mouth with long slits of green eyes.
Anyways it backed away into the corner, and I watched and all the sudden a spot on the top of one of its arms glowed very bright green, almost like a flash light
and it pointed it to a spot in the side of the cell, where there was a big hole, big enough for me to crawl through.
Then it went in, for a few seconds and the light slowly faded.
I was relieved that it left and started to relax, but then the light from the tunnel started to increase    again and I tensed back up.
Sure enough the creature came back out, but in its mouth there were flowers, and it brought them over to me and dropped them to the ground by my feet
It then went back over to the tunnel and back in, then quickly back out.
It looked at me with those green slit eyes, and then made an impatient clicking sound.  I immediately understood!  It was trying to get me out!
I slowly and warily walked over to the hole and the creature made a different noise, more like a little cry/whistle of joy and went up the tunnel.
I took a breath and look in, and sure enough, there WAS a light at the end of the tunnel.
But it wasn't day light, it was just a lamp...which was lame.
So I walked out and it was dark out side, and the creature was waiting for me.
It almost had the actions of a happy dog, but it was much smarter than one.  I started walking back to the hotel where my friends were surely wondering were I was.
Anyways, this thing which I've warmed up to surprisingly fast was just behind me, and I decided it was best to hide it in my jacket.  So I walk into the hotel with this huge bulge in my jacket and meet my friends in the lobby.  They were about to call the police when I showed up.  Suddenly there was this big earthquake and we braced on the furniture and the creature got out but lights were out and no one saw it.  It was a normal everyone screams omg earthquake experience and there were things that fell and stuff.

So we go outside to see the damage, but there wasn't any visibly, although a strange mist had set in. 

ARGH, this is going to be painful to type in full detail so I'm going to shorten it, A LOT.
So it ends up that aliens landed and they wanted their baby back (the strange creature) and we ended up fighting a lot of them and it sort of turned into a videogame.  Cuz there were weapons everywhere.  (I mean seriously, we're in a HOTEL and I run out of bullets for my shot gun, and I instinctivly turn to my right and there is a rifle with ammo and a scope right on top of this counter.) Half the time the aliens were the same as the creature, but half way during thing fight there were different aliens, kind of human-like, except their heads were on back words and they walked on all fours...but backwords like this:

Except their backs were perfectly straight and they were really agile and could climb on ceilings.

Sorry tired of typing I'll finish it later, so in the meanwhile you guys type what you like!  :D
Story Telling / Story 5: A World of Mirrors
February 28, 2008, 11:16:49 AM
You guys know what to do!  Have fun!

"....he did not wish to be interviewed.  the_grimace, after a long run with NSM has finally split ways.  We ask G-Han why.  'Too bad. I wanted to say goodbye and that [the_grimace] (was) the most childish one in the end. I mean, leaving because we wanted to work together...teamwork is what made NSM big, after all.'  And there you have it from the G-Man himself.  Now back to ZeldaFan with the sports...." 
The room was dark, and the TV screen blared out sound and picture in the darkness.  I was asleep in my chair, drool coming from the corner of my mouth.  There was a small spider in the corner of the room, twirling her web in hopes of catching a fly.  "BUY BUY BUY!!!  WITH NEW CAR INSURANCE YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!!1 TOP DOLLAR!" blasted a commercial on the television.  With that I jolted awake startled.  Realizing where I was, I quickly got up cursing under my breath and turned off the TV, nearly pushing it over. 
I slowly made my way to the window and looked outside.  The lawn had a fresh new layer of snow on the ground and the moon was full, making it very bright outside.  You could see the mountains in the far off distance glimmering under the moonlight.  After staring fondly at the moon for a few minutes I turned around and walked toward the kitchen. 
I flipped the switch and my humble light bulb dangling from the ceiling flicked on, then fizzled and went out.  “Darn it….that’s the 3rd one this MONTH!”  I ignored the broken light and went to the refrigerator.  I opened it up and was bathed in the light that it had and I grabbed some milk.  After pouring a glass, I went back into the den and sat down in my recliner. 
I took a sip, and looked up to notice the little spider, creating art.  I started to drift back to sleep, milk in hand admiring the delicate art that the spider slowly weaved on my ceiling.  I was at the mirror again; it had been beckoning me, calling to me telling me come closer and closer.  I could see my reflection and it also called me to it.
“What do you want?  I can’t come in there with you, you’re just a reflection!”  I screamed to myself.  Suddenly the other me became very angry and glowed a very white light and consumed me with this light.  I jolted awake again, this time the sun in my eyes was the cause.  “Am I ever going to sleep properly?” I thought to myself.  I got up and went upstairs, hoping that a cold shower would bring me back to earth. 
After getting out of the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror.  I had bags under my eyes, and I was getting thinner.  But then suddenly something caught my eye.  My reflection had WINKED at me.  Knowing that this was just an effect from sleeplessness I started to wash my face.  I filled the sink with cold water and after only a second of hesitation, plunged head first into it.  The sensation was very refreshing, and also bracing.  After blowing bubbles from my mouth, and took my head out of the water and let the excess water drain from my hair. 
I dried my face with my towel and looked back at my reflection, and saw the back of my head.  I fell to the floor in shock, and thought that I really was crazy.  I slowly got back up and looked once again into the mirror.  This time it was just me staring back, and I shook my head and went out of the bathroom and got dressed.  Knowing I had a long day ahead, I ate a big breakfast.
I did the dishes and went to the front room.  I looked at myself in the mirror checking to make sure there were no imperfections when suddenly, my reflection gestured me to come nearer.  I thought that I must have been still sleeping, and that would explain all that had happened, so I decided to go along with it.  I got about 2 feet from my mirror and just stared at me; and my reflection did the same.

Then my own reflection gestured once again for me to come closer, and so I got right up against the mirror, and looked at myself.  Then suddenly my reflection grabbed me and pulled me into the mirror and I was flying through whiteness at an incredible speed.

Then suddenly everything stopped.  I looked around, and saw that I was floating in a huge vast white space and off in the extreme distance I could see small specks everywhere.  Some were clustered and some were off by themselves; and then it hit me.  I was looking at the world, from the inside.  I could make out the outline of the continents and I could see that some places were darker and some were light.

"Amazed?" called a quiet voice.  I fell down in shock again, and turned around to see who had whispered in my ear.  There was no one there.  "Oh I'm sorry, did I surprise you?" laughed the same voice.  "Who are you, and WHERE are you?" I called, somewhat cowardly.  "WHO am I?  Indeed, WHO am I....I, am YOU; and where you are, I am also." the quiet voice said again.  "Wh-what are you....who....WHERE AM I?!" I yelled.  "There’s no need to be upset, I will explain everything.  You see the objects off in the distance?  What you are seeing are the reflections of millions of mirrors, every single mirror in the world to be precise.  And every single one of those mirrors, is open to your use." the voice calmly explained. 

"What are you talking about?  Send me back home right now!” I screamed.  “I knew this was going to be difficult…I might as well tell you right out, you are the new keeper of the mirrors.”  “The keeper of the wha-?  NO!  Just tell me how to get back home.”  I got back on my feet and started to walk away.  “Where do you think you’re going?” mocked the voice.  “HOME!”  "How?"  "I don't know!"  "Exactly."

I turned around, and fell down to the ground.  "FINE!  Just tell me how to get home."  "Oh I will, and so much more." the voice whispered.
Story Telling / NSM Stories
February 28, 2008, 11:15:20 AM
Okay, so I could only recover 3 stories...because I only saved the ones that I started.  :P  So what we're going to do is start the Mirror one again.

So here are the rules.

In this Story Telling forum, there are NSM Official stories, the stories that are created by all the members of NSM; and there are just stories that anyone can submit to show off their skillz. 

NSM Official Stories Rules

Anyone can add to the on going story at anytime
Don't swear
No "Nudity"
Use complete sentences (SPELL CHECK)
Be creative!

Normal Stories
Just make sure its clean okay?

NSM Official Stories
Story 1:  The Trix! *finished*
Story 4:  Another Regular Day in the World of NSM *finished*
Story 5:  A World of Mirrors *ongoing!*  :)