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Okay, I just remembered to post-

Today marks my 4th year as a member on Nintendo Sheet Music! It's amazing how fast time flies...

To think, I made this account just a few short days after breaking up with my girlfriend during my sophomore year of high school, and much to the delight of shadowkirby, my IRL friend who convinced me to join, I began to exclusively partake in several TWG's before I branched out to the story boards and all sorts of nonsense on this site.

About a year ago, I cracked down on my college education - if you look at my post count, I've posted approximately 60 times within the past year. I've fallen away from NSM, something I never wanted to do. But I have, and I'm not happy about it. New members have come and old members have gone, and I haven't been here to welcome or wish farewells. I miss the good old days when NSM was a (loosely-defined) priority in my life rather than a time-sucking hobby that my college self views it as. There's no way to really revert back to the way things were, because I've got to put my focus in other things for the future.

I never left NSM. And I never will. I check it at least once a week, maybe, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll post something. Just think of me as a sort of omniscient observer who sometimes pops in to see how everyone is doing. I have been posting in my Unfinished Fan Fiction thread occasionally when I have the time to type up my old stories while I'm at home, but I haven't played a TWG in over two years, and every now and then I get THE BUG. You know what I 'm talking about.

I've been here for a lot of cool things over the past four years, and I've definitely changed a lot since I was the smug little bastard who joined an online forum for shits and giggles. Pardon my language. Present-day Kman has some unresolved issues with Sophomore Kman's actions. Hakuna Matata, right?

I love you all. I know I haven't spoken to a lot of you in a while, but don't count me out of the NSM crew. I'll always be here for you guys. Just give me a shout, whenever.

Forum Games / Re: The CTRL-V Game!
January 27, 2016, 12:55:59 PM
I'm really not even going to try and explain that, misspelling or not.
Forum Games / Re: The CTRL-V Game!
January 27, 2016, 12:29:35 AM

...oh shit.
Hey, I'm not sure where I should post this kind of thing, but here's a trailer for a shitty web series that shadowkirby and I are in that my friends and I made over the Christmas season.

I've posted 6 videos so far, with several more waiting to be released! The rest of the series can be found on my Youtube channel, TheKMaster96.

I hope y'all enjoy!
Forum Games / Re: The CTRL-V Game!
January 09, 2016, 01:26:58 PM
Fletchinder, Talonflame

Listing pokemans, what can I say?
Quote from: Oronoco on January 04, 2016, 09:59:54 PMThat spring when Heart Gold/Soul Silver came out was so great. It was really just the best.
Yeah, I've got a lot of fond memories from that time in my life. It's very weird to imagine just how long ago it really was!

Quote from: Oronoco on January 04, 2016, 09:59:54 PMI really like reading your stories. If I go back and read through some of what I wrote in Middle School, I kind-of admire some of the humor and spontaneity only my younger self could come up with. (Yours are much more well-written than any of mine were. :)))
Thank you so much! It's a little funny hearing these compliments on things I haven't put effort to in six years, but maybe comments like yours might inspire me to pick up writing again, either on a different subject matter, or maybe more fan fiction (No, Nocturne, I'm not rebooting Caleb the Hero). I suspect it will probably be the latter. My own original content isn't very good. Mostly because I don't have much. Writing fan fiction based on things you like is so much easier!
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 04, 2016, 09:49:08 PMsomething I want to point out on MM2: Bombs are pretty much the best item in the game
kinda insulting seeing link take them and saying "save the good stuff for later"
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 04, 2016, 09:39:51 PMexactly what I meant
do it pleeeeez
with a hot fudge sundae on top
I ain't got the time nor the desire, my friend. This thread is where my fanfictions come to die.
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 04, 2016, 09:35:44 PMThink of all the souls that would be brought peace from a Caleb the Hero reboot
...You mean like all the ones that died in the flood? ;)
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 04, 2016, 09:13:15 PMSorry for posting in that thread!  I didn't see the "DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD" and got terribly confused!
Anyway, I just wanted to say I loved the idea of a pre-flooded wind waker and how you incorporated some of the locations from the game into a pre-flooded world.
That being said, I believe it's just about...
Nah, you're good, I didn't include a DO NOT POST in the OP, so that's my mistake, not yours. If I had that kind of power, I'd lock my story threads, but for now I'm doing my best to direct all conversation to this thread.

I have to agree with you on the concept of a pre-flooded Hyrule. I really wish they would release some kind of story from that time. When I began writing this I was in 7th grade and I was very proud of the angle I was taking it, but as I was typing it up yesterday I noticed how very uncreative I was and how much I was limiting myself which was, in effect, limiting the story's capabilities. As for a reboot, however, I can't say that I'd be up to the challenge. Once I go down a road, it's hard for me to back out and then go down it a different way. I'm afraid I'd make something too close to the original, just...different and shinier.
Story Telling / Re: A HeartGold/SoulSilver Story (KUFF)
January 04, 2016, 07:59:15 PM
(Yawn...) I squirmed in my bed. Nothing was going to get me out of bed for any reason whatsoever. Not today. Today I sleep.

Then came the piercing cry of my mother's voice. "GOLD!" Oh bother. "GOLD! Get out of bed! No one should be in bed on a day like this!" I heard footsteps on the staris leading to my room. My mom came up into my room and opened my blinds.

"GAAAHH!!!" I cried as I pulled my sheets over my head to block the blinding sun from my eyes.

"Come on, Gold. Get up." My mother said. "It's a beautiful day outside." She stood and looked outside the window. I could hear chirping, probably from a flock of Pidgey. My mother began back down the stairs. "By the way," she began, "Professor Elm was looking for you."

That got my attention. Prof. Elm was one of the top Pokémon researchers in the world. It is said that he discovered that Pokémon had the ability to lay eggs! The coolest thing is that he lives right next door to us!

I rolled out of bed and landed on my giant Snorlax pillow. Same routine every morning. I got dressed and walked downstairs. My mother saw me and said, "Oh, look who it is! Finally decided to get out of bed, I see?"

"Yeah, I guess," I said. "For Professor Elm's sake, though, not for you," I joked.

"Well then," my mom scoffed. "Here's some bacon, and I suppose you'll be on your way!"

"Kay, thanks mom!" I said as I rushed out the door with a mouthful of bacon.

"Bye dear! Have fun!"

I walked to Professor Elm's lab with high anticipation of what was to come. I couldn't begin to imagine what he wanted me to do. New Bark Town isn't very big, so the walk only took me a few minutes. Mom was right – it was a beautiful day.

Just as I reached the lab I found my friend Lyra playing with her Marill. "Hey, Gold!" She called. "How are you today? Tired, I see."

"Yeah, I am," I replied. "How's Marill?"

"Oh, she's fine. You headed to Prof. Elm's lab?" She asked. "If you are, you should be careful. I saw a strange redheaded boy hanging around there earlier. I'm not sure what he might be up to."

"Oh...that is strange. I don't know anyone by that description." I began walking again. "Thanks, Lyra. I'll be sure to look out for him! Bye!"

Soon the lab came into view. I went to the front door and rung the bell. I peeked around the corner and saw the redheaded boy Lyra mentioned earlier staring into the window. He spotted me and growled, "What are YOU looking at?"

"Gold?" Someone said. I turned back towards the entrance to see Professor Elm standing outside holding the door. "Ah, Gold! Please, come inside. I've been expecting you."

As he walked, I stared at all of the cool things in his lab. Tons of Pokémon research books, models of Pokémon eggs, and then I saw a turntable inside of a glass case, with three pokéballs displayed on it.

"I've been doing some research and some experimenting," he said, "and I've come to the theoretical conclusion that Pokémon are more friendly and cooperative when outside of their pokéballs. To further test my theory, I want you to have a Pokémon and walk around with it!" My eyes widened and I'm sure there was a grin covering my entire face.

The computer on Elm's desk made an unnerving noise. "Oh!" The professor cried. "I've received an email." He went over to his computer and began to reading. Soon he stopped and turned back towards me. "That was from my friend, Mr. Pokémon. He too is a Pokémon researcher. Lately he's been coming up with all sorts of theories, but this time he says he's got it. He wants me to pick something up from his house."

"Cool!" I exclaimed. "Do you know what he discovered?"

"No, he didn't disclose what he had figured out, but I'm sure– OH! Hey, Gold, why don't you go find out what Mr. Pokémon wants? Prof. Elm said. "You can take your Pokémon with you!" He pushed a button and the glass turntable opened up. The three pokéballs glimmered in the machine's lights.

He picked one up and opened it. A small blue alligator popped out. "This is Totodile," Prof. Elm said. "Its specialty is water." Just as he said that, Totodile squirted water at me.

"No, definitely not that one," I said sternly, wiping water off of my face. The professor put the Totodile back into its pokéball.

"Next, there's Chikorita!" He popped open another pokéball and a green creature with a leaf on its head came out. It coldly turned its back on the both of us. "Chiko-chiko!"  It cried harshly. "Its specialty is grass, but this one is too stubborn to do much."

I watched as Professor Elm switched out the grass Pokémon for a different one. This Pokémon looked like a small anteater with a back covered in explosive fire. "This is Cyndaquil. It's naturally kindhearted and loving, so it is friendly no matter what!"

"Cynda-QUEEEAL!" The little Pokémon cried. It immediately ran up to me and snuggled up to my leg. "Cynda-cyndaquil!" Its grip was unsurprisingly warm.

"I'll take this one!" I said. "After all, it seems to like me more than the other two."

"Wonderful! Would you like to give your Cyndaquil a nickname?" Professor Elm asked.

"Sure!" I'll name him Spyro, like the dragon!" I said. It's a good thing I came up with that name quickly, or I'd have been standing there thinking for a long time.

"An...interesting name. Here's his pokéball, and a few potions in case he gets hurt. Don't forget that there are wild Pokémon beyond New Bark Town," Prof. Elm warned.

"Yeah, I know, but we can handle them, can't we, Spyro?" Spyro didn't respond. I guess he's not used to his name yet. "Hey – Spyro!" I tried again. It looked at me in confusion. "Hi, Spyro! That's gonna be your name now, okay?"

"Cyndaquil!" It replied.

I looked at Professor Elm. "Thank you so much, sir! I'll be sure to take good care of him!" I caught a glimpse out of the window. The redheaded boy wasn't there anymore.

Professor Elm smiled. "Well, you had better be on your way. You should be able to make it to Cherrygrove City by sundown, at least."

"Okay," I said, heading out the door with Spyro. "I'll be back tomorrow!"

I met Lyra just outside the lab. "Hey! You got a Cyndaquil! What's its name?" She asked as Spyro chased her Marill around.

"His name is Spyro!" I exclaimed.

"Wow! Cool name," Lyra said. "You should go show it to your mom!"

"Yeah, great idea, Lyra. Thanks!" I said. "Come on, Spyro, let's go see mom!" Bye Lyra!" I waved as we headed down the trail.

"Cyndaquil!" Spyro cried. It seemed to want to play more.

We started walking down the trail, when a wind began to pick up. New Bark Town may be "where winds of new beginnings blow" but this wasn't a normal wind. It felt like something strange was stirring in the air itself. Spyro looked around. "Quil?" The small Pokémon inquired. Perhaps he sensed it too. Soon the wind died down and we were both a tad confused, but we kept walking.

Before too long, we reached my house. I grabbed Spyro and we burst through the doors, making a grand entrance. My mom wasn't home. "Whaaat?" I cried. Now I would have to go and find her!

"Gold is that you?" It was my mother's voice. She came down the stairs from my room. She smiled at me then looked at Spyro. "Oh and who is this?" She asked, tickling his belly.

Spyro let out a bright giggle, which might have turned south if my mother hadn't stopped as soon as she did. "This is Spyro. Professor Elm gave him to me," I said. "He's very affectionate."

"Soooo cute!" My mother cried, taking Spyro from me like a baby. "It is too adorable! I'm honestly having trouble believing that this is a boy! I mean...oh dear." I stared at my mother angrily. Even Spyro had smoke coming out of his nostrils. "Oh, I'm sorry."

"Thanks, mom, now you got him mad," I said, taking Spyro back from her. His skin was unusually warm, probably because he was mad. "Come on, buddy, let's go blow off some steam in the woods."


We ran outside where the sun was still shining in the sky. I took Spyro into the forest to find some wild Pokémon. There was tall grass on the ground, probably where some Pokémon were hiding. "Spyro, use ember!" I cried.

"Quil!" Spyro blew out a large pillar of flame, burning anything in it's path. Suddenly, a group of Rattata appeared from the smoke of burning grass.

"Rattata! Rattata!" They cried.

"Yikes..." I said. The Rattata kept shouting as I thought about what to do. "Spyro! Ember attack, now!" I shouted. Spyro dashed into the crowd of Pokémon and unleashed a furious fire blowout. When the smoke cleared, there was Spyro, standing over a bunch of unconscious Rattata. "Yeah!" I cried in praise. "Way to go, Spyro! You knocked 'em all out!"

"Cynda-cyndaquil!" Spyro cried.

I scooped him up and walked out of the forest near my house. I went inside to find my mom making dinner. Now that I thought about it, it was getting slightly dark outside.

"Hi Gold, hello Spyro, are you feeling better? I'm so sorry for what happened earlier. I should have thought about what I said," My mom apologized.

"Quil!" Spyro said gleefully. I guess he accepted the apology.

"Wonderful!" My mom said, setting dinner on the table. She even had special Pokémon food for Spyro. "Now let's eat!"

"Yes, let's!" I agreed.

After we ate, I decided to tell my mom about Professor Elm's favor. "Hey mom, don't be surprised if I'm gone early tomorrow. Professor Elm asked me to take something to Mr. Pokémon in Cherrygrove City, and I want to make it there and back in one day, so I have to leave early in the morning.

"Oooh, how interesting!" My mom rose from the table with our emptied plates. "I'll pack for your trip right now. There is a lot that needs to go with you!"

"No need, mom – I can do this.  I'll take some snacks for me and Spyro, and some medicine in case we get hurt." I said. "I'll call you if anything happens."

"Call!" My mother shouted, as if something was wrong. "Oh my goodness, your PokéGear came back from the repair shop yesterday! Here it is, almost brand new, and I had completely forgotten to tell you! I'm sorry, dear."

"That's alright, mom, I almost didn't even realize it was gone!" I exclaimed. My mom took the PokéGear from a box on the counter and handed me the cellular device. "Dang. I can't believe I actually lived without this thing! It's a lot bluer than I remember. Thanks so much, mom!"

"You're welcome, sweetie, now get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day!" My mom smiled.

"Yeah, for sure. Goodnight!" I slumped up the stairs. "Come on, Spyro, let's go to bed."

"Cynda-quil!" Spyro yawned.

So we crawled up to bed, but do you really think either of us slept? No way. Spyro and I were too excited for tomorrow to sleep.

We fell asleep eventually, and the only way I knew that was when I felt tugging on my bed sheets. I opened my eyes to see a dark shadow, it's face veiled by the blinding sun behind it.

"Cyndaquil! Cynda-QUUIL!" It cried. It was Spyro, which meant that I was late. Again.

"Oh no!" I shouted. "Spyro, we're late! It's all my fault, too!" I threw some clothes on, grabbed my Pokégear and raced downstairs and out the door.

My mom was outside in the garden when I ran out the door. "Bye mom!" I shouted, running down the road with Spyro tucked under my arm.

Before long, we reached Professor Elm's lab, which meant that Route 29 was just beyond the path. As I walked past the lab, I saw the redheaded boy staring into the lab again. I decided to approach him this time.

"Um, excuse me, but you're not – " I began.

The boy turned and started walking towards me." What do you think you're lookin' at, kid?" He asked, and pushed me to the ground.

Spyro got up and growled. "CYNDA-quil!" It cried. I looked up to see it prepare an attack.

The boy laughed. "Pathetic creature. 'Put me to misery by an ember attack!' Yeah, right." The boy turned and walked into the forest.

"Come on, Spyro," I said, trying to get it's attention. "Let him be. We have to get going."

"Quil," Spyro turned reluctantly. He really wanted to teach that boy a lesson, and so did I.

As soon as we passed Professor Elm's laboratory, there was a sign saying "ROUTE 29." Under that it said "CHERRYGROVE CITY AHEAD." We were really leaving New Bark Town. After this, there'd be no going back (until I had to come deliver the item to Professor Elm, of course).

Suddenly I got nervous. What if I didn't succeed? What if I couldn't make it back? I was paranoid until Spyro realized I was hesitant to continue. He nudged me with his head to continue walking. I tried to think good things, like how near Cherrygrove City was to New Bark Town.

As it turns out, much farther than expected. Route 29 seemed to stretch on forever. We were saved when the gate to Route 46 appeared, marking the halfway point to Cherrygrove City. From Route 46, trainers could head to the home of Dragon tamers – Blackthorn City. As far as I know, that was the only way into the city.

I could tell that Spyro was getting tired. We took a break so that each of us could rest up. I gave a potion to Spyro to make him feel better, and he perked up right away. I went to grab some snacks, when I realized that my bag wasn't around my shoulder! At first I thought I had dropped it, but then I remembered that because I was in such a rush this morning I must have run right out the door without it. It had taken us a couple hours just to get to this point, and we were both starving!

I slumped to the ground, depressed. My stomach growled. Just then, Spyro's nose rose into the air. He sniffed. He began smiling as he followed his sniffer hopefully towards something (most likely) edible.

After walking a bit, Spyro stuck his head into a bush. "Cyndaquil!" It rejoiced. I brought its head out of the bushes, its mouth full of delicious berries.

"Spyro! You found FOOD!" I cried. I grabbed berries from the bush and shoved them into my mouth. "These are great!" I exclaimed.

"Cyndaquil!" Spyro agreed. He was enjoying the berries, too.

Suddenly the berry bush began to rustle. Something was in there, and it probably didn't want us to be.  "Look out, Spyro," I warned. A Ratatta burst out from the berry patch with a cry.

"Aaah!" I jumped, taken by surprise. "Spyro, use tackle!" Quickly, Spyro leapt and bashed into the Rattata. It began to run towards Spyro, when I exclaimed "Spyro! Watch out behind you!"

Spyro jumped onto the running Rattata, confusing it. Without command, Spyro used an ember attack while jumping off of the rat Pokémon, crisping the Rattata. It slumped over and fainted.

A voice came from out of nowhere. "Rattata?" It was a trainer, looking for a missing Rattata. I looked at the fainted one on the ground. Could it possibly be...? "Rattata! Come back!" A young boy came out from the trees and gasped when he saw the fainted Rattata. "OH! How could you do this to my Rattata?!" He cried.

"Oh my gosh!" I cried. I didn't know it had a trainer, I thought it was wild!"

"Well he belongs to me!" The boy said. Then he looked down in shame. "Well, I guess I should have put a collar on him or something...he's been running away a lot, lately." He held out his hand. Hi, I'm Joey. I live in Cherrygrove, but me and my friends like to hand out on Route 30. I took my Rattata here to train today, but then it ran off! Looks like it just wanted some food."

"Really, you live in Cherrygrove? Can you show me how to get there?" I asked. "I'm Gold, from New Bark Town. I have to run an errand for Professor Elm. Do you know a Mr. Pokémon?"

"Mr. Pokémon? Of course I know him! He's my neighbor!" Joey cried. "Come on, I've got a shortcut that takes us right into town."

Joey walked through a dark opening between two trees. Spyro and I hesitantly followed. Very little light came through the trees above, creating more darkness. "Is it always this dark?" I asked.

"Yeah, but don't worry," Joey assured. "It'll light back up. Just watch out for wild Pokémon – they could leap out at any second!"

"Spyro, why don't you go up front, " I said. "You can light the way!" Spyro ran up to the front of our small group. The forest immediately got brighter.

"HOOT!" Something cried. I looked up to see a bird Pokémon flying away. "Hoot-hoot-hoot-hoot!" It cried.

"Wow," Joey said. "Normally you don't see Hoothoot until nightfall! I guess it just likes dark places."

"It can't be night yet, can it?" I asked, shaking. "I still have to get home, and I haven't even gotten to Cherrygrove City yet!"

"Calm down!" Joey exclaimed. "We're almost there. See that bright opening way over there?" He pointed into the distance, where bright light was pouring into the dark forest. Cherrygrove is right there."

"Great! Let's run!" I suggested. Joey nodded. "Come on, Spyro!" I said, picking him up.

My feel began to pick up speed, moving faster and faster, the light seeming closer and closer. I could sense that Joey was right behind me; I could hear him breathing. Soon the light was right in front of me. I could see buildings; a PokéCenter, houses, a Pokémart! Then I hit something with my foot.

THUD!! I hit the ground. THUD!! Joey followed shortly after. "What was that?" I asked. Joey looked at me with agreed confusion.

I turned around to see a group of bug Pokémon – Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, and even some Kakuna – and they were angry. We must have tripped over them.

"Hey, Joey, we might want to run some more," I said. "These Pokémon don't look very friendly."

We got up and Joey looked back. He smiled. "Nah, we can take these. Your Cyndaquil should be super strong against bug Pokémon!"

"Hey, you're right!" I said. Spyro perked up. "Let's go, Spyro! Ember attack, now!" Spyro unleashed a pillar of flame, blowing through almost everything. The bug Pokémon ran away, except for the Kakuna. They just shook it off and attacked Spyro. "Spyro, tackle those Kakuna!"

Spyro got a running start and took off after the Kakuna. As it sped towards the bug Pokémon, it jumped into the air, giving it more speed. The Kakunas also jumped, but not fast enough. Spyro slammed into the group, shooting them into the forest.

"Cyndaquil!" The small Pokémon cried. He was exhausted. I scooped him up into my arms and walked over to Joey.

"Wow, Gold! That was so amazing!" He cried. "But we have to get your Cyndaquil to the Pokémon Center, quickly!"

We ran out of the forest and into the middle of Cherrygrove City, just has Joey had promised. I ran to the Pokémon Center and rushed inside, hoping the nurse would help Spyro.

"Nurse Joy!" I cried. The woman at the counter turned to look at me. "Nurse joy, please help my Pokémon! He got in a fight with a group of bug Pokémon, but he's exhausted.

"No problem. I'd be happy to help!" Nurse Joy said, taking Spyro from my arms. "You might want to run along, because it might be a while before your Pokémon is healthy."

"Chansey!" A Pokémon cried. A pink egg-shaped Pokémon walked through the door holding a funny-looking egg. "Chansey!" The Pokémon cried again. The Chansey handed the egg to Nurse Joy and happily skipped back through the swinging doors.

A man walked up to the counter from one of the chairs in the waiting room. He looked quite formal to be casually hanging out in a Pokémon Center. "Thank you, Nurse Joy, for taking such great care of this egg. I'm positive that I'll get to the bottom of its origins."

"No problem at all, Mr. Pokémon!" Nurse Joy said. My ears perked up. "Good luck with your studies!"

...That's all I've written. I currently have no plans to continue this story.
Story Telling / A HeartGold/SoulSilver Story (KUFF)
January 04, 2016, 07:54:41 PM
A Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver Story

Please direct all comments, questions and concerns to this thread here.

FOREWORD: I'm actually quite pleased with this story. I'm not quite sure when I started it or how long my writing binge lasted, but if my memory serves me correctly then it must have been a few months following the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver in Spring of 2010, when I was finishing 8th grade. I think I had done all I could on my SoulSilver what with the Pal Park and the various legendary Pokémon, and I wanted to do something special with my HeartGold playthrough, so I started writing a realistic version of the game's story, and how the characters might actually behave in real life (of course, if real life was like the Pokémon anime...that's kind of how I always write Pokémon stories, have you noticed?). I didn't include chapters of any sort because for some reason whenever I do that, the action in my stories always gets finicky. I wish I would have continued this story in some way, because I enjoy what I have of it, and I want to know where it might have gone. Of course, it couldn't have followed my actual game, because the second Pokémon I got in my HeartGold version was the special lvl. 5 Mew they distributed around that time, and while that would have definitely made for an interesting plot device, I feel like it would be insincere to the actual game's story.

Perhaps we'll never know what might have happened to Gold and Spyro. I'll always have them with me, though! I still haven't beaten my HeartGold... ::)
Kman here again - I just wanted to drop in after laying down some serious updates -

Caleb, the Hero is now (in)complete! And, I must say, that after reading everything while typing it up, it truly is a godawful story. My apologies. Cool idea, sure, but terrible terrible execution. It seems as though I stuck STRICTLY to any and all information provided by games alone and opted out of using my own creative intellect to fill in the blanks. I can liken it to an attempt to put several incorrect puzzle pieces in the place of the correct ones, eventually damaging the puzzle itself just to try to make them fit. Yipes...Like I said, everyone has to start somewhere, right? Maybe 7th grade wasn't the best place.

Additionally, I have added Scanned pages to both Caleb, the Hero, as well as Frogger's Pointless Adventures. These scans provide some interesting insight as to my plans for each story and where I might have taken the characters should I have continued writing.

I hope you enjoy these updates - I expect to get much more done in the coming days!

EDIT: I have finished typing up my HeartGold/SoulSilver fanfiction and added it to the mix! Enjoy :)

Here's my thought process as to how this series would go: 5 stories the occur consecutively, and then some sort of break, as marked by the lines labeled "6 months later" and "2 years later." Each installment would introduce a new  named companion or partner creature/animal, and a boss or enemy, marked by an 'X'.

The titles are as follows:

1. The Magic Ring - Capt. Gill; Alligator
2. The mystic Egg - Berry; Frog  X Mr. D, King Ijit
3. The Beast of Lake Moon - Herald; Shark  X Stripe; Tigershark
4. The Castle in the Sky - Nicky; Dragon
(The Sharks of Lake Moon - Herald; Shark)
5. The Cave of Nicky the Dragon - Jeffery; Warthog

(6. The Frogmother Attack) - NOTE: For a while I had debated the possibility of having the Fairy Frogmother be a bit more sinister than she actually was, but I decided that wouldn't be the best idea...


6. The Special Scroll of Mt. Tremble - Brother; Yeti
7. The Spell of the Sandy Sea - Ferbert; Starfish
8. The Curse of King Jimmy's Beach Ball - King Jimmy; Ghost Frog  X Rattle Snake
9. The Lost 25¢ Unicorn - Nay Nay; Unicorn NOTE: I must have let one of my friends come up with the title for this one...that isn't my handwriting.
10. The Revenge of Dr. Wani - Benny; Rabbit  X Dr. Wani, Ronm(??); Alligators


11.The Buzzard's Boomerang - Vicky; Kangaroo, Dribb; Buzzard
12. The Chimes of Flame -
13. The Legend of the 27 Pillows - Poof; Cloud
14. The
15. The

...And that's all she wrote, I guess. Or, I wrote. You know what I mean.
Story Telling / Re: Caleb, The Hero (KUFF)
January 03, 2016, 10:50:50 PM

Essentially, what this picture tells you is that I had planned Caleb to be an ancestor of the Link from The Wind Waker. It is stated in the game that Link has no connection to the legendary Hero (the Hero of Time), so I thought that he could be descended from someone who tried to make a difference during that time between games.