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Thanks for everything!
Thanks for the future info. I am familiar with simile, but I didn't know how to put it in. :P

Don't really think I want to add a fermata, as the song loops and contains that constant flow.
Also, when I meant, when does it go to the site, I don't mean when does it get submitted. I mean, when will it be on NinSheetMusic? I have another sheet ready, so, just asking.

So, are we all ready for publication now?
Also, why does the midi sound like a guitar?  :-\
Thanks, updated. I think all that's left which I can't do is to remove the Pno. thing and fix the alignment of the Ped markings and finishing touches. Also, can you add the slurs? It's wacking up for me.

P.S. How long does it take for a submission to get to the main website?
EDIT: Also, do you have to put the new URL of NinSheetMusic?
Sorry, was busy with school. Reuploaded updated MUS file.
I couldn't get the sixteenth rest in with the quarter note, so I tried straight 16th notes.

One more question, because the time signature is 2/4, does the metronome marking get halved?
If you go here:, I feel 88 is the best tempo, so I cut it in half... not sure if that's what I do.
There we go! All ready. Thanks!
I also edited the title of the piece, as there's one more boss with this music.
Fixed formatting issues, can someone please add measure numbers and remove the piano abbreviation?
Quote from: Bespinben on January 10, 2015, 11:25:22 PMGood first arrangement! I noticed a few things though:

*The first 8 measures of the song don't quite match with your sheet. I don't hear a 2nd voice until measure 9. I think some of the notes are different too. Besides that, I think your arrangement, as far as the transcription goes, is fine. Just fix up the first 8 measures.
*The bass, all the way until m. 25, is consistently walking in deep ledger line territory. I know Notepad doesn't let you put in ottava markings (8va, 8vb, 15ma, etc.), but one thing you can do is import a sheet that has that into Notepad, and then just copypaste it into your sheet. Or, if you want, I can just handle that for you, but I would prefer you do the first option ;)
*Measure numbers would be nice
*Look really carefully again through the formatting guidelines. You're really close, but you need to bold the song title and the composer
*The "pno." abbreviation marking each staff is a bit redundant. That's really only a thing for orchestral sheets, so I'd recommend removing it.

(Could someone look over the accidentals? I feel like some of those Ab's should be G#s [raised 7th of harmonic minor]), but since the LH is an ostinato it would make the most sense to keep the spelling consistent throughout, not writing Ab in one measure in G# in the next)
Thanks! I fixed the first thing (the chords until m9) and the formatting guidelines. Can someone please edit my doc to put in the 8va stuff, measure numbers, and remove the pno abbreviation? They're not available in Notepad. Thanks! Re-uploaded the stuff that I could fix.
Hey guys. Can someone fix my sheet please?