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Thanks, I actually needed help with Prelude to Yin-Yarn's mus. I posted the files in the arrangement project thread.
Here it is. I planned on submitting it as a replacement with same arranger listed and no edited by.
Pdf, MUS, and Midi Files
 I put all three files in a google drive folder. All that needs to be done is change the 8va line under bass staff to 8vb, as shown in the midi and pdf.
I need someone to help with my mus for Prelude to Yin-Yarn.
I'll fix Prelude to Yin Yarn. Is it on site as Yin Yarn's Theme?
Thanks so much for the help. This was my first arrangement completely from scratch. I've updated the files based on your suggestions.
I'd like to claim Stage Clear, and Stage Clear (Gold Medal). I'm still a beginner at this and a short and simple track would be a great starting point.
Thanks for posting this. I really think that the on site version needs to be replaced.
Hi. This my first original arrangement. I use Musescore, and not Finale, so I could use some help fixing my mus file. The pdf is what it should look like ie. Proper formatting, font, etc. Since I know people are going to ask, the clef changes/ottava/quindicesima in the Left Hand were used to clean up the top staff, as well as give the left hand something to play. Here is the original.
The Version is different on the Wii U.
This is so much better than the existing sheet. The old sheet completely lacks any harmonies whatsoever. Great job!!
I looked at Latios's arrangement, and it seems that that is where to start. I think I'll work on something else. Thanks Pianist Da Sootopolis for the formatting help.
Request / [Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles - Colony 9
June 21, 2016, 08:45:19 PM
Gaur Plains - This got lost in request board, can't believe it hasn't been done. Tempo around 120-130, G minor

Colony 9

This is my first sheet. I am a Musescore User, so I could use some help fixing my mus file. The pdf looks much better, and has correct formatting.

Link to non extended song

I really wanted to see this song arranged for piano