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Whoops, my bad, I misread m67-70. The chords there to me sound like G-A-B-D-F# bottom to top on beat 1 and 2.5, and the same chord up a whole step on beat 4.
The video linked in this thread is pretty poor quality and has a lot of noise, which might make hearing notes unnecessarily difficult. Here's a better quality video:

I might take a closer look at this later, but here are a few things that jumped out at me:

-The chords in m17-18 should be C-F-A-Bb-D from bottom to top, and the chords in m19-20 should be Bb-Eb-G-Ab-C (same voicing down a whole step).
-The simplified voicings in m23-34 and m27-28 are missing Abs on top, and I don't hear any Fs in these chords (since they're just the same as the ones in m19-20).
-You could include the 9th in the LH chords in m67-70.
-m57 RH beat 1.25 the note sounds like it should be on beat 1.5 instead.
-m60 beat 3 and similar could use a mordent.
-m72 and m76 RH beat 1 sound more like As than Bs to me.
Looks like you forgot to change m3 and m27 beat 1 to a dotted 8th + 16th, unless you disagree about those spots?
For the composer info: I can't find anything saying that Ando arranged this, so I think it'd be better to just do "Composed by Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando" (even though I'm 90% sure this is just Ishikawa)

-I'm hearing m1-2 RH beat 2 and m3 RH beat 1 as a dotted 8th + 16th instead of triplets. The same goes for m25-27.
-m21 and m23 RH beat 4.333333 should be Ans instead of Bbs

Everything else looks great, glad to see a new Kirby game get added to the site!
Quote from: Whoppybones on September 12, 2022, 03:28:16 PMInquiry for Radiak: Is the entire organ part an octave up? It might be that technically it was written an octave up but because of the soundfont sounds more like how Lat and NineLives put it, especially because I can kinda sorta hear all of the notes m62 b3.33 to m65 as an octave up from what they've written.
The sheet has the melody in the correct octave as far as I can tell, it's just that one note that's up an octave. Here's a link to the midi conversion, the note is in m42: (yes i know it's in 4/4 that's how the composer input it don't blame me)

Also, I noticed that the video linked in this thread sounds like it was recorded with a limiter, so the volume levels are a bit distorted compared to the original track. I think the note is a little clearer in this other upload and in the accordion version (timestamp 1:28 for both).
Quote from: Latios212 on September 06, 2022, 05:52:20 PMAgreed with the F# on top, but not super enthused about how it sounds with the Bb written on the bottom of the chord so we just added the F#. (Also a bit easier to play / less out of place as a big chord)
Yeah it kind of comes out of nowhere in the original as well, I just think the b9 here is really important to the sound of this chord and the song in general. Up to you ultimately but I'd still vote for including it.

Quote from: Latios212 on September 06, 2022, 05:52:20 PMI think there is an A up there, but it sounds like it's part of a chord strike and not the actual melody which we both hear as the lower A we wrote in. The harmony doesn't really fit as well with that in mind, but we did add the E (fifth) in the left hand chord.
Checked the sequence data just to be sure, and the organ melody does play the note up an octave, no chord strikes are hitting it. I can hear the lower A you're taking about, but I think it's an overtone from the bass since there's no actual note there in the sequence.
Always glad to see an M get replaced :D really nice job on this one!

-In the original, the intro is pretty busy and dense and then the A section is more subdued, so I think including some more harmony under the melody in m1-6 might help capture that contrast a bit better. Let me know if you want me to be more specific about what notes I'm talking about.

-m10 beat 2.5 is a lot spicier in the original, sounds like there's an F# on top and a Bb on the bottom that you don't have (A13b9 chord). I know you've left some notes out in this section on purpose, but this beat feels a bit empty to me without the dissonance.

-The grace note on m15 beat 1 sounds more like an 8th triplet to me, I think the distinction makes sense here since there are also shorter grace notes in the piece.

-m19/20: The RH isn't doing much here, so you could include more of the accompaniment if you wanted (I especially think the chords on beat 1-1.5 of m20 would be a nice inclusion)

-m50 beat 1-2: there's a lower voice here that goes A, Ab, G

-m64 beat 1: melody note sounds like it should be up an octave. You could include the harmony under it as well (bottom to top Bb-C#-E).

Funnily enough, the current sheet on the site appears to be a MIDI dump directly from the game's sequence data, so all the bass and melody notes are perfectly correct there :P (I checked against a MIDI conversion of my own).
My only comment is that you're missing some of the composers who worked on this game: Minako Hamano, Masaru Tajima, Shinji Ushiroda, and Daisuke Matsuoka. Looks fantastic otherwise!
-m48 RH beat 4: I hear an A here.

m51 RH beat 1 & 3 and m52 beat 1: It might just be differences in the attack of the instruments, but these chords sound rolled to me.

-m52 RH beat 2.5-4.5: I think including the lower piano voice here might make a bit more sense than including the string line, it sounds a bit odd to me having the piano voice present in the previous 3 measures and then switching to the strings suddenly here.

-m53 RH beat 2: I think the A's are actually B's here.
Very glad to see more Dream Course representation!

-In m12, the offbeat chords/bass on beat 3 sound like they're held a little longer than the other notes, you could add some tenutos or staccato-tenutos there if you wanted
-It's really faint, but there are some more notes in m21 RH on beat 4:

-m29 RH: I actually don't hear the A's on beat 3, it sounds like these chords have D's in them instead
-m29 LH: the 16th pairs on beats 2 and 3 sound like they should be down an octave
Hi hello I have a composer credit: this one is by Akari Kaida :)
Quote from: mastersuperfan on January 15, 2022, 07:14:07 PM-There's an F on beat 6 of m6 err that's already there right?
Whoops I meant m8. It's quite a jump to the F in m9 though so you might want to leave it out anyways.
This is 9000% by Jun Ishikawa, it has all his hallmarks lol. I suppose we'll have to wait for an OST release for official crediting, but in the meantime I'd say this is about as safe a bet as it gets. The sound tests in all the recent games have credited composers by the color of the music notes, but I haven't actually played Forgotten Land yet so I don't know if it does that or not.
There's a G on beat 1.25 of m40 RH. I think that's all I've got.
Looks great! Going back and listening I'm not hearing some of the notes I originally mentioned, so they're probably fine to leave out lol.