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[1] Quackertree's Accordion Arrangements (or: "Easy Piano")

[2] Latios212's Special Arrangement Thingies

[3] [Request] [Flash game] Danny Phantom: Freak For All - Level Theme

[4] Dekkadeci's Medleys, Unfaithful Arrangements, and Non-VGM/-Piano Transcriptions

[5] AmpharosAndy's Orchestral Shenanigans - Elder Scrolls IV

[6] Zeila's Miscellaneous Arrangements (New: Kirby and more)

[7] djRyoji's Remixes - 'Bowser's Villa' [PIANO] from Super Princess Peach

[8] Video game music for flute and guitar

[9] Lkjhgfdsa_77's Transcriptions for Other Instruments - ザ・ワードⅡ (The Word II)


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