So long, and thanks for all the fish

Started by Jamaha, June 06, 2018, 01:07:15 PM

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Thanks for everything, JMH, we're sorry to see you go! Good luck on all of your future endeavors and may you find success in whatever you do.

And hi Latios!! Congratulations on adminship, have fun trying not to go crazy!!
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Even cashwarrior...
Y'all know that part in psmd where they get all the letters before skipping town?
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Jamaha, I have one thing to say...
Don't Panic.

Also, make me a mod thx bai

I didn't really get to know you, Jamaha, but thank you for all of your years on this site, and for helping to keep it alive.

Congrats once again, Latios!
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Thank you Jamaha for all the hard work you've put into keeping this place around!

And congratulations, Latios!! I know you'll be a fantastic admin.


I don't really know what to say. Not really good with the sentimentalities. (Modest statement to seem more humble.)

I may not have really known you, but thanks Jamaha for all you've done for NinSheetMusic. (Full name instead of abbreviation for emotional emphasis.)

And here's to you Lat! May your reign of terror as admin be a great one! (Bit of humor to lighten the serious atmosphere.)

But seriously, we'll miss ya, Jamaha, and you'll be a great admin, Lat!
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Farewell Jamaha! Good luck and thanks for everything!


Thanks for all the years of service. (And thanks for letting me make you the mayor in my story forever ago.) It's definitely weird and of course I respect Latios as my new god before any false gods or whatever admin means, but it's gonna be weird with you not being our overlord or dictator or whatever it is you did around here. (I should really look that up.)
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I never know how to write these things...

Well, thank you Jamaha, for keeping this website up for so long. It means quite a lot to us.

And thank you Latios, for taking up the responsibilities of being the administrator. Looking forward to interesting changes in the site in the (hopefully) near future.
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Thanks for all the years, Jamaha.  You rad.

Congrats Latios!  You are the right man for the job.



It was an honor to be on the site while you were leading, Jamaha.

Goodluck in everything you do.

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Good luck, Jamaha! Hope you find what you're truly looking for. Congratulations, Latios 212! Make it rock!

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I may be a week late to this but it seems to important to skip over, so thank you Jamaha! Good luck with your thesis, and all the other important things in your life. I'm glad you're finding what gives you purpose and sticking to it, only good things can come of that. And congrats, Lat! I know you'll do great! (Although now I'm afraid you'll have even more power to try to pull me back here again :P)
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