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An NSM-Exclusive Piano Album - Your Sheets Are Invited! ^^

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Heyya! ^^

So, after discussing with Lat, and admitting that I had done way too many of his sheets for albums...I'd like to open to the floor for a fun new concept I'm super excited about! ^^

This will be an all-NSM-arranger VGM piano album;
one track per arranger;
one franchise.

I think having your sheets played live, in the context of a publicly distributed album, could be something to be pretty proud about! :) For this project, I'd like to feature as many arrangers as possible, therefore only one sheet per arranger is permitted. And to have any chance at all for searches, it's best to keep all arrangements from the same franchise - Lat and I agreed it'd be either Mario or Zelda.

Just to kick this off, would anyone be interested in contributing a sheet to this? ^^ I'll go learn it and record it to album-quality, so there'll probably be extra rounds of edits for playability and general cleaning-up. Do let me know in the replies if you'd be interested, and if you have any preference for Mario or Zelda~ [update: it’ll be mario!]

If the interest is there and we've decided on a franchise, I can't wait to start learning those sheets of yours! <3


Currently confirmed:

- "Tostarena Ruins" (SMO), arr. Static

- "Dodo's Coming!!" (Super Mario RPG), arr. THC

- "Secret Mine" (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon), arr. Levi

- "Starshine Beach Galaxy" (SMG2), arr. Latios212

- "Starship Mario 1" (SMG2), arr. Sebastian


my wish list ;w; (if you’re writing from scratch)

> “Bowser Jr.’s Fiery Flotilla” (SMG2) - it’ll be a replacement for the on-site one

> The SMB2 Overworld Theme, but a playable version xP

> The Sky Theme/“Athletic” from SMB3, though I’d gladly cheat using Bespinben’s sheet too

> any more laid-back track from SMO

I'd be interested in contributing to this project! I think my preference would have to be Mario. I bet you never would've guessed. ;)

You know I’d always be down to help! Mario would probably be three most versatile and allow for more people to get involved, but my personal preference would be zelda tbh.

If I'm understanding everything correctly, I'd be interested as well. And I also lean towards Mario as you probably already guessed.
Count me in, as well as also being a Mario arranger.


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