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I converted NSM's template with a couple edits to MuseScore, and I made a program to fix some formatting things that are lost in the MusicXML conversion. I thought it could be useful, so I decided to share them here:



XML Editor:


How to use this:

1. Download the template
2. Copy/paste the music/composer/arranger/copyright (File > Score Properties...)/...
3. Export as MusicXml
4. Download the program
5. Drag-and-drop the .xml on the .exe
6. Drag-and-drop the xml in Finale Notepad.

What the program does:
- Add page numbers
- Add measure numbers
- Add second page titles

(N.B: This program only work for 1-piano sheets.)

This is a GREAT way to help accommodate musescore users! Great idea, Tras! Someone sticky this or something!

Stickied because !!!!!! Tras, you've gone above and beyond with this!

(I unfortunately can't test it because I'm stuck on a Mac but I trust that it functions :P)

jesus christ you're insane

So does this go musescore -> finale or finale -> musescore? Or both?

Musescore -> finale, and it just adds measures numbers + removes pno. markings in an xml file. Source code is only 20 lines, so it's not that insane :)


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