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daj's Performance Submissions!~

Started by daj, July 29, 2018, 07:12:14 PM

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With this board getting revived, I'm really looking forward to listening and commenting on some covers hehe - but on my end, here's what I've got :D


"Distortion World" (Pokemon Platinum) by InsigTurtle! :D

One of the coolest sheets I've done, without a doubt. If you know the original, you probably know why this probably shouldn't be in a sheet form xP

Insig nailed this one though - if you'd like a more experimental and pretty showy piece, this is the one :)


"Twinleaf Town" (Pokemon DPPt) by Latios212 :D

Double post with one of my favourite sheets ever ;w;


"Main Theme" (Zelda: BotW) by Pianoth Eakos Shaveck

Still one of the toughest sheets I've ever shot! Huge kudos to Pianoth for this virtuoso learning experience - wish I could learn it better too, but the video's out and the baton has been passed ;D

Definitely give this one a try if you're feeling ballsy and wanna show off a bit~


"Amusement Park" (NieR: Automata) by Maelstrom

A simple and haunting little piece that blows up into something amazing. Lots of love to Mael for taking up my request, hehe <3


Whee more daj is always good, thanks for letting us use your videos~
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"Yoshi Star Galaxy" (SMG2) by Seb! ^^

tell me this isn't one of the funnest things you've heard ahaha


"Iki Town (Night"" (Pokemon SM) by braix! <3

aaaand a nice and simple one from miss honey herself ^^