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[SNES] Live A Live Soundtrack

Started by flygon9, August 03, 2018, 01:12:12 PM

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I suppose this is the right forum for this.

This isn't necessarily a request for specific song or anything, but I wanted to recommend a game whose soundtrack goes unnoticed and I think deserves more attention. Live A Live is an obscure SNES game never released outside Japan, and its soundtrack was made by the great Yoko Shimomura. Frankly, I think it's some of her best work, but the game isn't really known enough for it to become super present in the mainstream.

Given the game's relative obscurity, I would think that there isn't much demand for its music. However, Ninsheetmusic has one song from the game arranged, ("Wanderer", arr. by Yugikun) and its popularity bar is half-filled, so I guess there is somewhat  of an audience for it, especially when some of the game's other songs are far more well-known than Wanderer.

Please don't take this request the wrong way--I'm not asking any one person to go ahead and arrange the whole soundtrack, as that's pretty unreasonable. I've been inactive on ninsheetmusic the past couple of years because I don't have finale and it was too frustrating to not be able to format it myself, due to the limitations of finale's free version. I should be getting the full version of finale soon, (thanks to my new student discount) and I would definitely be able to add some sheets from this game. I just wanted to mention it, and see if anyone else is interested. Thanks!

Here's the full OST from the game. (Timestamps are in the description) :



Awesome! I'm sure that Megalomania is one of the ones that would be most requested.