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[PC] Undertale - "Mad Mew Mew" by Zeila

Started by Zeta, September 21, 2018, 03:15:12 AM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: Undertale
Console: PC
Title: Mad Mew Mew
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: Zeila

[attachment deleted by admin]


Since this is Switch exclusive, I put the copyright for 2018. I also omitted some of the harmonic sixteenth notes like in m2 or m6


Wow!  Didn't this come out like three days ago?  You work fast! :P

Before I look more in detail, I think this sheet could definitely do with a resize.  At the moment, there's a lot going on and everything looks a little messy and I think a resize and some general moving of things around would fix a lot of that.


A lot of it was copy/pasted so it didn't take that long. I resized it and moved some measures around


Given that you notated this piece in G sharp minor, I'm not 100% comfortable with seeing F naturals and D naturals in Bars 1, 3, 5 etc. (i.e. any bar with an A sharp major chord). Seeing as you already put in F double sharps elsewhere, I'm fine with seeing E sharps and C double sharps in those bars.


I would agree with Dekka.

You'll start to notice some of the harmonic stuff make much more sense once you flip it to A-flat minor, instead.

Double check some or your layering stuff to see if it's completely necessary like m. 4, 8, and 25.

I'll give it another go once you've updated.



Coolio, just a few more things.

The first ending marking on measure 7 can be moved up just a tad.

Rehearsal markings arent necessary since this is a solo piece, along with the double bar preceding them.

There are moments where the staves are really squished together, and you can't fit any dynamics or anything between them. I'm looking at m. 1, and 24. I don't feel you need to move the staves, but the dynamics to make it a little prettier.

Crescendo hairpins spanning more than a measure can opt for a "cresc." expression. Just a preference since hairpins are awful to place and line up, in my opinion. 

That's all I got for formatting.

It's looking good, kid.


Ok I just checked all of the notes and well done, it's very accurate.  I was expecting to have to point more out just because of how many notes there are.

The only thing I spotted was the grace note in bar 2: I'm pretty sure that's a D natural (which oddly your courtesy accidental kind of suggests you agree with me).

Also bar 8 is squished; just have finale re-space it by clicking on any note.  ALSO I know Brassman told you to get rid of the extra layers whenever you could, but only the Eb in bar 4 is trilled, not both.  Same for bar 15 I believe.  (So put those bits in separate layers).

Brilliant work!



Quote from: Zeila on October 20, 2016, 01:00:00 PMIf I'm inactive for a month then anyone can edit/submit my sheets

I've uploaded the files with my edits, taking into account everything said so far.  I'll take care of this submission from now until Zeila comes back.

Needless, to say, but I approve.


Fixed a couple of small visual things, good to go.
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This submission has been accepted by Latios212.

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