djRyoji's Remixes - 'Bowser's Villa' [PIANO] from Super Princess Peach

Started by DonValentino, September 25, 2018, 04:10:32 AM

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LATEST STUFF: 'Bowser's Villa' [PIANO] from Super Princess Peach


Hey all! I finally got into music production recently, and I thought I could share my projects with you guys. My new 'official' artistic alias is djRyoji, and you can find the Youtube channel through the video below!

Since I'm a beginner with DAWs and whatnot, for now my focus is making covers of 8-bit songs to practice and learn the ins and outs of Reaper, the one I'm using. As a starting point, I decided to take Gargoyle's Quest since I already arranged a bunch of songs (you can find them on site) and I'm familiar with the soundtrack. Here is my latest cover, 'Breager's Palace' (listed as 'King Breager's Castle on site if you want to see a reference):

I humbly recommend to also check out the rest, I'd appreciate it a lot ('Village' has brand new counterpoint!). For now I have few stuff, but I hope you like what you hear. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. :)

p.s. I also plan to make lots of other different things, not just covers, like 8-bit/16-bit, remixes, piano arrangements and own compositions to keep it interesting.



Check out my Youtube channel for remixes and original music!'s Remixes

Also check out my piano arrangements here on my PA thread!'s Arrangements


Thank you! And Happy Halloween to everyone. Congrats on the update.




Sheet music is finally available for Super Mario in 'Sarasaland Adventure' as well as MP3's for both versions! Check it out below!

A Christmas gift you could say. Happy holidays to everyone!


The Deku Trombonist

Oooh nice work, I enjoyed listening to that!

Some of the symbols in the PDF didn't display properly in my browser but they were okay when I downloaded it and opened it in Acrobat. So maybe some of the fonts weren't embedded properly in the PDF? Bespinben would know more about this.


Weird! I opened it and I didn't notice anything missing, I'm using Chrome. To be fair I did choose different music and text fonts than the usual, but I don't really know if that would affect it if it looks okay in the PDF viewer. Hmm.

Thank you for your reply, Deku! Glad you liked it.


I like it too! A very nice take on one of my favorite songs, I'll be printing this out to play~
My arrangements and YouTube channel!

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