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Announcement Regarding Medley Arrangements

Started by Olimar12345, September 03, 2017, 01:12:15 PM

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Everyone please take a moment to reread the Formatting Guidelines, as the section on Medleys has been revised. User-created medley arrangements will no longer be accepted to the site. This hardly affects anyone though, since these are mostly a relic of the past. The medley section of the guidelines has been re-purposed for what we've been doing more of these days: Fanfare Collections, Variation-Style Medleys, and arrangements of tracks that are already medleys (such as ending credits themes). Below is the excerpt.

Quote from: G-Han on April 28, 2008, 05:26:18 AMMedleys and Collections
  • For arrangements that contain a collection of fanfares, jingles, and other miscellaneous sounds used in-game, we ask that you format your arrangement in the following manner:
    • Each individual jingle must have its own time signature, key signature (if applicable), tempo marking, and dynamic indication preceding the track. It must also have a solid final bar line at its ending, and must not be connected to the following measure. Measure numbers should reset as a new song begins.
    • For collections containing more than three songs, make the arrangement title generic (such as "Fanfares Collection") and specify the individual song titles just above the Right Hand of their first measure. Here in an example of this style of formatting.
    • For collections containing three or fewer songs, you may either format the arrangement the way previously mentioned OR create an additional header for each song. These added headers must include the song title and game title with the standard formatting procedures. Only include additional composer/arranger information if it differs between songs. If it is too long to include all of the song titles (each separated with a "/"), a generic compilation title may be used for on-site purposes only. Here in an example of this style of formatting.
  • For medleys that include multiple variations of a single song from a game, make sure you include the name of each new variation in the medley just above the Right Hand as it appears. Indenting the system that starts the new variation is optional. Here in an example of this style of formatting.
  • For medleys that are prearranged into a single song in-game (such as credits themes) it will not be mandatory that you list out all of the track names as they occur. However, if you as the arranger would like to do so, you are free to.

All user-created medleys that were once hosted on the site have been removed and will be housed here if anyone would like to download them.

[NES] Super Mario Bros 2
-Medley, arranged by G-Han [MUS] [Midi] [PDF]

[N64] Super Mario 64
-Medley, arranged by G-Han [MUS] [Midi] [PDF]
-Medley, arranged by TheMarioPianist (and co.) [MUS] [Midi] [PDF]

[N64] Paper Mario
-Paper Mario Medley, arranged by Nacho2420 [MUS] [Midi] [PDF]

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There's only 4 of them? So I agree than it's way better to remove them. They've no reason to be kept on site, and now they would just go in the creativity corner.

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Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on February 11, 2016, 03:00:36 PMthere's also a huge difference in quality between 2000 songs and 2010 songs
Quote from: Latios212 on February 11, 2016, 03:29:24 PMThe difference between 2000 songs and 2010 songs is 10 songs.


This came up when were discussing them. It stays, for now, as it's a little.... different. Unlike the others, it has the full versions of the songs, and the only versions of the songs. It will most likely be split up in the future, and the medley removed, but not for now. The current versions need quite a bit of revision first.


I seem to remember there being more medley arrangements than there actually were. :P Oh well.
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With the last update that one has now gone, and we can now say that there are no more medleys on the site. Woo.


Moving this to the archive since it's not an issue anymore~
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