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Can't figure out a time signature.


So I started trying to transcribe all of the variations of the Vah Medoh dungeon theme (One Terminal, Two Terminals, etc...), But I cannot figure out what the time signature is for the life of me. Does anyone here know what it is in? I'm working on everything after ~1:15 in this video. To my ears, it sounds like it could be in 11/4 with 12 thrown in sometimes, but that doesn't work in transcription, unless I'm doing it wrong.

Hey there! It sounds like to me that the piece after 1:15 is in 6/4 at ~80bpm. If you notice the chime, it's struck every downbeat of each measure. The 16th notes in the strings tend to have a 2 bar phrase where in the 2nd bar they will do a rise and fall starting on the & of 4. This is not to say that it couldn't be in 12/4, but I think overall phrases tend to point to it being 6/4.
6:03 However makes a jump to 4/4 at 106bpm

Hope this helps!

(EDIT: Just for transcription purposes, if you're finding meters by ear, try to find the smallest possible meter first, in this instance 3/4, then if the phrases and piece overall demand a larger meter then go with that. It's all about context I've found)


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