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Started by JacopoTore, April 07, 2019, 09:41:11 AM

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Hello everyone
in the last post I came across a singular misunderstanding, I transcribed the music of a video game also used for another videogame (different console) already present in the site, so I did waste time for administrators, users and myself. So I thought it would be appropriate to somehow insert information that would list the use of those same music in various video games and consoles. My thinking is encyclopedic in nature, since information on composers (real names and pseudonyms) and on their soundtracks is often more important (for many researchers) than music itself. In addition, it would be advisable to insert a selection filter field for "composer" (as well as arranger, console and series). We are going beyond the line that will bring the music of old video games into the "history", important to be documented and (for obvious reasons) to be studied. This site collects important scores that are or are about to become historical and many people will search for these documents for the most varied reasons. This is probably the biggest site of musical scores of videogames and consoles (correct me if I'm wrong) and I think it's a further source of attraction for frequenting and collaborating users to add a series of capillary and nested information. An example is to include in the list of video games the names and titles that will then be redirected to the already existing scores, another solution would be to "duplicate" the scores by inserting the different and alternative titles (the most expensive solution in terms of space) . Probably there will be programming difficulties for the management of information and databases, but it is nothing impossible and will surely bring greater gain (in terms of culture) for everyone.
We could talk about it and discuss it, I volunteer to help even on a practical and management level of the site if you need it.


One complication for searching by composer is that it's relatively easy to credit too many composers to a theme. A naive search for a video game on Google often returns all its composers (on, say, its Wikipedia page), and that number of composers may be 4-6 (or perhaps more?). Several minutes more on the search may reveal the lone composer who actually worked on the theme, but you need to search for the right places (e.g. some YouTube videos, VGMDB). I've been censured for putting too many composers on a transcription, and I suspect guards on the number of composers were more lax in NinSheetMusic's old days. This results in inconsistency on how the composer search works.

And then there's the problem of searching for arrangers for the original version of an arrangement (e.g. the Kirby's Epic Yarn version of Meta Knight's theme, a version for which we have a piano transcription on site). We may need a non-composer, non-us-arranger slot for them.